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Peter - Multicast + Jails

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Jul 20th, 2016
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  2. Been listening to this show and others for ages now and slowly but surely moving my home servers from Linux/windows to FreeNAS and trying to consolidate bits and pieces into one server from all my other servers and NAS'es. Very successful and very happy about how powerful FreeNAS is!!!
  6. So I have solar battery system with an inverter that broadcasts data over my network and I reverse engineered the protocol and wrote a C# console app to read all this data so I can save it to a database. Got Mono installed in the jail (standard, viimage, no nat) and the app works great. The only problem is the jail does not receive udp unicast? (I mean UDP packets sent to I think that's unicast?) In this packet the inverter sends back its IP address so I can bind to it and read data on another port. I have to specify an IP specifically and my app skips the UDP Unicast query process and just goes on and works merrily on its way.
  10. Do you perhaps know how to fix this issue with jails retrieving unicast/multicast?
  12. Thanks!
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