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Oct 20th, 2017
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  1. 62b8507 initramfs: add skip_override parameter
  2. d6fed82 cpu-hotplug: convert cpu_hotplug_disabled to a counter
  3. abc3dbe sched: Prevent recursion in io_schedule()
  4. 60c9ad6 Enable all 8 cores during bootup
  5. 719f359 Spectrum: Removed the gentle fair sleeper Gentle fair sleeper isn't supported by the kernel anymore. So, it has to be remove from spectrum profiles. Also the touchboost is enabled in Balanced profile.
  6. e6cf672 Spectrum: CPU frequency set to 1900MHz in Balanced profile. Previously it was 1800MHz but many users told me to increase it. So, it is now 1.9GHz.
  7. 5b8de03 Merge branch 'nougat' of into nougat
  8. 46bec9d Spectrum: Removed LazyPlug Hotplug support from spectrum Now the user have to setup LazyPlug according to their usage. My preferred settings were working fine for me. But they were giving lags or some other issues to users. That's why I removed predined profiles for LazyPlug. Note:- Switching to Gaming profile will still disable LazyPlug if it is enabled by the user so that you do not get any frame drops or lags while gaming.
  9. 6a6adef Linux 3.18.76
  10. e01d213 Revert "usb: gadget: inode.c: fix unbalanced spin_lock in ep0_write"
  11. 63d4e14 ALSA: seq: Fix missing NULL check at remove_events ioctl
  12. 80a5994 USB: serial: console: fix use-after-free after failed setup
  13. d552fcf USB: serial: qcserial: add Dell DW5818, DW5819
  14. 9180797 USB: serial: option: add support for TP-Link LTE module
  15. 0184970 USB: serial: cp210x: add support for ELV TFD500
  16. cf5abb9 fix unbalanced page refcounting in bio_map_user_iov
  17. 28e9290 direct-io: Prevent NULL pointer access in submit_page_section
  18. af0dae3 usb: gadget: composite: Fix use-after-free in usb_composite_overwrite_options
  19. 3356e74 ALSA: caiaq: Fix stray URB at probe error path
  20. 0785521 ALSA: seq: Fix copy_from_user() call inside lock
  21. 8aa72aa ALSA: seq: Fix use-after-free at creating a port
  22. 8e4a8ab ALSA: usb-audio: Kill stray URB at exiting
  23. 8832401 iommu/amd: Finish TLB flush in amd_iommu_unmap()
  24. 34bf4ff usb: renesas_usbhs: Fix DMAC sequence for receiving zero-length packet
  25. b3d0329 KVM: nVMX: fix guest CR4 loading when emulating L2 to L1 exit
  26. 8f42736 crypto: shash - Fix zero-length shash ahash digest crash
  27. 8d8d086 HID: usbhid: fix out-of-bounds bug
  28. 33b179c CIFS: Reconnect expired SMB sessions
  29. 3672b60 ext4: in ext4_seek_{hole,data}, return -ENXIO for negative offsets
  30. 9f27538 cpu-hotplug: Always use real time scheduling when hotplugging a CPU
  31. 98b27b4 DRIVERS: SLIMBUS: Fix O.C
  32. af8ec38 enable Slimbus O.C
  33. 091bd2f msm: Use interruptible wait to not affect load average
  34. 70afba7 Slimbus Overclock
  35. da149c0 treewide: remove dependencies to IPC logging
  36. a5cdb29 power: smbcharger: remove moar logging
  37. c232aeb cpufreq: cpu-boost: don't raise min freq if the current frequency is already >= boost frequency
  38. 700368a power: qpnp-fg: Remove some wakeup sources
  39. 128c852 wakeup: More Wakelock Configures[2]
  40. a351240 wakeup: More Wakelock Configures
  41. 6999b27 Linux 3.18.75
  42. 1c680e0 ext4: fix fencepost in s_first_meta_bg validation
  43. ca07469 ext4: validate s_first_meta_bg at mount time
  44. 54a6591 ext4: Don't clear SGID when inheriting ACLs
  45. 8fe7ba1 ext4: fix data corruption for mmap writes
  46. 8515185 ext4: only call ext4_truncate when size <= isize
  47. 4a70c28 drm/i915/bios: ignore HDMI on port A
  48. 607db9b HID: i2c-hid: allocate hid buffers for real worst case
  49. 522b692 driver core: platform: Don't read past the end of "driver_override" buffer
  50. cc59e95 ALSA: usx2y: Suppress kernel warning at page allocation failures
  51. 3e4c230 lsm: fix smack_inode_removexattr and xattr_getsecurity memleak
  52. a6f2be6e uwb: ensure that endpoint is interrupt
  53. c1d8088 uwb: properly check kthread_run return value
  54. 99c4c47 iio: adc: mcp320x: Fix oops on module unload
  55. fcb3c89 iio: ad7793: Fix the serial interface reset
  56. 3d13dfe iio: core: Return error for failed read_reg
  57. f138e3f staging: iio: ad7192: Fix - use the dedicated reset function avoiding dma from stack.
