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  1. # Let's say user wants to charge a scooter.
  2. class Charge
  3.   belongs_to :user
  4.   belongs_to :scooter
  5. end
  7. # we want to ensure that scooter is discharged
  8. class Charge
  9.   belongs_to :user
  10.   belongs_to :scooter
  11.   validate do |charge|
  12.     charge.scooter.battery < 0.3 #or whatever magic number
  13.   end
  14. end
  16. user, scooter: scooter)
  18. # that makes sense but when scooter changes this object is no longer valid.
  19. # when objects become invalid overtime, things got messed up.
  21. # Point:
  22. # Validation could not depend on external objects.
  23. # When there is more than 1 object in interaction, you need ensure
  24. # that they could work together as a whole and it should be validated inside
  25. # the application business logic/use case class but not in the model itself.
  27. # Why does this point matter?
  28. # Rails validation is another thing that have a tendency of being overused.
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