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  1. I'll spare you any long detailed explanation as to who I am, or what position I hold, only to say that this info will shock, anger, and perhaps relieve long-time fans of the series. You may view this as a rumor, or view this as the truth, but I promise you that in the following months you will all remember this post, fondly or not, when it becomes reality.
  3. I can confirm Nintendo of America will be releasing a New Trailer showcasing a Baby Pinsir and a Baby Heracross around the middle of March, as well as featuring information on the new "Bond System" that Sylveon figures into. Look forward to that as proof of my legitimacy.
  5. Without further ado, here is a compiled list of some key features Game Freak is launching in Pokemon X and Y:
  7. * Main Characters are named Jean and Jane in the localization, non-customizable. The Trainer now appears on the bottom screen during battle, with the visual interface resembling a "speech bubble" with the commands inside.
  9. * You now have a Trainer Level, effects how in-game characters react to you, and grants various Bonuses as it goes up such as increasing capture rate, and rarity of Pokemon you encounter. New In-Battle Key Item "Whistle" can be used once-per-battle, with different effects depending on the situation including waking up a Pokemon from sleep or confusion (without wasting a turn), or causing them to dodge an attack when their health is critical.
  11. * Every Pokemon has a Bond Level with you in addition to regular Levels. Most Level Up Evolutions now evolve based on their Bond with you, which goes up as you fight with them. Higher Bonds also increase the EXP. gain, as well as grant small stat bonuses. These bonuses can be turned off in player vs. player matches, as can the Whistle, for the benefit of competitive play.
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  13.  Mr. XY !!90lRwD9cnsk  02/21/13(Thu)15:03:58 UTC-8 No.11438178Replies: >>11439826
  14. * Sunglasses are called "Bond-EYE", allows you to view the Nature of a Wild Pokemon, and your "compatibility", which basically means the Capture rate of that species. Bond-EYE also allows you, while in-towns, to see visual avatars of other players akin to the Miiverse Function in Nintendo Land, and send them messages and battle/trade requests. Pokemon X and Y will be the first Miiverse-enabled 3DS game.
  16. * Local Wireless Co-Op is included, with one player being the leader, with the other player aiding in battle. All Wild and Trainer Battles transform into Double Format, as the players use three Pokemon each. In-game trainers are included to Co-Op with for those without any local players, residing within a new "Juice Bar" located in each town.
  18. * PokeDex is a tablet with a 3D display, resembling the Wii U controller. Can fully view the Pokemon model, read their Dex (now they're full paragraph descriptions), listen to their cry, view their location, and compare size and weight with any other Pokemon in the Dex. Can also activate a mode which shows comments about that species made by players around the world via the 3DS Miiverse.
  20. * There is a Bank where you can store excess money, receiving special gifts upon depositing a certain amount, and receive interest. Each Pokemon Center has an ATM allowing you to access your funds.
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  22.  Mr. XY !!90lRwD9cnsk  02/21/13(Thu)15:05:13 UTC-8 No.11438195
  23. * Using a special wristwatch device, mirrors, and certain reflective surfaces, serve as portals allowing the player to travel 30 years into the past. The Past World has different characters, some younger versions of present characters, differences in layout, with buildings having yet to be built, and different wild Pokemon. Past World is sepia-toned, and closed-off, as different portals in the present take you to different Past World locations. Pokemon from the Past and Present can be used in any era, and all stored in the PC regardless of when you catch them.
  25. * Evil Team is named "Team Gear", with a clock-based motif, and their outfits are these funky purple bodysuits with black "clock hands" on them. Their Modus Operandi involves messing with stuff in the past that alters the present, and you must correct their actions. The player character also meets their father as a beginning trainer in the past, who is trying to stop Team Gear. Past Actions effect the one part, you must catch a Munchlax in the past to clear the road of a Snorlax.
  27. * Professor is Professor Bristle, a very old-man who you meet in both eras, being ironically as old-looking in the past as he is in the present, and your Rival is named "Ricki", a part-time magazine writer who documents the weird events occurring in the past due to the time-travel mess ups of Team Gear.
