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The One Where Robbie Turns Into A Girl and Has Sex With Soos

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Sep 21st, 2012
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  1. Dipper had been sitting on a tree stump outside the Mystery Shack trying to decipher the symbols in the Magic Section of his book. Wendy and Soos had left for the day, Gruncle Stan was in town at a court hearing and Mabel was in the forest doing who knows what.
  3. So far he had translated, 'Speak These Words To The Enemy Who Frightens You' but after that it seemed to be gibberish. “Ha...halem ne sakoros, sakorus?” It was a language from a people who apparently evolved beyond the need for vowels. “Helem nay sakrus?”
  5. Robbie came walking up the road. He was planning to grab Wendy at the end of her shift and see if she wanted to go to his house to listen to some sweet LPs he scored from his cousin. He looked at Dipper in contempt. Part of Robbie wanted to taunt him, but the other part of him didn't want to waste the effort.
  7. “Halam no sikoress,” said Dipper.
  9. “Dipper! Come see this cool frog I found! It's got five legs!” came Mabel's voice from behind the tree line. Dipper immediately stored the book under his arm and trotted off.
  11. Robbie reached for the door handle, but suddenly got a head rush. He put his hands on his knees and tried to breathe slowly, but he immediately fell to the ground. Before any constructive thought wandered into his brain like, “am I having a stroke” or “call 911” his mind became frozen in a state of shock.
  13. His scalp began to itch like a thousand mosquito bites. He tried to move his hands up to scratch, but his elbows locked in place and he only flailed and jerked his useless hands. He felt like his chest was caving in, but he was breathing just fine...hyperventilating gasps punctuated by snorts through his nostrils but otherwise just fine. If any thought registered in his mind at all it was that something was wrong with his stomach.
  15. It felt like there was fishing line tied to unseen organs in his intestines and it was slowly and slimily being pulled upwards. He cringed with each breath, and soon found himself instinctively in the fetal position. And then, his skin began to move.
  17. Little twitches erupted across his body in places, but these weren't idle spasms, they reshaped his body. Like little worms they snaked up and down, sideways and crossways, in and out, across every inch of him, until they began to settle in certain spots.
  19. The fishing line feeling came back, but this time from his scalp. Little lines felt like they were being out of his scalp and into his hair. The itching was gone and he found he could move his hands again, his arm shot upwards to the top of his head and he felt handfuls of silk black hair. His hair had grown by at least seven inches!
  21. The twitches settled on his chest, and he suddenly found he couldn't breath. He started clawing at his throat. Things began to get dark and Robbie started to pass out, but was yanked back into consciousness when wind suddenly filled his lungs. Something was different. He zipped open his hoodie. Something was definitely wrong! What was wrong with his chest? There were two growths under his nipples and with each heartbeat they got a little bigger. What was happening?
  23. The twitches moved across his stomach and down past his waistline. His pants became tighter and tighter. What felt like warm cottage cheese began to flow under his thighs and ass. It churned and got hotter and hotter, and he could feel his skin balloon and stretch. He dry-heaved as he felt his ball-sack spread tight over his taint and...and above his penis. And his began to sink inside of himself, and with each heartbeat as his breasts grew to B cups, his dick began to shrink...and get more sensitive.
  25. Robbie panted, the twitches disappeared. He felt normal...completely unhinged and doused in cold-sweat, but normal. He reached down his pants and in between his legs. He suddenly realized that he was no longer a he.
  27. She found that a slit had appeared where her dick used to be. Frantically, she began feeling around for it. She panicked at first, but when she found that it had become a clitoris. She moved her fingers back and forth and realized how aroused she had just gotten. It started out small at first, just a little wetness, but she found she couldn't pull her fingers back.
  29. Her heart began to pound. This was an all new feeling. Nothing like what she'd felt before. In. Out. In. Out. Up. Down. She felt a tingling go up her spine.
  31. A minute later she was slick with her own juices and her clitoris was at full attention. Whatever had happened to her body had affected her in other ways as well. Her hand began to lose circulation, since her jeans were so tight.
  33. She frantically unbuttoned them and when the button let loose from the hole it unzipped the pants half way. Her ass had gotten so fat. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to button them up again. Robbie had put on a pair of black and gray striped briefs that morning, and they felt like they were going to burst. She went back to the task of pleasuring herself in the dirt. She got up on her knees and and subconsciously began to rock up and down.
