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12/13/2015's SNC chat.

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  1. (17:59:26) TinyTailsMK4: Well, officially SNC starts now.
  2. (17:59:45) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Assuming Bawss is still awake.
  3. (17:59:59) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I'll run this thing. I swear I'll do it.
  4. (18:01:13) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Ah, blast it. I'll hold it for him, then, 'cause I actually have a subject for this week. :P
  5. (18:01:57) TinyTailsMK4: I guess the floor is yours when you want to start...far as I know no one else has any ideas.
  6. (18:02:35) MerryBossClaus: Bawss is here.
  7. (18:03:37) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Oh, you first, then.
  8. (18:04:34) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Unless you don't have any ideas. :P
  9. (18:05:24) MerryBossClaus: Well, let's not forget that the Community SNCs differ in the fact that they're less show-and-tell and more open discussion.
  10. (18:05:40) MerryBossClaus: But no, I don't have any ideas.
  11. (18:06:23) KingDedede: .....
  12. (18:07:05) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Not a show-and-tell, just some opinions needed.
  13. (18:08:16) GhostOfMikeyFutu: You guys all probably know about the "quiz" I'm holding as soon as the PMMCT is done; I'm calling it the Mega Man Mega Quiz, and it's basically planned to be 50 questions of Mega Man; all 8 series will be covered, with different styles of questioning as well as increasing difficulty; things start easy and get harder as we go.
  14. (18:08:39) SantaStudiosN: Phew. Just got back from a convention. Here's the spoils from my little adventure
  15. (18:09:20) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I wanted to get--SNC meeting, N--opinions on a few things before I continue doing any more research for it, if you guys wouldn't mind.
  16. (18:09:40) MerryBossClaus: [Ohoho, Kyle Herbert!]
  17. (18:09:59) SantaStudiosN: Oh, heh... Sorry Mikey. Forgot about those. ;)
  18. (18:10:03) SantaStudiosN: :P*
  19. (18:11:25) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Heh. Don't worry. Lemme get started. There's 6 questions, altogether, and I'd sincerely appreciate it if all opinions given were as honest as possible.
  20. (18:11:48) KingDedede: Well, If we're not gonna improve the game (Which laptop needs charging anyway), Or share Improvements
  21. (18:11:54) KingDedede: ...Im gettin' Out.
  22. (18:12:13) MerryBossClaus: Take care.
  23. (18:12:16) TinyTailsMK4: Really there won't be any more discussion regarding the Prototype really until we hear news from Adrian. :/
  24. (18:12:39) TinyTailsMK4: Since ultimately ideas regarding the game might fall on deaf ears aside from Boss's...
  25. (18:13:01) MerryBossClaus: Pretty much.
  26. (18:13:28) TinyTailsMK4: So until then, SNC is focusing on the community.
  27. (18:14:00) GhostOfMikeyFutu: 1st, in the interest of fairness, I wanna start off easy with questions people won't INSTANTLY scratch their head on, so, could I ask everyone to list their top 3 favorite MM series? Doesn't have to be in order, just your top 3 faves.
  28. (18:14:23) TinyTailsMK4 scratches head
  29. (18:14:29) SantaStudiosN: X
  30. Classic
  31. Battle Network
  32. (18:14:40) TinyTailsMK4: Oh, series...I read that as games. >_>
  33. (18:14:54) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Oh, I'm not that evil, Tails. :P
  34. (18:15:05) GhostOfMikeyFutu: That's Boss. I'm just mad and crazy. :P
  35. (18:15:15) GhostOfMikeyFutu: [.....like a fox]
  36. (18:15:42) MerryBossClaus: Classic, X, and....?
  37. (18:15:50) TinyTailsMK4: Classic
  38. X
  39. Legends
  40. (Battle Network almost made the list, but those tend to be...well, you know what all RPGs have in common)
  41. (18:16:09) MerryBossClaus: Is World an option?
  42. (18:16:16) GhostOfMikeyFutu: yeah, sure.
  43. (18:16:21) TinyTailsMK4: I consider it part of the classic series, imo.
  44. (18:16:24) MusicalReindeer: I'd say
  45. (18:16:31) TinyTailsMK4: But if it is...
  46. (18:16:31) GhostOfMikeyFutu: World is a thing in this quiz, though.
  47. (18:16:34) TinyTailsMK4: *is not
  48. (18:16:40) TinyTailsMK4: Classic
  49. World
  50. X
  51. (18:16:46) MerryBossClaus: You sure? It really is just the Classic series in portable form.
  52. (18:16:49) TinyTailsMK4: ^
  53. (18:16:49) MusicalReindeer: X, Classic, and Battle Network
  54. (18:16:53) MerryBossClaus: Same as Tails.
  55. (18:17:07) GhostOfMikeyFutu: But, it does have different levels, different storylines and different characters.
  56. (18:17:16) TinyTailsMK4: The other titles in the franchise weren't as fun as those three, imo.
  57. (18:17:42) MerryBossClaus: The only new characters are the Mega Man Killers and the Stardroids.
  58. (18:17:47) MerryBossClaus: Oh, and Tango.
  59. (18:18:09) TinyTailsMK4: Tango imo is an underused character in the fan-game community.
  60. (18:18:11) GhostOfMikeyFutu: That's exactly what I want you to think. :P
  61. (18:18:17) GhostOfMikeyFutu: 'cause I know otherwise.
