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  1. <basti> i got a little problem with my h340 which is allready running with rockbox. i cant remember what happened, but while playing something it jumped into some debug mode and drained the battery. (at least it says its at 0% although it can run anyway). but ever since that, the navigation keys dont really work anymore. i cant use the down or up key. and when i want to load the original iriver firmware, it tries to start it, but nothing happens. i
  2. <basti>  did reinstall both the bootloder and rockboc, but it didnt work. is it broken, or do i have some hope?
  3. <gevaerts> What do you mean by "some debug mode"? A panic screen?
  4. <basti> idont know what a panic screen looks like. it said something like "debugging now" and something came up the screen
  5. * GeekSh4dow ist jetzt bekannt als GeekShadow
  6. <gevaerts> This happened by itself?
  7. <basti> i really cant remember that i did something out the normal stuff
  8. <gevaerts> I'd guess you got a panic, although then I don't understand this
  9. <gevaerts> "debugging now" bit
  10. <basti> fuck me. i just started the damn thing and it works again.... i booted it like 20 times and the keys didnt work. now all of the sudden it has chosen to work again....
  11. <gevaerts> Maybe it didn't really have enough charge before?
  12. <basti> i havent it charged in that time
  13. <basti> and the battery indicator is at 70% now as it has been before the "blackout"
  14. <basti> and i ordered an ipod tody...
  15. <gevaerts> I don't know then. Maybe a coincidence? Some dirt in the buttons that now went away?
  16. <basti> after that i disassembled it and cleaned every part with pressure air. dont know what went wrong. but the iriver firmware should have loaded
  17. <basti> which it does know
  18. <gevaerts> Actually, if some buttons have bad contacts, they might report presses all the time, which might interfere with booting
  19. <basti> but if they report contact all the time, and i boot rockbox than shouldnt they navigate all the time, or do somthing else? that was not the case. they just did not work, respectively did the wrong thing
  20. <gevaerts> That depends. If more than one button is stuck, probably nothing at all will work
  21. <gevaerts> Other things may happen too, depending on how buttons are connected
  22. <basti> ok. i guess i have to live with that mystery and the fact that i bought an ipod
  23. <gevaerts> If it works now, I wouldn't worry about it
  24. <basti> dont have a choice anyway. but thanks for your help!
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