Hima wa really cute

Jul 9th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Light filters passed her curtains, beaming down onto her sleeping face. She slowly begins to stir, rubbing the last remaining vestiges of sleep from her eyes as she let's out a large yawn.
  2. It's been 9 hours since her last stream, even in her sleep the images of her fellow livers playing apex together leaves a satisfying feeling in her chest, the feeling of fulfillment she had never known she was lacking.
  3. She stumbles around for a few second restlessly as her mind begins to fully awaken, listlessly she goes through her clothes looking for something comfortable to wear. As she throws on an old loose t-shirt and squeezes her thighs into shorts that are beginning to feel a little too tight for comfort, a motherly voice calls from below "hii-chan~ breakfast is ready~"
  4. The smell of freshly cooked pancakes drifts from the hallway bringing a smile go her face. She goes over to her window sliding the curtains aside basking in the full light of the rising sun knowing that everything in life would go well today.
  6. Himawari? More like hima wa really cute.
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