  62. (18:18:18) TinyTailsMK4: And the most overused? Zero. :P
  63. (18:18:55) MerryBossClaus: Ahh, don't say that name!
  64. (18:19:53) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Heh. So basically, Classic, World, X, Battle Network are the 4 popular ones around here.
  65. (18:20:10) MerryBossClaus: Pretty much.
  66. (18:20:41) TinyTailsMK4: Others aren't as good, imo, and only one series (Legends) has like a total of 3 games.
  67. (18:20:52) GhostOfMikeyFutu: 2.
  68. (18:20:55) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Star Force.
  69. (18:21:10) TinyTailsMK4: Didn't Star Force have 3?
  70. (18:21:18) TinyTailsMK4: Either way, valid point.
  71. (18:21:22) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Don't let the 7 versions fool you; they just have different cards in each version.
  72. (18:21:30) MerryBossClaus: Legends had that Tron Bonne game, didn't it?
  73. (18:21:38) GhostOfMikeyFutu: No, I mean, 2 series.
  74. (18:21:41) TinyTailsMK4: Yeah, the one that focused on Tron Bonne.
  75. (18:21:54) MerryBossClaus: Ah, I see.
  76. (18:21:57) TinyTailsMK4: That's why I said Legends had 3.
  77. (18:22:09) TinyTailsMK4: Legends 3 did not get released, so it's not a thing.
  78. (18:23:22) GhostOfMikeyFutu: 2nd one; In the quiz, itself, each question will be worth an increasing number of points;
  79. (18:24:44) GhostOfMikeyFutu: 10 for the 1st, 20 for the 2nd, 30 for the 3rd, etc., etc., with 26-30 being worth 300, 31-35 being worth 400, 36-40 being worth 500, 41-45 being worth 750, 46-49 being worth 1,000 and 50 being a Final Jeopardy-like question where you can bet as much or as little of your points as possible before seing the question and answering it;
  80. (18:25:18) GhostOfMikeyFutu: ......this isn't broken, is it?
  81. (18:25:29) TinyTailsMK4: *bets 1 on the final question*
  82. (18:25:42) MerryBossClaus: I suppose if a player's lagging behind, this gives him the potential to catch up
  83. (18:25:51) GhostOfMikeyFutu: You open the door for anyone that's close to you, then.
  84. (18:25:58) GhostOfMikeyFutu: [Tails]
  85. (18:26:12) TinyTailsMK4: You get it wrong, at least the door doesn't go wide open.
  86. (18:27:31) GhostOfMikeyFutu: So, this is good? Not to steep or broken? N, Music? Feel free to chime in, here.
  87. (18:27:37) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *Not too
  88. (18:28:56) MerryBossClaus: I'm all up for it.
  89. (18:30:24) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Speaking of points, Q3:
  90. (18:31:09) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I've been thinking about giving 1 point in Q1, 2 points in Q2, 3 in Q3, etc, up to 49 on Q49 for incorrect answers. Should that be a thing?
  91. (18:31:34) MerryBossClaus: Nah, you don't need it.
  92. (18:34:17) Rhythm_BCA: evening
  93. (18:34:40) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Greetings, one who has Rhythm. :P
  94. (18:35:15) MerryBossClaus: Hey, Rhythm.
  95. (18:35:27) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Meeting's on; I'm on the floor right now; asking for some opinion on the Mega Man Mega-Quiz I'll be doing when the PMMCT is over.
  96. (18:35:50) Rhythm_BCA: i have no idea what that acronym means
  97. (18:35:51) TinyTailsMK4: Hello Rhythm.
  98. (18:35:56) Rhythm_BCA: prototype megaman court?
  99. (18:36:02) TinyTailsMK4: It's the contest that Mikey is running.
  100. (18:36:08) TinyTailsMK4: The popularity contest.
  101. (18:36:08) MerryBossClaus: The voting tournament.
  102. (18:36:14) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Prototype, Mega Man Character Tourney.
  103. (18:36:21) MerryBossClaus: http://rpg.megamanpoweredup.net/community/general/​1300/forum-game-the-1st-pmmct/
  104. (18:36:28) Rhythm_BCA: oh that thing
  105. (18:36:42) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Yeah, when that's over,
  106. (18:37:18) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I'm gonna be hosting that quiz I talked about a few weeks back. Been making some Q's for it, but, I wanted some opinions before I go further.
  107. (18:37:28) Rhythm_BCA: such as?
  108. (18:37:51) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Well, there's 6 questions I needed opinions on in all:
  109. (18:38:31) GhostOfMikeyFutu: “in the interest of fairness, I wanna start off easy with questions people won't INSTANTLY scratch their head on, so, could I ask everyone to list their top 3 favorite MM series? Doesn't have to be in order, just your top 3 faves.”
  110. (18:38:44) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Q1 ^
  111. (18:38:53) Rhythm_BCA: classic
  112. (18:39:10) GhostOfMikeyFutu: World is a series, for the purposes of this question.
  113. (18:39:24) Rhythm_BCA: ...why is World a series when it's part of the Classic
  114. (18:39:40) GhostOfMikeyFutu: 'cause different levels, difference characters and different storylines.
  115. (18:39:54) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *different characters
  116. (18:40:07) Rhythm_BCA: it's still officially part of the classic canon
  117. (18:40:53) GhostOfMikeyFutu: But it still has different levels, chars and storylines that the console MM games don't have.