  58. 52de337 iio: ad_sigma_delta: Implement a dedicated reset function
  59. 840651a xhci: fix finding correct bus_state structure for USB 3.1 hosts
  60. a8659cb USB: fix out-of-bounds in usb_set_configuration
  61. 2d4f9a4 usb: Increase quirk delay for USB devices
  62. 5f25807 USB: uas: fix bug in handling of alternate settings
  63. c53a178 USB: devio: Don't corrupt user memory
  64. 8fc60e8 USB: dummy-hcd: fix infinite-loop resubmission bug
  65. 5eaeebf USB: dummy-hcd: fix connection failures (wrong speed)
  66. cf8bb9d usb: pci-quirks.c: Corrected timeout values used in handshake
  67. d1c1c0f ALSA: usb-audio: Check out-of-bounds access by corrupted buffer descriptor
  68. d5c5eb1 usb: renesas_usbhs: fix usbhsf_fifo_clear() for RX direction
  69. c04d2fe usb: renesas_usbhs: fix the BCLR setting condition for non-DCP pipe
  70. 32cc35c usb-storage: unusual_devs entry to fix write-access regression for Seagate external drives
  71. 6993d88 USB: gadgetfs: fix copy_to_user while holding spinlock
  72. 78a510e USB: gadgetfs: Fix crash caused by inadequate synchronization
  73. 454c975 usb: gadget: inode.c: fix unbalanced spin_lock in ep0_write
  74. 51967a0 Linux 3.18.74
  75. 31f05ae crypto: algif_skcipher - Load TX SG list after waiting
  76. fb8874d staging: nvec: remove duplicated const
  77. 722ae50 ttpci: address stringop overflow warning
  78. bd0b5fc ALSA: au88x0: avoid theoretical uninitialized access
  79. 5846b9f IB/qib: fix false-postive maybe-uninitialized warning
  80. 65eb3f6 libata: transport: Remove circular dependency at free time
  81. a64ce33 xfs: remove kmem_zalloc_greedy
  82. ec7b1e8 md/raid10: submit bio directly to replacement disk
  83. 2135d8b rds: ib: add error handle
  84. 03ee9ba parisc: perf: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference
  85. 1820a17 netfilter: nfnl_cthelper: fix incorrect helper->expect_class_max
  86. 3099a1f exynos-gsc: Do not swap cb/cr for semi planar formats
  87. 0b662db7 netfilter: invoke synchronize_rcu after set the _hook_ to NULL
  88. 30762b7 mmc: sdio: fix alignment issue in struct sdio_func
  89. 41013ee usb: plusb: Add support for PL-27A1
  90. cac7ac7 team: fix memory leaks
  91. 2d53634 net/packet: check length in getsockopt() called with PACKET_HDRLEN
  92. c53a610 net: core: Prevent from dereferencing null pointer when releasing SKB
  93. 3ddbd56 audit: log 32-bit socketcalls
  94. dc87972 partitions/efi: Fix integer overflow in GPT size calculation
  95. 4cd78d7 USB: serial: mos7840: fix control-message error handling
  96. 6f9cd2a USB: serial: mos7720: fix control-message error handling
  97. 6ebdabd IB/ipoib: Replace list_del of the neigh->list with list_del_init
  98. 36329d2 IB/ipoib: rtnl_unlock can not come after free_netdev
  99. 1bcf355 IB/ipoib: Fix deadlock over vlan_mutex
  100. c01d63c tty: goldfish: Fix a parameter of a call to free_irq
  101. bfbbae6 ARM: 8635/1: nommu: allow enabling REMAP_VECTORS_TO_RAM
  102. 47c277b hwmon: (gl520sm) Fix overflows and crash seen when writing into limit attributes
  103. b4a76d7 sh_eth: use correct name for ECMR_MPDE bit
  104. f562f72 MIPS: Ensure bss section ends on a long-aligned address
  105. da77b00 RDS: RDMA: Fix the composite message user notification
  106. 4a64b20 drm: bridge: add DT bindings for TI ths8135
  107. 31785ba Linux 3.18.73
  108. c93bc8d fix xen_swiotlb_dma_mmap prototype
  109. 3387cee swiotlb-xen: implement xen_swiotlb_dma_mmap callback
  110. 09474cf video: fbdev: aty: do not leak uninitialized padding in clk to userspace
  111. 419cdd7 x86/fpu: Don't let userspace set bogus xcomp_bv
  112. 8841c56 btrfs: prevent to set invalid default subvolid
  113. 55ed6e5 PCI: Fix race condition with driver_override
  114. f61cc50 kvm: nVMX: Don't allow L2 to access the hardware CR8
  115. 4d2db22 arm64: Make sure SPsel is always set
  116. 9974d0c bsg-lib: don't free job in bsg_prepare_job
  117. f3ab96f nl80211: check for the required netlink attributes presence
  118. 303e250 vfs: Return -ENXIO for negative SEEK_HOLE / SEEK_DATA offsets
  119. 52690f5 SMB3: Don't ignore O_SYNC/O_DSYNC and O_DIRECT flags
  120. 6c7a432 SMB: Validate negotiate (to protect against downgrade) even if signing off
  121. 7b98bac powerpc/pseries: Fix parent_dn reference leak in add_dt_node()
  122. 81fef66 KEYS: prevent KEYCTL_READ on negative key
  123. 127887d KEYS: prevent creating a different user's keyrings
  124. 23ec57f KEYS: fix writing past end of user-supplied buffer in keyring_read()
  125. 3975ace crypto: talitos - fix sha224
  126. 22855d7 scsi: scsi_transport_iscsi: fix the issue that iscsi_if_rx doesn't parse nlmsg properly
  127. 6ac64ed tracing: Erase irqsoff trace with empty write
  128. edd6e3c tracing: Fix trace_pipe behavior for instance traces
  129. d926c48 KVM: PPC: Book3S: Fix race and leak in kvm_vm_ioctl_create_spapr_tce()
  130. 6bcd2d1 mac80211: flush hw_roc_start work before cancelling the ROC
  131. 8f54b75 cifs: release auth_key.response for reconnect.
  132. 4d1541c cifs: release cifs root_cred after exit_cifs
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