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  2. $help
  3. $Create > create a character
  5. Q: How do I make a character?
  6. A: Type $create to start the creation process.
  8. Q: Help! My character’s name is messed up. What do I do?
  9. A: Type $rename to assign a different name to your character.
  11. Q: How do I play the game?
  12. A: Type $adventures to see a list of adventures; type $adventure # to embark on one.
  14. Q: How do I see my stats and inventory?
  15. A: You can type $profile (or $p for short) to show your profile, and $inventory (or $i for short) to see your inventory. You can also type $profile @user to show a user’s profile. If the image isn’t loading for you, you can type $p2 to show your profile, or $p2 @user to show someone else’s profile.
  17. Q: Is there a way to customize the profile images?
  18. A: Yes, you can do $color white to set the text in white or $set #RRGGBB to display the text in a given hex color code. This permanently sets the text color of your profile to the given color until another is assigned.
  20. Q: How do I equip the gear I find on adventures?
  21. A: Type $inventory to display them, and type $equip id to equip them.
  23. Q: Is there a way to get free money?
  24. A: You can do $daily to receive $50 per day. Money is also earned through adventures, gambling, and selling equipment.
  26. Q: How do I battle my friend?
  27. A: Type $battle amount @friend, and your friend types private join @you, no bot prefix.
  29. Q: How do I get my crate for upvoting the bot?
  30. A: Type $claim.(edited)
  31. Q: How do I see the leaderboards?
  32. A: Type $richest for top 10 richest players, $highscore for top 10 leveled players, and $pvp for top 10 PvPers.
  34. Q: How do I use the market?
  35. A: You type $shop to open the shop, and the bot will add reactions at the bottom to navigate the market. Click on one to navigate it. You can click on the 1234 reaction to go to a specific page (based on your input). You then type $buy id to buy an item.
  37. Q: Can I trade items without the shop?
  38. A: You can type $offer id price @user to offer an item at a certain price to a player.
  40. Q: WTF are Item IDs?
  41. A: The item is referenced by an ID since names are randomly generated and it is highly likely you will end up with two items of the same name. This is how they are referenced when handling them through trades or marketing.
  43. Q: I have a question that’s not listed here, what should I do?
  44. A: Join the IdleRPG Support Server by typing $support and leave a message in #bot-support and someone will be there to answer your question.
  46. Q: How do I make adventures faster or get better rewards?
  47. A: Use $store to see a list of boosters, $purchase 1/2/3 to buy boosters, and $activate 1/2/3 to use them.
  49. Q: How much can I gamble max?
  50. A: Due to someone gambling insane amounts and breaking the economy, max gamble is $10,000.
  52. Q: What do you get as a patron?
  53. A: Currently you get $weaponname, $makebackground, $background and access to the Paragon class.
  55. Q: What are some miscellaneous commands?
  56. A: $fancy, $echo, $8ball, $love, $cat, $dog
  58. Q: Is there marriage?
  59. A: Yes, use $relationship to see your relationship status, $propose to propose to someone, and $divorce to divorce them.
  61. Q: Are there perks for marriage?
  62. A: Yes, your partner receives 50% of the money you get from adventures. You still gain the full 100% though.
  64. Q: Is IdleRPG a music bot too?
  65. A: Yes, $play, $np, $pause, $resume, $stop, $join are some commands you'll use. It can play off of youtube and soundcloud, as well as run searches on youtube.
  67. Q: I put an item on the market, can I remove it?
  68. A: Yes, $remove ID. Use $pending to see your marketed items.(edited)
  69. Q: Is there a way to make my equipment better?
  70. A: Yes, you can use $upgrade ID to upgrade your equipment. The cost is 250 x current stat of item.
  72. Q: What are the guild commands?
  73. A: $guild invite, $guild create, $guild delete, $guild richest, $guild ladder, $guild best, $guild invest, $guild pay. Creating a guild costs $10,000.
  75. Q: What are classes?
  76. A: Classes are something that gives you additional perks as you level up. Every 5 levels, you can evolve your class. Mages get more attack, Warriors get more defense, Thieves get the ability to $steal from a random player every hour. Do $class to pick a class for free (or change your current class for 5k), $myclass to see your class, $evolve to evolve it to the highest one possible, and $tree to see a list of classes.
  78. Q: Battles are boring, is there a more interactive way to battle?
  79. A: Yes, use $activebattle instead of $battle
  81. Q: Is there a way to see how many times I've died on adventures?
  82. A: Yes, do $deaths; however, since the command wasn't implemented until June 9th, it'll only show your stats since that date.
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