  118. (18:41:14) MerryBossClaus: Well, is Mega Man Xtreme a different series from Mega Man X?
  119. (18:41:25) Rhythm_BCA: so would you consider MM NT Warrior separate from the Battle Network series?
  120. (18:41:32) TinyTailsMK4: ...That's a good point, Boss.
  121. (18:42:37) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I'm not doing any questions on the animes, though.
  122. (18:42:38) TinyTailsMK4: I think I will go back to my original answer, replacing World with Battle Network.
  123. (18:42:42) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Just games.
  124. (18:42:44) Rhythm_BCA: that would be like saying "The Prequels have different locations, characters, and plots than the original trilogy so they're considered a separate franchise as the original trilogy"
  125. (18:42:47) Rhythm_BCA: NT Warrior is a game
  126. (18:42:54) Rhythm_BCA: it's a sidescroller released on the Game Cube
  127. (18:43:02) GhostOfMikeyFutu: No, Network Transmission is a game.
  128. (18:43:12) Rhythm_BCA: fine whatever
  129. (18:43:12) GhostOfMikeyFutu: It takes place between BN's 1 and 2.
  130. (18:43:13) Rhythm_BCA: semantics
  131. (18:43:15) Rhythm_BCA: point still stands
  132. (18:43:18) TinyTailsMK4: Uh, that's Network Transmission, no Warrior thing in it.
  133. (18:43:22) Rhythm_BCA: would you consider that a separate series?
  134. (18:43:44) GhostOfMikeyFutu: The creators has specificallt stated that it takes place between BN's 1 and 2, so, yes.
  135. (18:44:03) TinyTailsMK4: I'm considering World part of the classic series in my answer since Boss is the one with the good point.
  136. (18:44:09) Rhythm_BCA: that actually makes it more canon and should be considered as such
  137. (18:44:28) Rhythm_BCA: and MM10 ultimately tied the two together with allowing MMK weapons to be used in-game
  138. (18:44:45) GhostOfMikeyFutu: ...assuming you sprung for the DLC.
  139. (18:44:45) Rhythm_BCA: personal opinions aside, they are officially part of the Classic series
  140. (18:45:00) MerryBossClaus: The original Dr. Wily's Revenge revives Robot Masters from Mega Man 1 and 2, so it's safe to assume that it takes place before at least 3.
  141. (18:45:06) Rhythm_BCA: which of course means that Terra is the best Robot Master
  142. (18:45:08) MerryBossClaus: No slide or Rush either.
  143. (18:45:34) Rhythm_BCA: it goes 1, 2, I, 3, II, 4, III, 5, IV, V, 6, 7, 8, &B, 9, 10
  144. (18:45:35) MerryBossClaus: Not to mention almost all the GB characters show up in the database of Mega Man and Bass.
  145. (18:45:50) Rhythm_BCA: another good point there actually
  146. (18:45:58) Rhythm_BCA: would Mega Man & Bass be considered separate?
  147. (18:46:08) Rhythm_BCA: it has different levels, a different story, different characters
  148. (18:46:15) GhostOfMikeyFutu: That's basically MM8.5, so, no.
  149. (18:46:29) TinyTailsMK4: I consider that a part of the main series, though it's probably one of the worst...
  150. (18:47:01) MerryBossClaus: Dr. Wily's Revenge is basically 1.5, except before 3.
  151. (18:47:03) Rhythm_BCA: in the end, the 5 GB games are part of the Classic series overall and need to be considered as such
  152. (18:47:51) Rhythm_BCA: how you personally feel about it doesn't affect how they are treated
  153. (18:48:21) Rhythm_BCA: but yes, to answer your question: Classic is my top 3
  154. (18:48:24) Rhythm_BCA: in that order
  155. (18:48:32) TinyTailsMK4: And the other two?
  156. (18:48:50) GhostOfMikeyFutu: It's not about how I feel, it's about trying to separate the 2; they have the same titles as their NES counterparts, and at the same time, both the World and Classic series have levels, items and enemies that are different from one another.
  157. (18:49:13) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Well, they have the same titles over here in NA, at least.
  158. (18:49:26) TinyTailsMK4: What two series round out the top 3 in your list, Rhythm?
  159. (18:49:26) MerryBossClaus: Well, you know, besides the fact they repeat the same bosses for about 4/5s of the series.
  160. (18:49:27) Rhythm_BCA: and that's why it's differentiated by roman and arabic numbers
  161. (18:49:38) Rhythm_BCA: i just gave them tails
  162. (18:49:40) Rhythm_BCA: classic
  163. (18:49:47) TinyTailsMK4: I only see Classic.
  164. (18:49:53) Rhythm_BCA: exactly
  165. (18:49:55) TinyTailsMK4: That's one series.
  166. (18:50:10) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I think he's saying he's never played an X, BN, Legends, Zero, SF, ZX or SF game in his life.
  167. (18:50:14) TinyTailsMK4: You don't like X, Battle Network, Legends, or any others?
  168. (18:50:21) GhostOfMikeyFutu: ...and I said SF twice. :P
  169. (18:50:52) TinyTailsMK4: If that was the case he should have said it upfront. >_>
  170. (18:51:02) TinyTailsMK4: I thought he misread the question.
  171. (18:51:04) Rhythm_BCA: x is a convoluted mess of a series, zero i can't accurate describe my feelings on here, ZX was an extension of Zero, BN bored me, hadn't gotten to SF, Legends i don't like RPGs
  172. (18:51:08) MerryBossClaus: Nah, I'm relatively positive he's played X before, but with how the series turned out, I would get why he wouldn't put it down....
