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  2. Gods, Meditation, Strength Through Joy
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  9. Dear Satanic Family and People of Satan!
  11. Without further due, let’s examine some tips and tricks for when you are meditating, so you can become better and enhance your powers and understand certain matters which will save you a lot of time with broken nerves, questions, research and untie a lot of problems. It will save you, but it won't spare you, so keep everything under inspection.
  14. 1. Deprogramming the mind.
  17. Deprogramming the mind from certain things is mandatory. This is because many people do come from xian or unspiritual backgrounds and this has taught the mind to either close down results from the meditations completely, or treat this normal discipline as its some sort of alien thing. This is why so many new people do react in such a way or have many horrid thoughts, or episodes of feeling extreme agitation or fear. This is because the mind sees the new things and changes as alien or even threatening and it reacts, because the xian and other lies of the enemy are teaching that meditation is bad and other lies.
  19. 2. Patience.
  23. Patience is crucial. Many people due to have been lied to, misinformed or having read the wrong things, they have wrong expectations as to what to expect spiritually. While others think that it may take decades and decades of years to get to an average level, others think that in one month or two months, they will be shooting fire on will by their palms. Both things are wrong ways to look at these matters. The correct way is to be sensible, but not put limitations to yourself.
  25. In plain, like when one starts out to be a martial artist, unless they are a prodigy (this can happen here due to having done meditation or empowerment of the Soul in past lives) they will advance in a certain pace. Even a prodigy needs practice. The more loyally one adheres to what they are to do, the more they do, the more relentless and focused they are about what they are doing, they will get masterful knowledge in less time.
  27. 3. Using the Powers
  30. Now this here is very crucial. Many people come to Satanism and they are either testing their powers at once (most common) or they aren't testing these at all since a point they have determined for themselves. Due to lack of knowledge, one has to center themselves in order to be magickally successful. This doesn't come overnight, but here too, exceptions apply. You don't make yourself an exception by thinking you are one, or trying to convince yourself about a lie that you can do whatever you can right at once, it just happens. So the thing here is, be aware of what you can and you cannot do. Normally, as you advance, this feeling will arise and you will know what needs more power, what you can do and what you can't do. Don't fill the arsenal of your mind with failures. Start slow, do what you can do, maybe start from small works and build up onto greater things. This way you are cultivating yourself for success and not failure. Asking to raise half a ton your first day at the gym, you might do this for one rep if you are gifted and break your back, or you might not be able to do this at all. In such a case, doing the first would be more of a disaster and in this way of thinking you might be ruining talents that exist, only through stupidity.
  34. 4. Connecting the Worlds.
  37. Most people struggle with this, but I am saving you years of success or failure and giving it out in the plain. What we do here, is not magickal mumbo jumbo, its the connecting of the Worlds. The higher world upon which you enter with meditation and building your Soul, with the lower and physical world. Plainly put, magick is not some sort of gimmick practice with which you will do just anything or do the totally impossible (again, exceptions do apply here too) but its more of a deeper thing. With that being stated, one has to be sensible. Sensible without crushing their spirit, or quitting, or anything else of that nature. Sensible in the sense of rationality. IF you are doing a work for money, for instance, start building or research about structures that can bring this goal in reality. Just sitting like a duck, doing weed in your grandma's basement and not minding a thing about existing, this isn't going to solve this issue, no matter how much magick you do. At best, your grandma might come in with some bill or something, but this probably won't do what one intends. So, more things have to be done. Its not like magick will push a comet with dollars to come from outer space and land at your backyard. These could POSSIBLY happen too, but these require enormous energy and the energy takes the path of least resistance to it, unless programmed otherwise. So, build the physical structures to let this energy work itself. Let's say you want to increase your intelligence, but you sleep all day and night doing nothing about this, how is your intelligence going to increase by looking to a wall of bricks all day? Be sensible. Magick is at first, help, then its assistance, then it opens pathways and only on advanced levels, it becomes totally reliable and does things on its own. Unless one is at this level, which happens after quite a while of meditation or being gifted naturally, this has to be approached in the correct sense.
  40. 5. Doing the obvious.
  43. Let's say you are doing a working to get someone to love you. Okay, they may after a point really love you, or feel love about you, but many people are foiling their workings out of their own stupidity or physical inaction. Let's say this lady/guy falls in love with you, looks at you and even burns at you. If you don't get there and make it happen in a way, this won't materialize. This doesn't mean your working didn't succeed. It probably has succeeded, but you failed to do what was necessary about it. Magick will help you, but you must also help the magick. Magick isn't the ethreal potion of the coward and the fool, to get everything in the platter without doing anything about the matter. Act towards your goals and be specific. If you find yourself resisting for some reason, evaluate the reasons deeply and then, either make it happen or leave it be. Make sure to make sensible use of magick.
  45. For instance you might do magick to make someone fall in love with you forever, especially in cases of infatuation, where emotions are running high. You don't even know anything about this person, neither have you taken in consideration everything else. Despite of blind shooting, your shot hits the target and your intention happens. Now this guy might turn out to be a masochist, or a person that you can't get by in anyway. You leave and they remain stuck on you and the list goes on...Like any other power, Magickal power must be cultivated and used wisely. So you must be thankful that you have time to build this up and understand where this is going. The Gods don't just want people to be strong and stupid, they want them to be strong, sensible and aware of what they are doing. They don't prepare you for animals, they prepare us for Gods. Part of being God is about being responsible for your Powers, what they do and the outcomes of these.
  47. 6. Pushing the limits.
