[MMP] Bigpone Twilight

Apr 8th, 2016
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  1. >"Anon! Come out, I know you're in there!"
  2. >Uh-oh.
  3. >Twilight told you that if she ever caught you in her bedroom again, she'd assign you to permanent snuggle-buddy status.
  4. >That meant you would have to be prepared for cuddles at all times, and to always be ready for bedtime snuggling.
  5. >This sort of punishment doesn't sound so bad on the surface, but you have to keep in mind that Twilight is the size of a small elephant.
  6. >Her soft chest-tuft is the only thing keeping you from being crushed to death when she hugs you close at night.
  7. >The fate of her toasty-warm embrace looms over your head, and you start to feel a little too warm in your tiny pyjamas.
  8. >Thinking quickly, you dive under the purple covers of her bed and take refuge in the soft embrace of the cloud-filled mattress.
  9. >Not a moment too soon.
  10. >Just a few short seconds later, you hear a floorboard right by the door creak.
  11. >You know it's the one by the door, because that loose board of wood is what caught Twilight's attention.
  12. >"Oh, Anaaahaaaan~ Where aaaarrree yooouuu~"
  13. >Oh god.
  14. >She's playing with you, now.
  15. >The monster.
  16. >"Are you over..."
  17. >You tense and wait for her to pounce on you.
  18. >"Here?!"
  19. >There's a loud crash and the sound of splintering wood.
  20. >Well, there goes her closet.
  21. >"Darn!"
  22. >"Are you over..."
  23. >No.
  24. >Not again.
  25. >warishell.jpg
  26. >"Here?!"
  27. >Oh christ in heaven she's three fucking feet to your left!
  28. >You can practically hear her heartbeat from here.
  29. >Does she know you're under the blankets?
  30. >Does she!?
  31. >She's merciless.
  32. >She probably knew where you were the moment she entered the room.
  33. >In her sadistic mind, hunting you down like a rat is a GAME for her.
  34. >But you are Anon, and you are NOPONY'S rat!
  35. >Thanks to the brief surge of adrenaline brought on by Twilight's near-discovery of you, you manage to burst out of the blankets and leap off the bed!
  36. >Birds gotta swim; fish gotta fly; Anon gotta flee!
  38. >The door is in sight. It approaches you as quickly as the floor does.
  39. >That's when you remember that Twilight's bed is about ten feet up off of the ground, and that you had to climb her sheets in order to get on top of it and hide.
  40. >Welp.
  41. >So this is how you die.
  42. >Fall damage after fleeing from a unicorn.
  43. >Who knew that your hours of playing Nethack would ever cross into the real world?
  44. >"Heeheehee! Nope!"
  45. >Your vision turns purple as your momentum bleeds out of you, and you are slowly lifted back onto the bed.
  46. >You're spun around until you're just a few feet away from a face the size of your dresser back home.
  47. >"Good job, Anon! You almost got away from me this time."
  48. >That's true; this is the closest you've come to reaching the door ever since you started playing hide-and-seek with Twilight.
  49. >Now if only you could somehow reach your tiny bedroom, then you could proclaim yourself to be "home free" and win the game.
  50. >"You know the punishment for losing, my little human..."
  51. >Heh, yeah.
  52. >You guess you do.
  53. >You open your arms wide an Twilight magically pulls you into her soft chest, hugging you tight against her.
  54. >She practically purrs as she holds you in her arms, and gives your head an affectionate nuzzle.
  55. >"Ready for a nap, Anon?"
  56. "Always."
  57. >Time to take your lumps.
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