  173. (18:51:32) TinyTailsMK4: Legends I wouldn't consider an RPG...Battle Network is more the RPG type.
  174. (18:51:38) Rhythm_BCA: i've played X up to X5, BN up to BN5, attempted MMZ, no way to accurately play Legends
  175. (18:51:41) TinyTailsMK4: I would compare Legends more with say...Legend of Zelda.
  176. (18:51:52) Rhythm_BCA: sorry, not RPG, but whatever style it was...just didn't sit with me
  177. (18:51:58) GhostOfMikeyFutu: X's 6 and 7 are hot messes. Even I can't deny.
  178. (18:52:10) Rhythm_BCA: THOSE ARE NEXT ON THE LIST!!
  179. (18:52:19) MerryBossClaus: I tired of the X series around 4, really.
  180. (18:52:19) SantaStudiosN: X8 was pretty fun, actually.
  181. (18:52:27) TinyTailsMK4: That's fine, so you won't say any other series aside from Classic, then?
  182. (18:52:30) Rhythm_BCA: so yeah, my top 3 of the 7 series is Classic, ,
  183. (18:52:35) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I mean, I like X6, but, I see why people hate it. It's a doozy.
  184. (18:52:37) MerryBossClaus: You know, I commonly hear that as well.
  185. (18:52:50) TinyTailsMK4: I agree with X6...I actually did like X7...when it wasn't Reploid rescuing. >_>
  186. (18:53:03) Rhythm_BCA: nah....just because i've played them doesn't mean they're enough to be labeled "top" or "favorite"
  187. (18:54:05) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Yeah, we sorta figured out that Classic, World, X and BN are the 4 big faves around here. :P
  188. (18:54:35) SantaStudiosN: Wait. We're counting the GB games as a separate series? :?
  189. (18:54:37) GhostOfMikeyFutu: “2nd one; In the quiz, itself, each question will be worth an increasing number of points;”
  190. (18:54:54) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Well, *I* am, just for the sake of difference.. :P
  191. (18:55:00) TinyTailsMK4: The way I see it, no.
  192. (18:55:08) SantaStudiosN: In that case: Classic, World, Battle Network
  193. (18:55:14) TinyTailsMK4: The GB and main series are one.
  194. (18:55:15) Rhythm_BCA: mike is cause he doesn't want to mix the two
  195. (18:55:28) Rhythm_BCA: even though any classic fan will consider them as such and likely vote that way
  196. (18:55:31) TinyTailsMK4: Then explain Extreme, Mikey.
  197. (18:55:41) TinyTailsMK4: Is Extreme part of the X series?
  198. (18:56:06) Rhythm_BCA: what about that last X game where X has the laser scarf
  199. (18:56:07) MerryBossClaus: ^
  200. (18:56:07) TinyTailsMK4: Also, I must leave since it's dinnertime, so I'll end on that note.
  201. (18:56:08) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Huh. I guess.....not?
  202. (18:56:16) KingDedede: ...
  203. (18:56:21) TinyTailsMK4: Later.
  204. (18:56:31) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Hi, Meta.
  205. (18:56:43) MerryBossClaus: Do we really feel the need to seperate a total of two games when it's just easier to put them in X?
  206. (18:57:03) Rhythm_BCA: *Do we really feel the need to separate a total of five games when it's just easier to put them in Classic?
  207. (18:57:25) MerryBossClaus: I mean, I'm not saying combine SF and Legends because they're short as well, but at least Xtreme and X/World and Classic are really, really, really similar.
  208. (18:57:35) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Well, in fairness, I did the same for World, and I consider all 5 of those to be different, if only for the sake of tryint to tell them apart from their bigger brothers.
  209. (18:57:44) Rhythm_BCA: right there
  210. (18:57:44) Rhythm_BCA: "i consider"
  211. (18:57:48) Rhythm_BCA: personal preference
  212. (18:58:01) KingDedede: I say: Xtreme 1 and 2 Count as X Games, If they have to be put In a group/
  213. (18:58:08) Rhythm_BCA: fact of the matter is they aren't mike
  214. (18:58:27) Rhythm_BCA: figure this
  215. (18:58:49) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I'm not saying they are, Rhythm; I'm only doing it for the sake of difference;
  216. (18:58:51) Rhythm_BCA: one of your trivia questions could be "who is the only robot to canonically defeat Mega Man in Classic?"
  217. (18:59:04) GhostOfMikeyFutu: they have the same NA titles.
  218. (18:59:08) GhostOfMikeyFutu: 2-5.
  219. (18:59:12) Rhythm_BCA: they actually don't
  220. (18:59:23) Rhythm_BCA: that's just the localization team putting roman numerals on them to make them fancy
  221. (18:59:28) Rhythm_BCA: that doesn't change the numbering of the games
  222. (18:59:43) Rhythm_BCA: you don't go 1, II, III, IV, V, 6
  223. (18:59:47) Rhythm_BCA: that's silly
  224. (19:00:11) Rhythm_BCA: and it's known that the localization teams of many japanese game companies were lacking a few braincells at best
  225. (19:00:17) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Have you looked at the title screen for games 2-5 in both series?
  226. (19:00:28) Rhythm_BCA: have you looked at the box art?