  50. Meditation is about waking up a dormant mind. This obviously isn't meant to be an easy feat, but it comes in times for everyone. In contrast of knowing where you are and respecting where you are, enjoying the moment and where you are, be ruthless in your pushing of the limits. Not on the point of breaking yourself up, but to where your past limits are defeated. Start small and grow. When you are faced with limitations, consult the Gods and push right through them. Approach things like a researcher of real power and Truth, not wanting to fill yourself like a balloon. That means simply, don't create new obstacles for yourself.
  52. 7. Trusting the Gods.
  55. Now, this is so important. So many people are coming in with disrespectful statements or even demands, basically demanding that their foolish or Hollywood expectations are payed on the Gods, like the Gods owe them. This stems many times from ideas the enemy has cultivated, such as that Satan or the Gods need your Soul. They just don’t. You better see these things in reverse, how they Truly are. The Truth is that YOU need Satan and the Gods more, for many reasons, be it from physical to non physical, to reasons for advancement.
  59. Not only for reasons about the afterlife, or any other dangers which are basically all around especially at these ages and times, but because nobody else can guide us where these beings can and are willing to : The Godhead. The Gods also are the best friends, always honest, always loving, they are caring to their followers and considerate. They must be payed with much respect, because they are the only one who will help you in re-creating yourself into Satan’s intention: That of a Perfect Human being who is a God. Additionally, Satan and the Gods truly exist, unlike the filth of the jewish enemy who has lied otherwise and all Ancient Civilizations are living testament of this. Philosophers of the past and the most prominent men in Civilization didn’t glorify them for no reason. They didn’t raise all these monuments for no reason- the instances are endless. Even in the texts of the enemy, it’s openly stated that the Gods are more powerful than the enemy in anyway, shape or form and this is why they attacked them to hide this fact from the masses.
  63. The times might have changed due to the enemy taking everything for a season, writing all these lies around, but to make the long story short, the Truth still remains as it is. No matter whom opposes it. Part of this Truth is that the Gods are all Powerful. The Gods are the source of powers that most can’t even comprehend because they think these are so distant, but this is not the case. Merge with them, make relations and bonds with them, let Satan know you love Him and that you are here for any physical hand His Desire might require…Then you will see. Forming strong bonds with Gods also helps us.
  66. Also, lastly, people need to drop this behavior of wanting to test the Gods or something. This is again, xianity or pisslam, or the jews talking. The Gods do exist and it’s a documented fact for hundreds of thousands of years. Many people want to do this sort of thing, like they want to “test” the Gods, indirectly acting like a slaver or something who just wants to know. You don’t have the consciousness to know if you are new, and this has to be understood and comprehended. The Gods do exist in a higher dimension than the physical one, which is meant to be perceived by people who are psychically open. Until one reaches this point, then, the Gods will communicate with them on your other ways.
  70. Don’t try to act like the Gods are supposed to “need” you, rather, look at facts as they are, which is that you need them most and that we all need them. The Gods aren’t needy, but this I am telling out of respect. Most people don’t know the Gods and from that they exact that they must be something at least similar to ourselves, so many are transferring behaviors like the martyr, the passive-aggressive snitch, the “I will leave if something doesn’t happen ___insert time here__” and they think that somehow this leaves the Gods interested. No, it doesn’t interest them, neither they need this thing or tests by Mr or Ms nobody. The Gods need legit people, who are willing to listen to them, work with them and exalt themselves. It’s well documented in the Ancient books that the only people the Gods are taking seriously, are those who are striving to advance in the path and raise their Serpents. Enough said.
  74. Ideally, people should look to the Gods like what they are: Teachers to us, real friends, guides and many more things. Don’t believe what the enemy states, or their offspring books, and uproot *ALL* the jewish lies about the Gods. Seek them out on your own. Satan is the Highest and the Gods the most High beings. They aren’t what the enemy stated, neither they can be approached in such ways. Treat Gods like Gods. The Gods are those who helped Humanity advance, they are our forefathers and they are our teachers for HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of years, even extending further, before “JHVH” and “Bordallah” even existed as an idea even. These “Gods” are jokes, they are nothing but created lies, only meant to blind and weaken down Humanity and make everyone succumb to jeiwsh will. Enough said.
  78. 8. Strength Through Joy.
  82. This is a very old Satanic Adage and it must be memorized. This is not a path for weakness, fake xian martyrs, people who endlessly want to complain and scorn life all the time. This is a path of preserving, being patient, more like a trip into eternity, than a short trip where you have to rush everything. In this path you are also free to express yourself and who you are, but this path leads above all in understanding of who you are first. You aren’t in a race with anyone else, but your own self. You don’t have to be superior to anyone else, but you have to always be superior to your former self, that is, the spirit to advance. Lastly, advance and get forward with something in mind. In Satanism, one becomes a better Human being. You are to touch your birthright of living in bliss, existing joyfully and existing on a higher level, internally, despite and such circumstances. This is a path for the strong and not of the weak, of the masters and not of the slaves. This is the path of the strong. While this is the Path of Knowledge, it’s a path where you can really take a breath, relax and let go for once, knowing that you are under Truth, safe, secure and on the right way, with the real Gods. This should give you strength, make you feel gratitude and push you to advance. This is for yourself and everyone else, too. This is another beautiful thing in Satanism.
  85. 9. The real meaning of being a God.
  87. In a sum, there is the central meaning behind Satanism. *YOU* are to become a God and not anyone else will do this for you. Those who are Spiritual Satanist and on the path, if only so they choose and work, they can do all the feats for themselves. Calling the Gods and asking them to do things for us, is only when there is real need and when things are outside of our grasp. The Gods want to teach to their loyal ones these things, so they become Gods themselves.
  90. -High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
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