Apr 14th, 2016
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  1. Fallout: New Vegas Speedrun FAQ
  2. --------------------------------------------
  4. Q: What language is this?
  5. A: Italian, because that saves ~4 seconds in the Doc Mitchell intro speech.
  7. Q: The video title said without loads but you clearly quickload a ton! Are you a liar?
  8. A: (Without Loads) refers to the timing method used for the speedrun, nothing else.
  10. Q: What is that glitch with the revolver?
  11. A: It's the "Reload Dash" glitch. By interrupting the reload animation of a gun with a bullet-by-bullet reload animation by uneqipping it in the pipboy whilst moving in a direction, you can launch yourself in the direction you were moving. This can be chained by hotkeying the revolver and repeating the process.
  13. Q: Why do you quicksave and quickload all the time?
  14. A: Abusing the quicksave and quickload mechanic is a technique that allows me to skip NPC dialogue, clip through walls, avoid fall damage, reset NPC animations and glitch my movement speed.
  16. Q: Why is there a giant YES/NO box in the middle of the screen?
  17. A: That is the "Time Stop" glitch. By bringing up the map screen and mashing the "Place a custom marker" button (Right click on PC, must unbind it from anything else though) I can effectivly freeze everything around me and still walk around. This is useful to get around dangerous enemies and to climb an object to reach higher heights.
  19. Q: How are you going through walls like that?
  20. A: By quicksaving and quickloading in rapid succession I can go through most walls in the game, because the wall collision loads in a fraction later than the player collision does.
  22. Q: How do you get through dialogue so fast?
  23. A: By mashing both Enter and Mouse 1 simultaneously. This makes the game take double inputs and allows for quickly scrolling textboxes.
  25. Q: Why does the timer keep stopping?
  26. A: The community have decided to time runs without load times because they can vary greatly from PC to PC. The loads are automatically timed out using a plugin for the Livesplit program. (Thanks DrTChops)
  28. Q: Why don't you just use console commands? xD
  29. A: Because that would be incredibly boring, since the "setstage" command can finish the last quest with 1 line.
  31. Q: Can you at least stop cheating lol? invalid speed run
  32. A: Glitches are not cheating. If you want to see a run without glitches though, check out
  34. Q: Are you using any mods?
  35. A: No. Mods are not allowed in speedruns. My game is unmodified except for an .ini edit to remove mouse acceleration and I have replaced the english voice files for italian.
  37. Q: What patch are you playing on?
  38. A: Unless stated otherwise, latest steam patch. (
  40. Q: What is your character build?
  41. A: I go all into Speech and get 45 Survival for the Travel Light perk. I also get Black Widow to quickly dispose of Benny.
  43. Q: Why are you playing as a girl?
  44. A: Because sleeping with Benny via the Black Widow perk is the fastest way to kill him, and Benny will not sleep with male characters.
  46. Q: What is WR ?
  47. A: Check
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