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  1. Kermit as a Primary Core Meme (PCM) has been
  2. a safe dividend investment since it’s boom back
  3. in 2014. It has inspired the creation of several
  4. secondary “sub-memes” that piggyback off of their
  5. primary but fading into obscurity after their own
  6. popularity spike. Couch Kermit, Car Kermit, Tea Kermit, and the most recent Kermit sub-meme fad
  7. “Evil Kermit.” These secondary memes are a sign
  8. that you’ve got a solid primary investment, and
  9. smart traders will recognize the opportunity to
  10. double down on profits by getting into the trending
  11. sub-meme with little risk of significant losses from
  12. the initial price offering (IPO), as well as increasing
  13. profits by anticipating the sub-meme feeding into its
  14. primary.
  15. Sub-memes are consistent money makers for an established PCM like Kermit and huge in the
  16. Cartoon market, but to buy at the ground floor
  18. of a successful core you need to evaluate it’s sub-
  19. meme viability before making an investment.
  21. This evaluation is the crux of many amateur
  22. memeconimists. In our case study of Evil Kermit ($EK) you can
  23. see an implementation of a long standing format
  25. that hits surprising dankness for declining post-
  26. meta meme trends known as Also Me. This format
  28. has been around for years but never achieved
  29. sub-meme status or making the market due to
  30. being appropriated by down trending memes. As
  31. a cornerstone of a meme with significant value in
  32. the recent $EK boom. Analysts at Meme Insider
  33. have been pouring over data but cannot come to a consensus on the viability of Also Me as it’s
  34. own PCM. When a sub-meme tries to branch
  35. into third-tier territory it hits a niche bottleneck.
  36. The connection to the original PCM usually has
  37. degraded so far the third tier has to stand on it’s
  38. own without something more popular to piggyback
  39. on. Our top tier meme farmers will move on,
  40. relying on farmers who can’t achieve max dankness
  41. potential, generally forcing applicability and losing
  42. relatability, causing a premature meta point and
  43. quick death. These ventures are essentially dead on
  44. arrival and should traditionally be avoided. Also Me is currently a third-tier sub-meme of
  45. Kermit and my fellow analysts are absolutely
  46. justified being wary to back something so volatile,
  47. but it also avoids a few of these red flags. It’s
  48. an established trend pre-dating the current
  49. trend showing its value as a PCM, which keeps
  50. experienced farmers interested for max dankness.
  51. The format is simple and can be applied to in a
  52. variety of ways, keeping the idea fresh past EK
  53. stagnation. It was the foundation of Evil Kermit which proves
  54. it’s ability to sustain audience and avoid bottleneck
  55. at entry, and the meta point is near unreachable
  56. as talking to yourself can be applied in a variety of
  57. ways and can be altered from the “Me:The thing I
  58. should do / Also Me: Selfish” established by $EK.
  59. Also Me is old and fresh at the same time, although
  60. it hasn’t hit the market as a PCM, I encourage
  61. farmers to experiment with the idea and investors to
  62. watch trends carefully and buy big at IPO.
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