  227. (19:00:30) SantaStudiosN:  Fancy Indeed. :P
  228. (19:00:57) SantaStudiosN: I think the design team just wanted to be fancy with their title screens.
  229. (19:01:16) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I never look at the box art, anymore. *shudders at remembering the art for the NES games*
  230. (19:01:16) Rhythm_BCA: so again, this is down to your personal opinion ignoring facts about the series as it's viewed
  231. (19:01:34) Rhythm_BCA: if someone says Mega Man V, they likely aren't talking about the NES game
  232. (19:01:47) Rhythm_BCA: and no one calls that Mega Man VII
  233. (19:01:54) Rhythm_BCA: it's known as Mega Man 7
  234. (19:02:11) Rhythm_BCA: and after that they got smart and permanently went to Arabic numbers with 8
  235. (19:02:30) Rhythm_BCA: no one says Mega Man VIII, Mega Man IX, Mega Man X....ohwait...
  236. (19:02:30) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I'm aware of that....if they're not new to the series.
  237. (19:02:55) Rhythm_BCA: so then why are you making up rules to divide a series because of how you view them?
  238. (19:03:17) MerryBossClaus: You might as well not add to the confusion.
  239. (19:03:26) Rhythm_BCA: when now 3 other people are calling you out on it and saying you shouldn't
  240. (19:03:36) GhostOfMikeyFutu: It's not because of how *I* view them; I just want people to not be confused as to what I'm talking about when I actually do the Quiz.
  241. (19:04:05) MerryBossClaus: http://rpg.megamanpoweredup.net/database/robots/te​rra/
  242. (19:04:20) Rhythm_BCA: give an example of a confusing question then
  243. (19:04:33) Rhythm_BCA: if you think people will be confused, give an example
  244. (19:04:43) MerryBossClaus: http://rpg.megamanpoweredup.net/database/robots/gr​avity-man/
  245. (19:05:01) Rhythm_BCA: also the "i" in that response shows preferred thinking, and not actual logic
  246. (19:05:39) GhostOfMikeyFutu: If I mention, "Mega Man II" for instance, and people don't know about the World series [such as how people consider Classic's II to be called "2", and World's "II" to be called "II"] they'll end up guess a wrong answer at it. I REALLY don't want that happening.
  247. (19:05:57) MerryBossClaus: Then go ahead and use the Japanese titles instead.
  248. (19:06:02) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *they'll end up guessing
  249. (19:06:16) Rhythm_BCA: if that's the issue, then yes, say Mega Man II/Rockman World 2
  250. (19:06:22) MerryBossClaus: ^
  251. (19:06:37) Rhythm_BCA: but to be perfectly honest
  252. (19:06:45) Rhythm_BCA: if someone is participating in a Mega Man Trivia contest
  253. (19:06:53) GhostOfMikeyFutu: That's what I did for the PMMCT [World series characters that originated there have "Mega Man World #" in their brackets. :P
  254. (19:07:03) Rhythm_BCA: and they don't know that MM2 is considered that and not "MMII"
  255. (19:07:47) Rhythm_BCA: they probably shouldn't be participating in a trivia contest about a 30 year old franchise that has multiple spin-offs and mixed up history to begin with
  256. (19:08:30) Rhythm_BCA: if someone sees "Mega Man II" and thinks "Mega Man 2", that's on them
  257. (19:08:47) Rhythm_BCA: not on you trying to organize a contest that should be both ACCURATE and FACTUAL
  258. (19:08:59) MerryBossClaus: ^
  259. (19:09:03) GhostOfMikeyFutu: That's all. It's just for the sake of difference. I know people consider the Classic series to have 16 games instead of 11, even though the World series is never mentioned in the Classic series....EVER, really, but, just to prevent any excuse of confusion I wanna try to differentiate the 2 series in SOME way.
  260. (19:09:06) Rhythm_BCA: splitting the two is a major disservice to the franchise as a whole
  261. (19:09:40) MerryBossClaus: *besides Mega Man and Bass, Mega Man Soccer, Rockboard, Mega Man 10, etc, etc...
  262. (19:11:06) GhostOfMikeyFutu: It wouldn't be fair to use jpn-only titles in the quiz; that's a little TOO obscure for a quiz with an non-jpn audience. :P
  263. (19:11:06) MerryBossClaus: I think we all get the point at this point though, no?
  264. (19:11:10) Rhythm_BCA: the MMKs, Quint, Tango, the Stardroids, THE SHOP, the Mega Arm all had origins in the GB games and have shown up elsewhere in the franchise
  265. (19:11:33) Rhythm_BCA: so why can't you put what i said
  266. (19:11:35) MerryBossClaus: Then go ahead and give them the U.S and Japanese titles.
  267. (19:11:39) Rhythm_BCA: Mega Man II/Rockman World 2
  268. (19:11:45) Rhythm_BCA: or
  269. (19:11:48) Rhythm_BCA: Mega Man II (GB)
  270. (19:11:53) Rhythm_BCA: ...stupid smily
  271. (19:11:58) Rhythm_BCA: *Mega Man II (GB )
  272. (19:11:58) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I got it.
  273. (19:12:41) MerryBossClaus: Well, it's been a hour and we've got through 3 questions.
  274. (19:12:44) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I already did it for the PMMCT; If I need to talk about a World series game, you'll see me mention "Mega Man World, Mega Man World 2, etc, etc.
