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  1. Name: Onyxia
  2. Race: Crystaling (Crystal Pony/Changeling Crossbreed)
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Cutiemark: An anvil being struck by a hammer (Shapeshifting can only be used on a single body part, but can be shifted into any sort of object)
  5. Class: Warmaster (Smith/Knight)
  6. Skills: Crystal Emotions, Shapeshifting (Instant, Automatic), I Made This, Engineering, Sentry, Masterwork Smithing
  8. Transmutation [Spreading your crystalline-form over the surface of a non-biological object, you can force its rearrangement of shape or
  9. form with a roll using your shape-shifting powers]
  10. Fusion: Instant Automatic, Recharge 2 [Pull inorganic material into your body using your shape-shifting powers, fusing it with your
  11. entire being and granting a variety of bonuses based on the material]
  12. Lovestream: Recharge 1; Drains love from a target, leaving them exhausted. You may use the drained love to restore as many Hits you sap
  13. to yourself or others.
  15. H/W: 5/5
  17. Inventory: Backpack of traveling supplies (Compass, dry foods, canteen), Belt of blacksmith tools (Hammers, tongs, chisel), Axe Handle (Single, well varnished, high quality), Blue silk dress, Love-Infused Crystal Berry Pie-Scented Gas Mask [Blocks changeling mind control when worn], Metal Necklace [Black Shield, acts as an echo-locator to its twin necklace in the design of her cutiemark], Few chunks of pure iron, Masterwork Gunlance [Future-Tech], Suit of Heat-Proof Armor [Broken into pieces], Danger Dogz Sunglasses, Packaged Confectioneries from Danger Dogz, shiny Hoof Bracelet from Danger Dog pup
  19. Restorative Goo Blob: A byproduct of fusion with Chitus' pod that was made in their showdown. It generates the same kind of slime Chitus used himself in order to heal during battle.
  20. >Regeneration: Instant Automatic, Recharge 3; Restore a Wound in any environment
  22. Appearance: Onyxia is a 26 year old, dark black crystal pony, similar in sheen to obsidian with (#109267) eyes. Her pupils are slightly slit-like, but only noticeable close up. She has fangs, similar to a changeling, but they are small enough to not stick out of the mouth when closed. Although she is part changeling, her body is not riddled with holes.
  24. Character Info:
  25. Onyxia is a crossbreed offspring of a changeling named Sharithik and a crystal pony named Esmeralda. After the events of the Canterlot Invasion when the changeling army was scattered, Sharithik found himself stranded alone in a frozen tundra. Separated from the rest of his kind, he started to walk, hoping to find either one other changeling or shelter from the harsh environment. A long trek across the snow, taking short breaks in whatever small cavern he could find to get out of the chilling wind, Sharithik came across an oasis in this desert of ice. A large city, shining like a beacon, green grass and full of life. Even more, this city radiated with love and good feelings, a perfect resting place for him to recover. Scouting out the unknown city before walking in, he discovered this new kind of crystalline ponies, something unseen to him before. Disguising as a gray crystal pony, he began his infiltration.
  26. He had to be careful, his weakened state from crossing the snowy wasteland left him weak, he couldn't strain himself too much or his disguise would fail. The crystal ponies were kind to him, offering aid to him after seeing how battered he was. They led him to one of the spa's in the city, to warm him up and give him rest from his journey, and there is where fortune smiled upon him. He met a bright green crystal pony named Esmeralda, one of the spa workers that aided to him. The two fell or each other near instantly, Sharithik feeling true affection towards this kind pony who helped him rather than just the basic love his kind fed on. Having no home, Esmeralda invited him to stay at her house, an offer he took gladly.
  27. Time passed, the two grew closer and closer. Sharithik forgetting about finding the rest of the changelings and starting to open up more about his past, and Esmeralda entranced by the stories he told her about his travels. One night, Sharithik felt he didn't need to hide anymore, and as they were together, he dropped his disguise. Esmeralda was in shock at first, the news of the changelings and their invasion spread across Equestria quickly after it happened, saying they were a dangerous threat. Most other ponies in this time would have fled, calling for the guards, but with their time together, she trusted him. The only grew closer now that this secret was gone. And eventually, their bond grew to marriage, and then Esmeralda was with child.
