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  1. Hm... The lord personally asked you to come here, but it's clear that she's enjoying talking to Sanae more, which is understandable since you have to talk using your writing pad, or through your friend the shrine maiden, but...
  3. Okay, let's think about this again: This room's atmosphere is bad. Well, not really bad, there are decorations and stuff, but this is not a suitable place for a friendly talk, as this is the place where she's working. You don't invite your friends to hang out in your office room, that's weird-
  5. “Nobu, Lord Tenma is calling you!” Sanae forces you back to reality. “I'm sorry boss, he sometimes does this when thinking hard or when his memory's back...”
  7. “Oh?” The girl smiles. “What's on your mind then, Nobu?”
  9. You quickly write your thoughts down and let Sanae read it for the lord.
  11. “Uhm, he suggests that we should talk in a more relaxing place since we're having a friendly talk...”
  13. “Of course. This is not a suitable place to relax and have a chat,” she stands up and stretches her mucle. “I need some sunlight anyway... Do you know any good places to relax and chat?”
  15. Hmm.. Well, she's the tengu lord, so anywhere in the tengu village might make it a bit boring for her... You ask Sanae if she knows any good places in the human village.
  17. “Hmm, if you ask me- Wait, Nobu, she's the tengu lord, it'll cause problem if-”
  19. “What's wrong miss Kochiya?”
  21. “Nobu wants to invite you to the human village...”
  23. “Sure, why not? It's been ages since I visited that place. I wonder what it looks like now..”
  25. “Eh? Is it okay boss? Won't it cause any trouble for you?”
  27. “Don't worry, I'll be fine! So, to the human village then?”
  29. “If you and Nobu want it, fine.”
  31. “Wait a minute, I'll need to set up some stuff first. Hinano!” A maid comes into the room. “I'm going out for a while, get Kojiro to manage this place until I come back.”
  33. “Yes, my lord,” the maid gets out once she received her order.
  35. “Now, let me change my clothes first, we'll meet again near the castle gate, then we fly together to human village. Okay?”
  37. You and Sanae nod, put your masks back on and then leave the room. Fyuh, you can barely feel your feet due to sitting in formal position for too long. Should've changed positions when you had the chance earlier...
  39. -----
  41. “Nobu... Do you have any idea where we will be going later? I mean, we can't just walk around aimlessly around the village...”
  43. Uh, that's why you asked her if she knows any good places to hang out. She should be familiar with the village's area.
  45. “I don't know, the village is not like a modern place that has a park or such things...”
  47. Hm... How about walking around the village farmlands? You can't see any farms in the tengu village, so that should be a nice change of view. Besides, she's a really cool girl, what's the worst that could happen?
  49. “Well...” She takes a deep breath. “I just feel like I could use this opportunity to increase our relationship with the tengus... Or at least the important one. Some of our worshippers are tengus, you know?”
  51. (Remind me, did Nobu already informed that the tengus also worship Moriyas in past update? I can't really remember. - I don't recall that being mentioned, but it can be explained easily enough.)
  53. Eh? You didn't know that. You thought that she and her goddesses needed human faith, because of Kanako's plan to use outside's stuff to gain faith.
  55. “That's not wrong, but we will accept [i]all[/i] the faith because our power depends on how much faith we have. I mean, the more faith that we have, more powerful we will become. There's no such thing as too much faith!”
  57. Sanae stops talking for a while when she remembers something.
  59. “Okay, some people can have [i]too[/i] much faith in us. I mean the fanatics. Lady Suwako said that they could cause trouble and hurt our reputation, but thankfully I never encountered one that worships us.”
  61. *TapTap!*
  63. Someone's tapping your shoulder. You turn around and find a masked girl, in a simple kimono. She sheds her mask a little: It's lord Tenma. That kimono looks too... simple for her.
  65. “Boss-”
  67. “Sssttt... Shall we go now?” She puts a finger on Sanae's lips. She nods and you both walk out of the village.
  69. ----
  71. “Aaaahhh... It's good to fly free after a while!” Lord Tenma exclaims as she flies around you and Sanae, and boy, she's fast.
  73. “Boss, wait! I can't keep up with you!” Sanae tries to stop her.
  75. “Ah, pardon me. It seems I got a little carried away,” The lord flies to you. “Is it hard to carry him using your power?”
  77. “Uh huh. I could accidentally throw him away if I'm not focusing...”
  79. “Why don't you carry him on your back then?”
  81. “He's heavy, it'll take a lot of my stamina to carry him like that...”
  83. “At this speed...” Lord Tenma looks to you. “Hey, let me carry you on my back so we can speed up the travel time.”
  85. “Huh!? Sorry boss, but I-”
  87. “Like I said before, don't worry about me! Forget that I'm the lord for a moment and see me as your friend!”
  89. “It's not that I don't see you as a friend boss, but I don't want to burden anyone with something that I can do myself.”
  91. “I admire your diligence, but this is for my sake too. We could spent more quality time together once we arrive at the village that way,” she rubs her own head. “And it could reduce our chance of getting spotted by one of the tengu patrols. You know, I'm wore these clothes and hid my face back in the village for a reason.”
  93. “If you insist boss... Please do not hesitate to tell me if you get tired...” Sanae slowly moves you to Tenma's back, and she grips your legs the moment you attach yourself to her back.
  95. “Ready?” She takes a quick glance behind, and you nod. “Okay, time to go!”
  97. Lord Tenma quickly rushes forward. Woah, this is like riding a motorcycle: the air blows hard against your face.
  99. “Waaaaiiit, I still can't keep up with you with that speed!”
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