  35. Robbie started to moan, and realized that her voice had changed as well. It felt so weird, like she was talking with somebody else's voice...but it was still unmistakeably hers.
  37. “Whoa,” came a voice from behind her. “Uh, sorry miss. I didn't mean to interrupt.” It was the fat guy who worked with Wendy. What was his name? Soos? He was covering his eyes and backing away.
  39. “No wait!” she cried. The words sounded strange, like something his mom would've sounded like if she were a teenager. Robbie was afraid all of a sudden. In the throes of this pleasure after her transformation she'd almost forgotten how weird the situation was. Having someone else near her reminded her it was all too real. “Help me!”
  41. Soos looked through his fingers, “Uh, you look like you're taking care of it.” Robbie looked down and realized she was still sliding her fingers in and out. She was embarrassed and pulled her fingers out with a schlurp sound. They were slick.
  43. “Listen! It's me! Robbie! Robbie VI don't know how this happened, but I'm...I'm different...I'm...I'm a girl!” She suddenly felt a rush of heat up the sides of her face and she started to get anxious. What now? She bit her lip.
  45. “This...this isn't the world's sexiest prank is it? Because this is really starting to remind me of this one time at a slumber party, when my buddy...”
  47. “Shut up! Just...just shut up and help me!” Robbie tried to button her pants back up, and like she predicted, her ass had gotten too big. Her pussy began to throb.
  49. Soos just stood there. “...okay. And uh, what do you want me to do about it?” asked Soos. He finally put his arm down from his face.
  51. “I don't know, find Dipper or something,” she struggled in vain to get the button close to the hole. “He always seems to know what's going on with all the weird stuff in this town.” The front of her briefs were getting wet.
  53. He looked nervous. “I, uh, don't know where he is, dood. I don't think anybody's home,” said Soos. She started to feel warm. Robbie took her hoodie down all the way. “Oh, wait here dood, I think I read about this in a Japanese comic book once.”
  55. Soos ran around a corner. When he was gone she pulled up her unbearably tight shirt. There they were. Her breasts. They had to be almost a B-cup. All of her chest hair was gone too. And it took her so long to grow that. She delicately moved one of her fingers across one of her pink erect nipples.
  57. It felt so good. She took her breast in one hand and moved her other down her briefs. As she massaged her breast and slid inside herself she realized that it was more amazing than before, but it wasn't enough.
  59. “Here you go, dood!” said Soos before dumping a bucket of warm water all over her.
  61. “What the-” said Robbie before getting drenched. She was so surprised she fell face forward into the dirt.
  63. “Oh wait, I think I got this a little mixed up. I think you're supposed to be dry to turn back into a boy. I really need to read that comic book again. It wasn't really in English, but I think...”
  65. “Hhhhrrrnnnmmhh,” Robbie let out a moan. She didn't know why, but she was more turned on than ever. Without realizing it, she was on her knees and sticking her ass up in the air. Her useless pants had slid down to the point that they were practically off. “Hhhhehhh.” One finger, two fingers, three fingers.
  67. “I think we should get you to a hospital dood,” Soos started to back away again. “Or...I don't know, a witch doctor maybe. You just, uh, stay right there.”
  69. “Don't leave me,” cried Robbie between gasps. Soos looked worried but stayed put. She spread her lips wide which made her shudder with pleasure. But she wanted more. Her fingers weren't enough. “I...I need you to help me...”
  71. “Uh, I can get an ambulance up here or somethin'...” he pulled out his phone.
  73. “No! You don't get it! I need you,” she thrust her ass out as far as it could go, her briefs were practically dripping, “to help me!”
  75. Soos looked around, left and right. “Uh, listen dood, this is crazy bonkers sexy and all, but I don't know how I feel about doin' it with another dood, dood.”
  77. “I'm...I'm not a dude! I n...need you,” Robbie rolled over onto her back, kicked off her pants, and tried as best she could...but it still wasn't enough. She began to worry that it would never be enough. She didn't know if she could function properly unless...unless she had more.
  79. Looking concerned, Soos began to unbutton his pants, but stopped. “You're sure you don't have, like a, hidden surprise penis or nothin'?”
  81. Robbie stopped and bit her lip. Her drenched briefs were so skewed that her labia was bare. She shook her head back and forth slowly.
  83. “ we go...” Soos unbuttoned his pants and slid them down. Not only was he eight inches long with girth to spare, he was aroused. He knelt down and quickly pulled her briefs off, throwing them behind him. They hit the ground with a wet slapping sound. He pulled out his wallet and retrieved a condom. “Oh man, my fortune cookie was right on the money this time,” said Soos as he slid it on.
