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  1. BimpsToday at 2:04 AM
  2. 1. It will all come crashing down due to how much backstabbing is innate in the mod team
  3. 2. You should have never treated me like a good person
  4. 3. I don't regret anything
  5. 4. You banning me over this shows that the rules are pointless
  6. 5. I'm trying to help shaii. She told me that me talking to her prevented her from suicide. I'm gonna be honest with her because I trust her.
  8. That's all. Have a good life. I'm sure the server will come crashing down eventually due to whatever, along with your twitter.
  9. Oh and hi mods that you shared this with because yeah I know you did
  11. TRAFONToday at 2:05 AM
  12. Bimps I gave you ever chance, every opportunity, and I truly did consider you a friend, whatever you want to believe is what you want to believe. I didn't think we could keep you there after what you did, and I didn't think you would want to be there. Am I even wrong?
  14. BimpsToday at 2:06 AM
  15. This exact thing happened in a previous server
  16. I cause tension, owner decides to fight tooth and nail for me not to be banned, gives in
  18. TRAFONToday at 2:07 AM
  19. Trust is one thing Bimps
  21. But maybe instead of telling Shaii about our vent chats you come to the Mods, come to me? Maybe even tell me that Shaii is trying to improve and to not say anything even if it's a vent
  22. I would have. I dunno about others.
  23. I would have told the Mods to just flat out not mention her anymore, and it's done.
  25. BimpsToday at 2:08 AM
  26. Why would I go to you guys
  28. TRAFONToday at 2:08 AM
  29. I can't do anything if I don't know if's that deeply personal of an issue and I certainly can't do anything if you fucking go to her with all the vent logs and shatter all the bridges... if this happened once before man there's a very noticable pattern
  31. BimpsToday at 2:08 AM
  32. Again, everyone but you fucking hates me
  34. TRAFONToday at 2:08 AM
  35. You didn't even go to me.
  37. BimpsToday at 2:09 AM
  38. Why would I go to you
  40. TRAFONToday at 2:10 AM
  41. Because I can say something, or understand the situation, if you come to me about shit that is making you feel like shit
  43. But instead you kinda just showed you didn't wanna be here anymore dude. Like there was obvious tension, and it reached a point here.
  45. BimpsToday at 2:10 AM
  46. How much shittalking about me is happening in admin talk
  47. How many times am I gonna be brought up now that I'm gone
  49. TRAFONToday at 2:11 AM
  50. If you didn't wanna be a Mod anymore you coulda told me, if you didn't wanna see shittalking anymore we could have worked it out because it was ALWAYS a vent channel which you contributed to a lot and never said a word
  52. BimpsToday at 2:11 AM
  53. I never said I didn't wanna be a mod
  54. I tried
  56. TRAFONToday at 2:12 AM
  57. And I really would have kept you in the server, but like... how would that have worked out? After all that? Again would you have even wanted to be there? Kinda seems like a volatile situation man.
  58. Like if you think this is what we wanted or what I wanted especially it was not
  60. BimpsToday at 2:16 AM
  61. But a ban? Really?
  63. TRAFONToday at 2:16 AM
  64. What was I supposed to do though?
  65. Like after that again did you really wanna be there?
  67. BimpsToday at 2:16 AM
  68. Not ban me because I didn't break the rules?
  69. Once again, how much of this is being shared in admin chat. Are you guys ever gonna stop the echo chamber now that I'm not the one leading it?
  71. TRAFONToday at 2:18 AM
  72. I haven't shared anything of this to Admin Chat. Only that you DMed me. Cause you did.
  73. No caps no copy/paste, I wanted to chat one on one
  75. BimpsToday at 2:18 AM
  76. Just
  77. Clint
  78. You have to realize it isn't normal to drive THIS many people away
  79. Something has to change there, I don't know what
  80. But if it stays like this, people will keep leaving or getting banned
  82. TRAFONToday at 2:19 AM
  83. Bimps, no one was driven away for months
  84. We gained like... hundreds of people just these past like two months?
  86. BimpsToday at 2:20 AM
  87. I'm not talking mod shit
  89. TRAFONToday at 2:20 AM
  90. People come and go that's a server
  91. Like things were going well man. That's how I feel, then this happened.
  93. BimpsToday at 2:23 AM
  94. Ok
  96. TRAFONToday at 2:25 AM
  97. Maybe the ban was harsh, but I felt like what you did was prety friggen bad dude.
  99. I didn't want drama, I didn't want to start shit, and it didn't need to happen like this. I would have tried to work it out and make things right, come to an understanding, etc. I did it before with you, I bent over backwards, and this is the end result. Like really man you can't say I didn't try, you really can't. If everyone else didn't care to you, fine. But I did, or again, you would have never been there.
  101. BimpsToday at 2:25 AM
  102. Was it really that bad? Was trying to help someone see the truth about how people felt that bad?
  103. Maybe this is a sign that you and the mods should stop this shit, and me aswell
  105. TRAFONToday at 2:26 AM
  106. Yeah, when they are private vent chats never meant to be seen? That would probably only serve to make a girl with severe depression and self esteem issues as she says, feel even worse??