  28. While he could be himself at home, Sharithik had to keep his disguise when going outside, less they risk being reported. But despite their care, they received a dreadful piece of news. Changelings were being found all over Equestria, as they were trying to regroup after being scattered, this put the princess' on full alert, sending guards out to all cities to keep an eye out for the bugs. This wouldn't be too much of an issue normally, but they were trained with a spell to help dispel the changeling's disguises. They would be found out sooner or later with this high alert out, so for the safety of his wife and child, Sharithik bit his farewell's and left, promising he would come back as soon as the guards were called away and it was safe.
  29. He never returned.
  30. A few months later after Sharithik's departure, Onyxia was born. The guards were still about, which made Esmeralda worry about her child, and if they would try to come after them. Much to her relief, Onyxia was nearly indistinguishable from any other crystal pony. The natural adaptability and shape shifting abilities of the changeling DNA kept that half of her hidden, the only noticeable features of her insectoid ancestry being her pupils and fangs, both of which where easy to overlook unless you knew they were there. Onyxia had a mostly normal childhood, much to her mother's relief. She never knew who her father was growing up, and her mother told her nothing more than he was a great stallion, and would move on to another subject.
  31. As she grew, Onyxia found her cutie mark in blacksmithing when she tried it at a fair showing off the history and older main trades of the empire in the past. After finishing school, she gained an apprenticeship at one of the few forge's in the Crystal Empire, this one specializing in recreating weapons and armors from history. She trained under a master smith named Brimstone, a dull yellow crystal pony who was a tough teacher who nearly refused to teach her until he saw the little shield she made that gave her her cutie mark. It was a rough few years, but it all paid off in the end. Soon Onyxia was one of the top smith's in the empire, learning on making all sorts of various objects from various points in history, she learned many different forging techniques giving her a wide array of skills. She could craft most requests, and all were near high quality, no where near what a master could do, but still above most others who have been training for the same amount of time.
  32. Onyxia enjoyed how much everyone enjoyed her work, however she still felt down. The finished products of her forging were beautiful, she poured her heart into making the various things she made, but their natural use would lead to wear and tear, weapons dulling and chipping, armors denting and bending. One night, when she was closing up the armory alone, she wished there would be a way that her works wouldn't be worn down, some way they could remain in their perfect condition. No sooner than she had that thought, her right foreleg flashed a bright light, blinding her. As the light faded, she found the end of her leg extending far past where her hoof used to be, a crystalline sword extending off from her leg, made out of her to be exact. She panicked at the strange sight, flailing her blade-hoof about trying to shake it off, unfortunately wrecking up part of the forge. As she calmed, finding her hoof still a sword, she quickly picked up everything she knocked over and hoped Brimstone wouldn't notice all the cuts and divots she made. Onyxia quickly ran home, her leg wrapped up to hide the weapon look. Stepping inside, she tried to quickly move to her room and hide it from her mother, but to no avail, she could hide its appearance but she couldn't hide the holes in the floor from walking on it.
  33. Seeing her shifted leg, her mother sat her down and finally told her about her father, and her ancestry. Esmeralda told Onyxia that her father was a changeling, the events of how they met and why he left. She told her how she has changeling blood in her, although none of the aspects of that half of her never showed up until now. Onyxia wasn't sure how to react, they covered what changelings were slightly back in school when she was a filly, going over the Canterlot Invasion and why they were bad. But, she was one of them, and so was her father. She was confused at first, and sad that her father never returned, but she was glad to finally know about this hidden half of her life. Staring back to her sword hoof, she calmed and focused on her hoof looking normal, and slowly it shifted back into a normal pony hoof. Her mother put a hoof on her shoulder, warning her about this ability, urging her to be careful. The changeling threat alert was calmed years ago, but they were still seen as a dangerous enemy. Onyxia told her she'd be careful, and for her to not worry.
  34. With this new information on her life, Onyxia felt much happier. Experimenting with her new found ability, she found her changeling shape shifting was limited, only a part of her body able to be shifted at once rather than a full body change. With her extensive knowledge on weapons, she used her ability to shift her limbs into whatever weapons or tool she needed. This was a gift to her, now she could use herself rather than tarnishing the fruits of her forging labor. Keeping up her job at the forge, Onyxia wondered about what happened to her father, why he never returned. Slowly making preparations for a journey, she made a promise to herself to try and find out what happened to him.
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