Pokémon Spectrum v1.3.2

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  10. Pokédex:
  13. Version 1.3.2
  14. -Fixed tile/passability errors
  15. -Fixed Nimbian NPC
  16. -Fixed massage NPC
  17. -Fixed elevator bug in Patagon City
  18. -Fixed Gondolog bug in Wet Zone
  19. -Added Krosbeak, Golweed, Medunaga high res back sprite
  20. -Added Krosbeak, Golweed, Stereote, Echneedle, Medunaga, Banditcoot, Bomboil, Ninjask, Shedinja party icons
  22. Version 1.3.1
  23. -Fixed bugged character sprite if moved to 1.3 with customized outfit
  24. -Fixed misc. tile and passability errors
  25. -Fixed Pokédex numbering errors
  26. -Fixed open Pokédex crash bug
  27. -Fixed Harvest bug
  28. -Fixed Dreamtime bug
  29. -Fixed Sailor boat transfer in Patagon City
  30. -Waddalog can now use Leaf Stone to evolve
  31. -Fixed Sachet
  32. -Added high res back sprite for Bombore, Stereote and Revolster
  33. -Added Bombore and Revolster party icon
  34. -Redesigned Revolster
  36. Version 1.3.0
  37. -Added new content up from 2nd to 3rd Gym
  38.     -Kalahari Mine
  39.     -Route 12
  40.     -Powerplant
  41.     -Patagon City
  42.     -Sandy Town
  43.     -Sandy Bay
  44.     -Sandy Cove
  45.     -Cycling Road
  46.     -Old Sahara
  47.     -Mojave Jungle
  48.     -Wet Zone
  49.     -Dry Zone
  50.     -Mojabe Town
  51. -Backsprites have been upscaled and resprited to to be more consistent with the other sprites
  52. -Improved some front sprites and their animations
  53. -Updated most indoor tiles
  54. -Party icon/box sprites replaced with follower sprites
  55. -~30 new Pokémon
  56. -Official Pokémon are either removed or replaced with Spectrum forms
  57.     -Ledyba, Spinerak, Smoochum, Nincada, Mime Jr, Happiny, Drilbur, Trubbish, Spritzee lines have been replaced with new forms
  58.     -Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Eeveelutions, Kangaskhan, Solrock, Lunatone, Druddigon lines are currently made unavailable
  59. -Redesigned some Pokémon
  60.     -Minor: Kowomnut, Jumblitz, Taplat, Psykapp, Krosbeak
  61.     -Moderate: Kokoala, Cocombat, Prospegon, Gambiss (formerly Hisschance), Buildore
  62.     -Major: Beautifowl, Nimbian (formerly Pansurge), Konimbus (formely Simisurge; now Electric/Flying), Dreamare (formerly Pajambaz; now Normal/Psychic)
  63. -Renamed some Pokemon
  64.     -Scaggot -> Scurgot
  65.     -Goblat -> Invarn
  66.     -Prospergon -> Prospegon
  67.     -Coalspine -> Burspine
  68. -Modified encounters and trainer teams to reflect Pokémon changes
  69. -Fishing mechanics overhauled to be a grid based minigame
  70. -Dynamic trainer customization added
  71.     -Hats, shirts, pants, and gloves can be removed or mixed and matched
  72.     -Hair can be changed after reaching a certain point in the game
  73. -Added more Olvee evolution locations
  74. -New abilities
  75.     -Weather Report: Randomly changes the weather between sun, rain, and hail each turn
  76.     -Evasion Boost: Increases evasion by 1 stage at the cost of 1/8 HP each turn
  77.     -Steam: Increases evasion by 2 stages and takes no damage when hit by a water-type move. Evasion also increases in rain.
  78.     -Bloodsucker: HP-stealing moves heal for 100% of damage dealt
  79.     -Day Aura: Powers up Fire/Grass/Psychic/Electric/Fairy type moves
  80.     -Night Aura: Powers up Ice/Water/Dark/Ghost/Fairy type moves
  81. -New moves
  82.     -Thorns: Grass-type physical attack that increases attack by one stage
  83.     -Champ Roll: Fighting-type biting move. Has chance to flinch
  84.     -Junk Toss: Poison-type physical move that does damage from 0.5x to 1.5x the user's level
  85.     -Contagion Drain: Poison-type HP-stealing moves that poisons if user is Poison-type
  86.     -Freeze Blade: Ice-type physical move with increased crit rate and chance to freeze
  87. -Reduced wild encounter rate; increased number of free steps after an encounter before the possibility of a new encounter
  88. -Removed the option for Switch battle style for balancing reasons
  89. -Money lost from a black out is now half of the player's money
  90. -Increased the price of items from shops
  91. -Removed the option for full screen mode due to bugs with RPG Maker
  92. -Updated Nite, Camper, Picnicker, Fire Breather, Bug Catcher, Punk/Roughneck, Ranger, Pokémon Center Nurse, and Anonymous sprites
  93. -Story revamp
  94.     -Sunny/Sol replaced with Eve
  95.     -Many early game dialogue/characterization and event changes
  96. -New New Game intro
  97. -Improved visibility during night hours. Forest areas no longer have day/night tinting
  99. Known bugs
  100. -Bridge bugs
  101. -Map connection lag, espc on Route 9
  102. -Metronome doesn't work
  103. -Status icons placed incorrectly in double battles
  104. -Some party/box sprites cut off
  105. -Unfinished follower sprites (followers don't change direction or aren't visible)
  106. -Unanimated battle sprites
  107. -Missing shiny sprites
  108. -Walking NPCs don't animate when on bike
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