  107. We all have our opinions of people, dude
  109. BimpsToday at 2:27 AM
  110. It just shouldn't happen in the first place
  111. I'm the last person to be saying that I know
  113. TRAFONToday at 2:27 AM
  114. If someone thinks Shaii is being annoying or weird, then it should be allowed to be said in a private group.
  116. Look what happened to me in the Cartoon Communtiy chat? It's still happening, that's a public server.
  117. We kept any bad thing we ever had to say in a pocket between the mods
  118. And it was always venting.
  119. About server shit mostly too, kept within topic of posts, people presenting themselves within the server, etc.
  121. BimpsToday at 2:28 AM
  122. I shouldn't be surprised that you instantly became furious and flipped you opinion on me
  123. You are so easy to unintentionally piss off
  124. You really to work on that
  126. TRAFONToday at 2:29 AM
  127. Nah I'm not.
  129. BimpsToday at 2:29 AM
  130. Yes you are
  132. TRAFONToday at 2:29 AM
  133. You pissed everyone off Bimps.
  135. BimpsToday at 2:29 AM
  136. Ok and they were there
  138. TRAFONToday at 2:29 AM
  139. There wasn't a single person in Admin Chat who thought you were correct
  141. BimpsToday at 2:29 AM
  142. You just came in and joined the hate train
  144. TRAFONToday at 2:29 AM
  145. Even Thought Guru, who is the most level headed person in there
  146. I read the messages, I saw what happened
  147. And you admitted to doing it and that it was a shitty thing to do.
  149. BimpsToday at 2:30 AM
  150. Ok
  152. TRAFONToday at 2:30 AM
  153. So was I supposed to defend the actions of someone who derailed the Mod Chat and shared private convos with someone?
  155. BimpsToday at 2:30 AM
  156. The fact that you guys instantly flipped over this shows I was never liked in the first place
  157. You fucked up trying to have an asshole 18 year old be admin
  158. Why do people try and defend me
  160. TRAFONToday at 2:31 AM
  161. We have Mods younger than you who didn't pull this shit dude.
  162. It's not about age
  163. And the flipping was because you literally went to Shaii and made everything worse, like everything
  164. Like you did hear what people were saying in the chat right?
  166. BimpsToday at 2:32 AM
  167. No
  168. Because everyone was going off
  169. And I didn't make everything worse
  171. TRAFONToday at 2:33 AM
  172. I said I liked you, Sylvia said she was beginning to like you more as a person, and that was from Sylvia.
  174. Thought Guru never hated you
  176. BimpsToday at 2:34 AM
  177. Misjudgement at its finest
  179. TRAFONToday at 2:34 AM
  180. Everyone has quirks and qualities that annoy people, even friends, even colleagues. You certainly have those about me.
  182. It didn't mean we all hated you and were chomping at the bit to ream you out. You did that to yourself dude, sharing the chat logs, out of complete nowhere.
  184. BimpsToday at 2:34 AM
  185. This is going nowhere so I'm gonna stop. It was really shitty of you to ban me when I didn't break any rules
  186. Get some sleep and a proper sleep schedule dude
  188. TRAFONToday at 2:35 AM
  189. I was like, ready to sleep an hour and a half ago
  190. Guess what happened?
  192. BimpsToday at 2:35 AM
  193. Ok
  195. TRAFONToday at 2:35 AM
  196. And again, I banned you because I didn't think you wanted to stay.
  197. I didn't think you could
  199. BimpsToday at 2:36 AM
  200. No need to continue
  201. Oh bullshit
  202. You banned me because I'm toxic
  203. Don't dress it up
  205. TRAFONToday at 2:37 AM
  206. I felt like there was no other choice, honestly. Like again after all that was demodding gonna be enough? Would you have even wanted to stay? I felt like you woulda just left if I hadn't banned you, so it feels like semantics.
  208. BimpsToday at 2:38 AM
  209. How about you don't assume what I do and don't want
  210. Ok?
  212. TRAFONToday at 2:38 AM
  213. You wanted to remain in the server? Even after all that?
  214. With people who presumably never cared about you?
  215. I'm not trying to judge you as a person or say what you wanted to do, but yes it would surprise me if after all that you would have wanted to stay as a regular user, idk.
  217. BimpsToday at 2:39 AM
  218. Are you gonna unban me or not
  219. It doesn't matter what you're saying
  220. If you don't unban me, then the rules are meaningless
  222. TRAFONToday at 2:43 AM
  223. I dont think the rules are meaningless, I think it was a situation that was outside of the server rules if I'm being frank. What you did effected the Mods and people outside of it.and was extremely careless imo.
  225. As for unbanning you? That definitely ain't gonna happen right now. Not because I think you're some toxic asshole, but because I think you need to be away from the server, whether you think it's right to be banned from there or not, after that? You need to be away, clear your head.
  227. BimpsToday at 2:44 AM
  228. Ok so what rule did I break to be banned
  230. TRAFONToday at 2:45 AM
  231. The fact you're obsessing over the ban part of all of this is really proof we're going nowhere dude.
  233. BimpsToday at 2:46 AM
  234. Ok then I didn't want to say this but if you are banning me for not breaking a rule, then fuck off.
  235. I'm done with you
  237. TRAFONToday at 2:48 AM
  238. Really? You're the one who started all this shit, but you tell me to fuck off?
  240. Every chance I gave you, you tell me to fuck off and you're done with me?
  242. Nah dude, I banned you for a reason, you screwed me and everyone involved in the mod chats and our trust, it was the last straw, you can throw rule semantics in our face all you want. I tried so hard to be your friend and this is where it ends. So be it.
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