  275. (19:13:12) GhostOfMikeyFutu: So there's no confusion at all, that way.
  276. (19:13:21) MerryBossClaus: Problem solved.
  277. (19:13:22) Rhythm_BCA: simple as that
  278. (19:13:32) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Yeah, I probably should've pastebinned this. :P
  279. (19:13:43) MerryBossClaus: I've got you.
  280. (19:13:50) GhostOfMikeyFutu: To recap, the 3 Q's so far were:
  281. (19:14:06) Rhythm_BCA: you can't remember to keep the GB titles as part of Classic?
  282. (19:14:07) GhostOfMikeyFutu: “in the interest of fairness, I wanna start off easy with questions people won't INSTANTLY scratch their head on, so, could I ask everyone to list their top 3 favorite MM series? Doesn't have to be in order, just your top 3 faves.”
  283. (19:14:24) Rhythm_BCA: Classic
  284. (19:14:39) SantaStudiosN: Classic, X, and Battle Network
  285. (19:14:51) KingDedede: Classic, X, BN.
  286. (19:15:09) MerryBossClaus: I'd like to say only Classic, but for the sake of adding to reception, I'll go Classic, X, and, um....
  287. (19:15:40) MerryBossClaus: Yeah, I've got nothing for that last one.
  288. (19:16:03) Rhythm_BCA: (18:16:40) TinyTailsMK4: Classic
  289. World
  290. X
  291. (19:16:04) TinyTailsMK4: I think I will go back to my original answer, replacing World with Battle Network.
  292. (19:16:05) GhostOfMikeyFutu: “In the quiz, itself, each question will be worth an increasing number of points; 10 for the 1st, 20 for the 2nd, 30 for the 3rd, etc., etc., with 26-30 being worth 300, 31-35 being worth 400, 36-40 being worth 500, 41-45 being worth 750, 46-49 being worth 1,000 and 50 being a Final Jeopardy-like question where you can bet as much or as little of your points as possible before seeing the question and answering it. ......This isn't broken, is it?”
  293. (19:16:23) Rhythm_BCA: why by 10?
  294. (19:16:38) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Q3 will clear that up.
  295. (19:16:56) MerryBossClaus: By the way, I know I'll probably get my house burned down for this, but would X-Over count as a series or do we all care about the same amount for that game?
  296. (19:16:58) Rhythm_BCA: why not the first 10 be worth 10 points each, the next ten worth 20, etc etc
  297. (19:17:13) Rhythm_BCA: X-Over is technically everything and it's own thing
  298. (19:17:16) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I know *I* care the same amount that you do for it.
  299. (19:17:48) GhostOfMikeyFutu: 'cause I plan on making each Q a little harder than the last.
  300. (19:17:54) GhostOfMikeyFutu: ...just a little.
  301. (19:18:02) Rhythm_BCA: like this
  302. Q1-Q10: 10 pts each
  303. 11-20: 20 pts
  304. 21-30: 30 pts
  305. 31-40: 40 pts
  306. 41-50: 50 pts
  307. with each group of 10 being harder than the previous
  308. (19:18:17) Rhythm_BCA: would save you the maths
  309. (19:18:22) MerryBossClaus: Really, the only unique character that it brings is whoever the main character is and maybe the Arcade Man boss I've heard about.
  310. (19:18:33) Rhythm_BCA: not even that
  311. (19:18:38) Rhythm_BCA: Arcade Man was lame
  312. (19:18:44) Rhythm_BCA: Pac-Man in smash is a better Arcade Man
  313. (19:18:48) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I don't want there being any possibility at all of ties, though. :P
  314. (19:18:52) MerryBossClaus: I honestly have never seen the guy.
  315. (19:19:02) Rhythm_BCA: why not?
  316. (19:19:07) GhostOfMikeyFutu: ending in one at the top, that is.
  317. (19:19:24) Rhythm_BCA: if there are ties, you have a FINAL round with the last contestants answer 5-10 questions
  318. (19:19:27) MerryBossClaus: Go ahead with tiebreakers until one wins, then.
  319. (19:19:37) Rhythm_BCA: not that difficult to impliment
  320. (19:19:56) Rhythm_BCA: and with those you can go FULL lore
  321. (19:20:14) Rhythm_BCA: "what's the name of the chick in the Dreamwave comics who wants to be with Rocky?"
  322. (19:20:34) SantaStudiosN: Chelsea
  323. (19:20:34) Rhythm_BCA: "who makes his first appearance in Rockboard?
  324. (19:21:18) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Q3 addresses why multiples of 10 to start with:
  325. (19:21:38) GhostOfMikeyFutu: “I've been thinking about giving 1 point in Q1, 2 points in Q2, 3 in Q3, etc, up to 49 on Q49 for incorrect answers. Should that be a thing?”
  326. (19:21:43) MerryBossClaus: Either Reggae or that really obscure Dorado guy.
  327. (19:22:27) Rhythm_BCA: that sounds even more convoluted and unnecessary
  328. (19:22:34) Rhythm_BCA: and much more work for you, with a higher risk of mistakes
  329. (19:22:58) Rhythm_BCA: i amend my proposal
  330. (19:23:05) Rhythm_BCA: change the 10s to 1s
  331. (19:23:28) Rhythm_BCA: can earn 10 points in the first cluster, 20 in the next, etc etc for a total of 100 points altogether
  332. (19:23:43) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Soooo, Q2 IS too broken, after all?
