RNG Rupee Route for Glitchless and Any%

dannyb21892 Dec 13th, 2016 (edited) 49 Never
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  1. -after the sword, equip it and slash the bush while getting the blue rupee before the crawlspace
  2. -after the invisible midair rupees slash the bush before the sign
  3. These actions lose [X] = sum of the following:
  4. 2*thrust = 2*(4 frames) = 0.4s at best or 2*(7 frames)=0.7s at worst
  5. backwalking a little farther after the sword chest before sidehopping =
  6. extra movement before the sign and after thrusting for bush =
  8. Outcomes:
  9. 1) 21.875% (14/64) chance to get exactly one blue rupee from bushes. Skip bridge clip and go straight to stepping stones after the sign rupee.
  10. Saves [Y]. Subtract [X] from above. Total time save: [Y-X]
  11. 2) 1.5625% (1/64) chance to get two blue rupees from bushes. Skip bridge clip and stepping stones. Go straight to shop after sign rupee.
  12. Saves [Z]. Subtract [X] from above. Total time save: [Z-X].
  13. 3) 0.390625% (1/256) chance to get two triple green rupee drops from bushes. Time save is same as (1) assuming you get all 3 rupees immediately.
  14. 4) 76.171875% (195/256) chance to get <5 rupees from two bushes.
  15. Expected value time save = 57/256*(Y-X)+4/256*[Z-X]-195/256*X
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