Mirabelle (Level Up Edition)

Feb 23rd, 2016
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  1. (OG Mirabelle artwork: )
  4. Name: Mirabelle
  5. Gender: Female
  6. Age: 16
  7. Height: 5' 4”
  8. Weight: Light for build
  9. Body Development: Average
  10. Appearance: Slim and slender build, evocative of a dancer. Given her modest chest, and slim yet shapely hips and rear, her body is subtly pear-shaped. Her skin is pale and smooth, and the gently-wavy hair that reaches down to the middle of her back is a steel blue-grey color. Eyes the color of the sky occasionally appear different colors when caught in the right lighting, and are set in her heart-shaped face above her pert, upturned nose. Her delicate, expressive lips often show straight white teeth behind them. The rest of her facial features are angular and somewhat narrow in some respects, and as a whole, she has a fey look about her--particularly her eyebrows.
  12. When her disguise drops and her true appearance shows, she takes on a rather difference appearance. Her skin becomes truly, literally white, akin to alabaster, and her hair shifts and roils like a cloud being slowly blown about in the wind. What's more, her hair moves to form impressionistic, subjective shapes that are seen differently by everyone; a sibling effect, perhaps, to the phenomenon of seeing objects and animals in random cloud formations. Only these shapes are suggestive of more, of something unquantifiable and impossible to grasp, like a dim memory tucked away in the furthest recesses of the mind. Her eyes become spectacular in coloring and design: a soft sky-blue remains as the backdrop for a kaleidoscopic array of aimless patterns and colors that appears different every time it's glimpsed, recalling to mind those sights half-remembered and imagery from the deepest corner of a dream. Her lips turn a soft, dusky shade of blue, and her ears become pointed, similar to an elf's.
  14. As for her Outfit, she wears a sleek, elegant dress befitting a dance floor. A single strap goes over the left shoulder, and only a hint of cleavage is shown. This leaves a good portion of her upper back exposed. The hem is asymmetric, starting high on the right thigh and steadily lengthening as it goes around counterclockwise, eventually reaching the right side again where the hem is now at its longest point. The dress is normally colored a lovely twilight purple, but when it shadow, it varies between shades of midnight blue and even stygian blue, strangely enough (and confusing for one's eyes as it may be). On her feet, she wears a pair of simple closed-toed heels that are a shade of purple darker than her dress.
  16. (Style of the dress: )
  18. Her weapon, or rather weapons, are shards and fragments of dreams. Colorful, yet vague, much like an impressionist piece of art, these shards range in length from a few inches long to a couple feet. The fragments are less physical objects, and more immaterial concepts and thoughts given shape. (Sort of like the warped spears that Kaecilius and his Zealots can make and hurl in the Doctor Strange movie, only more colorful and less defined.)
  22. Age: 16
  23. Body: Average
  24. Spec: Air + Psychic [Oneiromancer]
  25. Weapon: Ranged [Marksman]
  26. Outfit: Flowing [Determination]
  27. Power: Third Eye
  28. Perks: Awareness, Flexibility, Environmental Sealing, Interdimensional Tourist, Sturdy, Transfiguration
  29. MonG Perks: Second Skin, Simulacrum, Sanctum: Air, Intuition, Aura, Enter Sandman
  30. Gold Perks: Legacy, Intangibility
  33. STR: 5
  34. AGI: 18
  35. VIT: 7
  36. MAG: 14
  37. LUCK: 4
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