  333. (19:23:50) Rhythm_BCA: yes
  334. (19:24:22) GhostOfMikeyFutu: ...and you, Boss? You originally said no.
  335. (19:24:30) Rhythm_BCA: so do this
  336. Q1-Q10: 1 pt each
  337. 11-20: 2 pts each
  338. 21-30: 3 pts each
  339. 31-40: 4 pts each
  340. 41-50: 5 pts each
  341. (19:24:54) Rhythm_BCA: so much easier with maths and less risk of a miscalculation or a mistype with random 0's floating around everywhere
  342. (19:25:46) MerryBossClaus: I'm fine with reducing the points. Makes it much more easier to keep track of. Fine compromise in my perspective.
  343. (19:25:48) GhostOfMikeyFutu: ehh, I make 10 clusters instead of 5, though; I'm telling you, if I do my job right, each Q will be progressively harder than the last as the quiz progresses.
  344. (19:25:58) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *I might make 10
  345. (19:26:13) Rhythm_BCA: if you do your job right, everyone's gonna get 100% since MMKB is a thing
  346. (19:26:36) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Oh, trust me, I'm aware of that. And YT. And Wikipedia.
  347. (19:26:55) GhostOfMikeyFutu: You will NOT be able to depend of them for every question. I promise you all that.
  348. (19:27:02) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *depend on them
  349. (19:27:20) Rhythm_BCA: doubtful, but we'll see
  350. (19:27:40) MusicalReindeer: Ahoy, did I miss anything?
  351. (19:27:56) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Yes. Scroll up. I gotta move to Q4:
  352. (19:27:57) MerryBossClaus: Discussing Mike's Mega-Trivia thread. Feel free to grab a seat.
  353. (19:27:58) Rhythm_BCA: refining mike's trivia thing
  354. (19:28:11) MusicalReindeer: Ah, ok
  355. (19:30:51) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I wanna shake things up in this quiz, so, I'll be making different forms of questioning, The normal Question-and -answer, True-false, multiple-choice, and a few others I'm not mentioning, here. I mentioned how Q50 is a Final Jeopardy-like Q, so, uhhh, Does anyone mind if I put it Jeopardy-style answer-and-question Q's?
  356. (19:31:16) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Just a few.
  357. (19:31:22) MerryBossClaus: No, sure, keeps things interesting.
  358. (19:33:01) GhostOfMikeyFutu: .....no objections?
  359. (19:35:08) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Cool. Brings me to Q5, then. Knowing how quiet Prototype has been lately, I know that I probably shouldn't demand that everyone be in the quiz at the start of the whole thing; newcomers might want in on this. seeing as how none of you are new, tell me; should I make a cutoff point for entries [say, Q10 or thereabouts], or should I just make it so that if you're not in on Q1, you're not in at all?
  360. (19:35:24) Rhythm_BCA: i personally think (so opinion) you should do 50 regular questions and THEN a final jeopardy quiz
  361. (19:35:42) Rhythm_BCA: yes, you should get a signup sheet of those who want to participate
  362. (19:36:08) MerryBossClaus: Get a sign-up, but give it about 5 questions or so, that shouldn't upset the game.
  363. (19:36:10) Rhythm_BCA: i'm assuming each round of questions will be a week long and you're not going to just overload the board with a question-a-day
  364. (19:36:23) Rhythm_BCA: question
  365. (19:36:35) Rhythm_BCA: how will people be replying to this quiz?
  366. (19:36:45) Rhythm_BCA: posting in the thread could easily just have people copy/paste the answer
  367. (19:37:25) GhostOfMikeyFutu: and PMing me will also bring up questions. That's why I've devise a clever rule;
  368. (19:37:28) MerryBossClaus: Look into doing it through PMs or maybe finding some sort of written-survey site.
  369. (19:37:30) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *devised
  370. (19:39:29) GhostOfMikeyFutu: If you must say what someone else has said, you are NOT allowed to c+p someone else's answer, or it counts as wrong. You must state your answer in a way that is different from all the others, i.e., "my answer is..." or "the correct answer is..." or "I'm gonna say....." or "My final answer is.....".
  371. (19:39:37) GhostOfMikeyFutu: That was Q6, actually.
  372. (19:39:47) GhostOfMikeyFutu: :P
  373. (19:40:16) GhostOfMikeyFutu: "Is that a good idea?", that is.
  374. (19:40:18) Rhythm_BCA: yeah i don't like that
  375. (19:40:30) Rhythm_BCA: there's only so many ways one can reply
  376. (19:40:30) MerryBossClaus: That still doesn't require knowing the answer.
  377. (19:41:20) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Oh, I defy that statement, Rhythm:
  378. (19:41:31) GhostOfMikeyFutu: "My answer is Rhythm."
  379. (19:41:41) GhostOfMikeyFutu: "I'll say Rhythm."
  380. (19:41:49) GhostOfMikeyFutu: "I'm gonna go with Rhythm."
  381. (19:42:01) Rhythm_BCA: ok
  382. (19:42:01) GhostOfMikeyFutu: "I think the answer is Rhythm."
  383. (19:42:10) Rhythm_BCA: and what if you have like 30 people participating
  384. (19:42:17) Rhythm_BCA: and a few don't speak english
  385. (19:42:26) Rhythm_BCA: and know one way to say that phrase
  386. (19:42:32) MerryBossClaus: "I'll consider putting down Rhythm myself." <---Didn't require me knowing the answer.
