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  1. 200 - Generic everything is OK
  2. 201 - Created something OK
  3. 202 - Accepted but is being processed async (video is encoding, image is resizing, etc)
  4. 400 - Wrong arguments (missing validation)
  5. 401 - Unauthorized (no current user and there should be)
  6. 403 - The current user is forbidden from accessing this data
  7. 404 - That URL is not a valid route, or the item resource does not exist
  8. 410 - Data has been deleted, deactivated, suspended, etc
  9. 405 - Method Not Allowed (your framework will probably do this for you)
  10. 500 - Something unexpected happened and it is the APIs fault
  11. 503 - API is not here right now, please try again later
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