  29. * There are 99 New Pokemon included. Large amount of New Baby Pokemon and New Evolutions. Only 6 Legendaries. Most of the brand-New Pokemon are new type-combinations, and less orthodox, as there is no new Rodent/Bird/Bug or the classic tropes, instead they are filled by old Pokemon.
  33. >>11438709
  34. Just visual effect. The first Pokemon sent out in every match by a trainer will do a little stomp pose that spread the field around them. You never see your Trainer on the top-screen, as he's always on the bottom, instead it's like Stadium where Pokeballs appear from off-screen and such. They may change it up and spruce it some by the time it comes out in October, though.
  36. >>11438782
  37. They're planning to reveal all the Starter Evolutions pre-release this time around, so I've already learned quite a bit about them.
  38. Grass/Flying, Fire/Psychic, and Water. Chespin is based on a helicopter/samara fruit (think a mammalian Garchomp), Fennekin looks a lot like Ninetales, with "lotus-shaped" ear fluff and tail, and Froakie becomes a giant, horned toad with tons of cloudy-fluff covering his body.
  40. >>11438889
  41. It's Pure Normal. It evolves through the Bond System. Umbreon and Espeon are receiving new items to evolve them like they did in XD since Happiness has been replaced with Bonding, while other Happiness Evolutions are now Bonding Level Evolutions.
  43. >>11439314
  44. No new types. As I mentioned, thought, most of the New Pokemon I've learned of appear to be new dual-typing, so they seem to be trying to fill in all the holes.
  46. Xerneas is Psychic/Rock and Yveltal is Ghost/Flying.
  48. >>11439381
  49. "Large amount of New Baby Pokemon and New Evolutions" when those are put together. There's about 10 Baby Pokemon, and around 20 Evolutions. And yes, Sylveon is the only new Eevee.
  51. Yes. However, they're not focusing as much on the New Pokemon this time around since they introduced so many last Gen, instead focusing on new gameplay elements. It's up to you, though, as to which you prefer for them to put resources into.
  53. I've seen a good amount of the Pokemon, although how much I know about them varies depending on when they're going to be showcased (some I know simply their design and typing, others I've only heard general descriptions and have yet to see), and, well, I can say this Gen will probably get a lot of mixed reactions.
  55. >>11439838
  56. Nope. And no Walking Feature has been implemented yet, and doesn't seem to be planned.. The Status Screen lets you "pet" them, which has their model perform different animations they have, and also the Bond System displays a little message about how the Pokemon feels towards you.
  58. There doesn't seem to be any. Just Xerneas and Yveltal. At this point."Non-Cartridge" DLC Pokemon is a possibility thanks to the added power of the 3DS, so it may come later.
  60. The other 4 Legendaries are a quartet, they're white and black animals, with the black parts resembling card suits. A large cobra with a heart-shaped hood and tail, a tiger with diamond patterns, a t-rex dinosaur with spade-shaped spikes, and a peacock with a club-shaped tail. Not sure about their typings.
  62. >>11439918
  63. Basic. Bonding is mainly done through methods akin to Happiness, raising as you play normally, so you don't necessarily need to go out of your way to do it. Petting doesn't actually raise the Bond.
  65. >>11439906
  66. Okay. I've seen atleast one evolution per Gen.
  67. Pinsir. Has four-arms, four horns. It can remove its horns and hold them like swords it appears. Pure-Bug.
  68. Flaaffy Split-Evolution. Quadrupedal ram with tesla-coil horns. Pure-Electric.
  69. Hariyama Evolution. Mountain-colored (green bottom, brown top), with white hair and beard resembling clouds. Pure-Fighting.
  70. Lumineon Evolution. Fins resemble figure-eights, like the infinity symbol, and it's got neon-red lines running on the edges of its body. Pure-Water.
  71. Darumaka Split-Evolution. Turns into a snowman-looking ape, with little orange spots running down its chest, and its eyebrows are duller flames. Fire/Ice.
  73. >>11440010
  74. I believe they're referencing the Saint Beasts of Asian Lore, yet taking liberties. Bird, Dragon, Reptile, and Tiger.
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