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Sibyll Alacer

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  1. Be the annoying mustardblood
  3. [color=#F6BC00]¬)Excuse me?---[/color]
  5. Be the graceful yellow
  7. [color=#F6BC00]¬)That's better----[/color]
  9. [img]http://i.imgur.com/WwusS.png[/img]
  11. [img]http://i.imgur.com/1Kl85.png[/img]
  13. Awesome sprite and AB by DENRIADA GO [url=http://denriada.tumblr.com/]TELL[/url] [url=http://denri.deviantart.com]HER[/url] HOW AWESOME THEY ARE
  15. Your name is Sibyll Alacer.
  17. As if it wasn't obvious, you are a yellowblood. You would be pretty normal if it weren't for the fact that you love verbally sparring. Being snarky, witty or thoughtful. Asking uncomfortable questions or finding breaks in others people's defenses. You find the art really challenging and fun!
  18. Unfortunately, many highbloods don't.
  19. Many sweeps ago, a highblood got annoyed at you and gave you a good beating. You are lucky you weren't culled on the spot, because at the time you were all talk and no fight. You barely knew how to hold a weapon, and were an easy target. That day, everything changed. You decided to learn how to physically defend yourself! While you wondered what weapon you would use- a rifle, a lance, maybe something ridicoulous like dice- you searched for a while until you found a curious ancient book. A book that changed your life.
  20. See, this book was about fencing- not something like fencing for dummies or anything, though. This book was about learning the full [i]art[/i] of fencing. It was an entire method of fighting based about Mathematics and Geometry. With diferent stances and tactics for most kinds of weapons. The second you laid your ocular globes on that beautiful book, you knew it was destined for you.
  21. Fast forward several sweeps, and a lot has changed about you. First of all, you are a master fencer, capable of besting most trolls in one on one combat using only your rapier. The most foolish of them laugh at your slender sword, comparing it to a mosquito's bite. You prove them wrong by piercing their vascular systems with said "bite". Fencing became your trade and your life. Speaking of mosquitos, your lusus is a rather large one. She is really nice, and after sweeps of listening to her buzz, you find it...annoying as ever. There is no sound more annoying than mosquito buzzing, but she's your lusus! You still like her a lot, though you often wonder... From who or what does she feed?
  22. A side effect of the book was that it awakened an interest for math and geometry in you. You ocasionally resolve problems just for fun or for a challenge. Especially spacial problems. Those are your favorite! You wonder if you could use that skill for something further in life but for now it's great for saving space in your small hive.
  23. Fencing practice has given you reflexes and an air of finesse. You move gracefully and with ease- even your personality became more refined and proper as you read the book and dove deeper into it. This has some unforeseen consequences, because the blood running through your hemotubes is not purple, indigo or even blue. It's just a plain yellow. As such, some lowbloods give you some grief for what they see as a betrayal, and highbloods sneer at you and shun you for what they perceive as a cheap and unworthy imitation. Especially with your fancy outfit that you copied from the book. You learned to sew just to make it, but as a yellowblood, your materials were limited. The gold pattern is just cheap string, and everything is secondhand. Many highbloods have laughed at and mocked you because of this. Sometimes, however, your little rapier had the last laugh.
  24. Not that you hate being a yellowblood or anything. Sure, the materials are crap and most highbloods look down on you, but that's how you were hatched, so you just deal with it. Besides, it comes with a nifty psychic power.
  25. Your power is a form of tunnel vision. You can become ultra-focused on a single thing. Be it a problem, object or person. You completely block all other stimuli and just visualize your target. In the most extreme cases, your world becomes black, except for the general pattern of the terrain and your target. While this is incredible for fencing or other uses it leaves you vulnerable to any external attack. As such, you use it sparingly or with simple things like math problems.
  27. Your trolltag is [color=#F6BC00]gracefulWits[/color] and you speak literally [color=#F6BC00]¬)Wielding your words for sparring----[/color]
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