  85. He got on top of her, and hooked his arms under her shoulders. His belly smothered her torso, but he had no trouble getting into position. “You sure you want me to do this?” The tip just rubbed against her lips, probing to find the right spot. She got excited.
  87. Robbie looked him in the eye and nodded. She put her hands around his neck.
  89. With a mighty thrust he was inside her. Really inside her. Pleasure shot up through her body. She couldn't put words together if she wanted to. He pulled out and thrust in again. She tried to say, “yes” but all that came out was, “yeeeeheh,” as he thrust in a third time. Each time became faster and more forceful.
  91. Soos grunted with each push and soon found a rhythm. A rhythm that made Robbie's cries and gasps sound like she was on top of a really broken washing machine. He pulled her off the ground, holding her around the waist, and laid down on his back so she was riding him. It was a slow ride at first, with a twist of her hips every now and then. As she started picking up speed she began to feel up her breasts. Soos helped by holding her hips and slamming her down onto his massive shaft. She ran a hand through her hair. Robbie never knew it could feel like this.
  93. “Dang...I didn't were gonna be so loose,” said Soos between thrusts, “like...I don't're not...crazy loose, but...I'd be...super tight or somethin'...”
  95. “Sh-shut up,” said Robbie, between moans of pleasure.
  97. She suddenly lost her balance and fell off him on all fours. Soos didn't miss a beat though and got up behind her. He slid his hands down her sides before settling just at her waist again and began thrusting.
  99. Robbie braced herself on her elbows. The force of Soos's penetrations racked her body. She could feel her breasts swinging forward in tandem with her hair. Getting onto one elbow, she was able to reach down and start rubbing her clit.
  101. The pleasure was building to an intolerable level. Robbie didn't try to hold it in any longer. Every movement inside her was followed by a feral grunt or a pleasured animalistic moan. “I'm...I'm cumm...”
  103. “What was that dood? It sounded like you said you were...”
  105. “I'm cumming!”
  107. Ecstasy like she'd never felt before quaked through her body. She yelled so loud that birds flew from the nearby trees. Warm wetness shot itself all over Soos, and it felt so good. He pulled out and she felt her pussy twitch as her cum oozed out of her. A warmth flowed through her body. She tried to catch her breath.
  109. As she attempted to sit up, Soos moved his hands across her ass cheeks. He spread them open and stretched her anus a little bit. Robbie squeaked a little bit from shock.
  111. “Wha-what are you doing?”
  113. Soos smiled and moved his hat backwards, “I'm gonna teach you about calling me a Big Dude...”
  115. “And then Soos stuck it inside of her-”
  117. “Mabel! Stop!” Dipper's cheeks were already fire engine red, “Please!”
  119. “What? Come on, Dipper! I was just getting to the good part!” said Mabel defiant.
  121. “This is the worst campfire story in the history of fires and camping!” Dipper stood up to go.
  123. “Well, I don't know,” said Soos sticking another roasted marshmallow into his mouth, “I thought it was pretty neat.”
  125. Dipper's jaw dropped. “Soos, this story has you...doing stuff with Robbie!”
  127. “But, it's like she said, dood,” said Soos through a mouthful of marshmallow, “he wasn't technically a dood, so you know. All speed ahead.”
  129. “Yeah, Dipper,” said Mabel sticking another marshmallow onto her stick. “Robbie was a girl, so it wasn't, you know, weird or anything. What's your problem?”
  131. “Not weird?! His...thingie turned into a...I don't even know what to call it,” Dipper was at a loss for words. “How is that not weird?!”
  133. “It's called a fur-china, Dipper, and every woman has one. You can be so immature sometimes.”
  135. “Yeah,” said Gruncle Stan, “stop being such a weenie, Dipper!” He stoked the fire with his foot sending up sparks into the night.
  137. Dipper threw his stick into the campfire. “Well you can all for the rest of the night, I'm going to bed!”
  139. “Booooo!” came the derisive tones of everybody around the campfire. Dipper crawled into his tent.
  141. “Well I thought it was a lovely story, Mabel,” said Grenda reassuringly.
  143. Candy adjusted her glasses. “Mmm-hmmm, so a-what happened next?”
  145. Mabel stood up, “so there Soos was, with Robbie all quivering in front of him...”
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