  387. (19:42:35) Rhythm_BCA: and one person has already stated it
  388. (19:42:51) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I never asked a question, Bawss. :P
  389. (19:42:59) Rhythm_BCA: by your "rule" they're automatically wrong because they didn't present it in a full way
  390. (19:43:09) Rhythm_BCA: even if the answer is correct
  391. (19:43:25) MerryBossClaus: "Who betrays X in the opening of X3?"
  392. (19:43:31) SantaStudiosN: Mac
  393. (19:43:32) MerryBossClaus: "I'm saying Mac."
  394. (19:43:44) Rhythm_BCA: "The person who betrayed X"
  395. (19:43:44) GhostOfMikeyFutu: "I'll go with Mac."
  396. (19:43:52) MerryBossClaus: "Well, um, I'd put down Mac myself!"<---Didn't require me knowing the answer
  397. (19:44:09) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Come, now, rhythm, you're just being silly with that one. xD
  398. (19:44:14) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *Rhythm
  399. (19:44:15) MerryBossClaus: I just had to look above and see what everyone else answered, and rephrase it a bit.
  400. (19:44:17) Rhythm_BCA: but i'm not wrong
  401. (19:44:36) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Ah, but, you are:
  402. (19:44:49) GhostOfMikeyFutu: The character that betrays X is not a person, but a robot. :P
  403. (19:44:56) GhostOfMikeyFutu: x)
  404. (19:45:05) MerryBossClaus: Semantics, semantics.
  405. (19:45:19) GhostOfMikeyFutu: semantics is all the difference in a quiz.
  406. (19:45:38) Rhythm_BCA: technically a reploid which is a replica android which is made to mimic humans in their programming
  407. (19:45:50) GhostOfMikeyFutu: mimic.
  408. (19:45:54) MerryBossClaus: You know, Mike, robot activists have been fighting for years to be considered people!
  409. (19:45:56) GhostOfMikeyFutu: That's the key word.
  410. (19:46:19) MerryBossClaus: King, for example, he didn't really take the whole 'robot' thing well.
  411. (19:46:37) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Oh, trust me, they're not missing much. they don't have to go to the bathroom. :P
  412. (19:46:48) SantaStudiosN: @MBM Well, technically, wasn't that Wi- Oh nevermind. :?
  413. (19:49:12) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Actually, on that front, does anyone have any Q's for me regarding this kawiiiizzz [Quiz]?
  414. (19:49:34) MerryBossClaus: Not necessarily, no.
  415. (19:49:36) GhostOfMikeyFutu: [/ChuckQuizmoimpression]
  416. (19:50:13) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Oh, and to be clear about Q6,
  417. (19:51:15) GhostOfMikeyFutu: You guys would just prefer to PM me your answers, pretty much, I know, but, the problem is that there's the possible argument of integrity. "How do we know you're not just handing them free points?"
  418. (19:51:31) GhostOfMikeyFutu: You know. People.
  419. (19:51:49) MerryBossClaus: Is there any chance you can find some sort of external website to put questions on?
  420. (19:52:19) GhostOfMikeyFutu: :O
  421. (19:52:28) MerryBossClaus: What?
  422. (19:52:33) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Bawss, you a ******* genius. *hugs Boss*
  423. (19:52:38) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *you're a
  424. (19:53:04) GhostOfMikeyFutu: I'm an idiot. I know the PERFECT site for this.
  425. (19:53:16) MerryBossClaus: Ah, it's nothing, fuhgeddaboudit.
  426. (19:53:33) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Next week, we can test it and stuff, so, come back, then, guys. [now, you have a reason to]
  427. (19:53:42) GhostOfMikeyFutu: :P
  428. (19:54:01) MusicalReindeer: Maybe after everyone PMs you their answers, you can have them reveal their answers on the thread, that's all I can think of
  429. (19:54:06) MerryBossClaus: Alright, so is that it regarding the Quiz thread?
  430. (19:54:30) GhostOfMikeyFutu: That's all I have, period, actually, unless anyone else has--oh, Music.
  431. (19:54:53) KingDedede: ....
  432. (19:54:56) KingDedede: Well, Thats about it
  433. (19:55:07) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Well.....actually.....that sounds.....kinda good. :et's ask what everyone else thinks?
  434. (19:55:11) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *Let's
  435. (19:55:29) MerryBossClaus: You don't think that would require a bit too much outta people?
  436. (19:56:08) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Oh, right. You have to PM me, and then make sure that you post the same answer that you PM'ed me with.
  437. (19:56:48) MerryBossClaus: I mean, it isn't necessarily all that straining, but different strokes for different folks.
  438. (19:59:44) GhostOfMikeyFutu: Yeah, I better make sure that site works for this.
  439. (20:00:06) GhostOfMikeyFutu: It SHOULD, but, I'm taking no chances.
  440. (20:00:43) MerryBossClaus: Well, it's been 2 hours, and it seems we've finished our discussion. Call it quits for the night?
  441. (20:02:28) GhostOfMikeyFutu: mmmkay. I'll gather up all this a PB it.
  442. (20:02:34) GhostOfMikeyFutu: *and PB it
  443. (20:02:59) MerryBossClaus: You sure?
  444. (20:03:14) GhostOfMikeyFutu: After all, I'm the yahoo who took it all up, so, I should be the yahoo that saves it.
  445. (20:03:17) GhostOfMikeyFutu: :P
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