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MxRP Update

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Feb 10th, 2021
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  1. Update 1: Feb 8 2020
  2. Given the uncertainty and dread going round at the minute we thought it reasonable to update you on the latest developments.
  4. As those who were watching the chat earlier may have seen, Odin has decided to step down after 8 years as part of the site staff. For the last few years Odin has more or less managed the site on his own with no support, so I'm sure you all join us in giving our thanks for his hard work, and wish him well and a good rest.
  6. As part of this process, ownership of MxRP has now passed to me. Given this is an administration change, it seems fair to outline the roadmap for the site. Please note that this is subject to change and serves only as the plan as it stands right now.
  8. === SHORT TERM ===
  9. In the next couple of days, the Patreon and domain name will be transferred to me, completing the transfer of ownership. During this process and immediately after, I'll be going through everything with a fine toothed comb, identifying areas of weakness in the site and coming up with a plan to resolve them. The staffing situation is the most immediate concern, so a priority will be to select a new mod team for the site going forward. Old and existing mods are free to apply when applications open, and this'll be a good opportunity to review site policies and moderation guidelines as well.
  11. === MEDIUM/LONG TERM ===
  12. In the medium term, getting the MxRP 2 beta online is the main priority. While that's being worked on, I'll process Kickstarter refunds for any minors who've requested one and, after getting them from Odin, start shipping out the rewards for everyone who's left. After this, and depending on the financial situation after everything's done, I'll be reaching out to manufacturing partners to begin manufacturing of The Cube™️ to send out to patrons. This will likely take a few months for shipping, logistics, and quality assurance. As the MxRP 2 beta progresses and becomes fully functional, it'll be opened up to the public.
  15. Update 2: Feb 9 2020
  16. - I anticipate the MxRP 2 beta to be available in a limited fashion by the end of the month, since that keeps getting asked.
  17. - Logs will be worked on after the beta is up for patrons.
  18. - In 72 hours, the Discord will be made patron (and kickstarter backer) only, with everyone else only able to see the news and announcement channels. This is something that had been discussed for a few months, and this seems as good a time as any to implement that change. There are unofficial community Discords, the admins of those are free to link them if they want to offer a place for people to go.
  20. Update 3: Feb 9 2020
  21. MxRP 1 is back online after finding an evil moderation hack I can use as a stopgap.
  23. It will now remain online until the MxRP 2 beta goes public access and doesn't need a key.
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