Anon - Devil's Disciples

Oct 9th, 2016
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  1. >Timber Spruce starts telling a story to SciTwi around the campfire.
  2. >"Have you ever heard the tale of the... Devil's Disciples?"
  3. >Twi looks at him. "Ooh, that one sounds interesting!" She twirled her hair.
  4. >"Well, it goes like this..." Timber made sure the campfire between the two was the only source of light, aside the moon above. "Two young men walked into a tavern. One of them a saint from a nearby temple, and one of them a prince from a nearby castle."
  5. >"Ooohh..." Twilight was amused.
  6. >"They visited the tavern almost regularly, the prince more often ever since he reached the legal drinking age. The saint didn't drink because he's a saint. But he still kept the prince in good company to be friendly."
  7. >Twilight listened on, more and more interested.
  8. >"One day, the king of the nearby castle decided to go see how his son, the prince was doing. He decided to do this because he started to get an eerie feeling that the castle was being watched."
  9. >"Is this a scary story?" Twilight asked.
  10. >Timber nodded. "The saint had visited the castle on occasion to perform an exorcism. But it was to no avail, as neither the king nor the other residents could confirm whether or not they were being watched from within the castle."
  11. >"What happens next?" Twilight scooted closer to Timber, becoming afraid.
  12. >"The prince in the tavern grew wary of the feeling as well. He felt them whenever he spoke to devil, who was the one who built the castle in which the king lived, and where the prince, the saint and a couple others visited."
  13. >Twilight started to shiver, not realizing she was huddled up against Timber.
  14. >"The prince told the king that he felt the same feeling as well. And that he felt there was a force at work more evil than Satan himself."
  15. >"Wh-whoa..."
  17. >"The prince eventually told the king that he got the feeling as he and the saint visited the tavern as well. And something told him that the evil force watched the castle every other day, but never did anything so no one could tell it was there."
  18. >Twilight is literally hugging Timber Spruce now. She breathes heavily and shivers all over her body.
  19. >Timber holds her back, while continuing the spooky story.
  20. >"At that moment, the devil himself came forward, swearing that he made sure no one could breach the castle when he built it, and that it had to have been someone from the inside playing tricks."
  21. >Twilight shuts her eyes.
  22. >"But despite everyone in the castle being so sure that there was no way a person could find it let alone breach it all on their own, they couldn't tell what was going on. And nothing was happening."
  23. >A distant coyote howl in the distance.
  24. >"And so, everyone who visited that castle started to get that same little... feeling that they were being watch. Even the saint eventually found out first hand why he had been called over to perform exorcisms. It went on and on, but nothing further than the feeling happened. But everyone could still feel the feeling that they weren't alone."
  25. >"This is so intense!"
  26. >"Time went on... and nothing else happened. No matter what the ones in the castle did, whether they went to the tavern or the town center to gather bread. The feeling remained, and it felt all too real. For the devil and his small group of disciples in the castle. They all felt it when they were in the castle together. The devil often waking up in his bed of fire to a dreamy voice saying 'I'm still watching you and you can't stop me!'"
  28. >Twilight is absolutely taken away by this.
  29. >"Whatever was watching the castle never made itself apparent. It remained in the darkest shadows of the deepest corners. And it silently watched. Following the devil and his disciples wherever they went, no matter how much power they had. Some became convinced that it was someone in the group, others believed more suspiciously that an unstoppable force was following them. All that was agreed upon was that the feeling continued, only internally after some time. They convinced one another that they weren't being watched as they spoke at dinner, but they never truly convinced themselves as nothing had been proven. And everything else was completely normal."
  30. >Timber cracked a wise smile. Twilight could feel his cheek move against her forehead as he did this.
  31. >"And legend has it... that everyone who has ever come in contact with the supernatural is being watched to this very day. Even you and I could be watched at this very moment. Every second we're alive. And we wouldn't... even... REALIZE IT!"
  32. >Twilight shrieks in terror, holding onto Timber even tighter.
  33. >He holds her back, calming her down with a few gentle strokes of her hair.
  34. >"You're really good at this!" Twilight said. "For a minute there, you actually had me convinced that I was being watched from right behind me."
  35. >She hugs him tighter.
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