MGQP In-Depth Guide

Mar 15th, 2015
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  3. MGQP Guide
  5. -Free Hans from the bunny slime
  6. -Pick either Ilias or Alice
  7. -Recruit Sonya by going to the chiefs house
  8. -Go down the stairs in the east of the village to find an item that reduces random encounter chance
  9. -Save the Slime from the poison pool to the east in the village
  10. -Leave, come back, save the soldier from the same pool
  11. -Go to the cave of trials to the south east
  12. -Bring the item from the final treasure chest to the soldier by the pool
  13. -Go to Iliasburg and find the White Rabbit
  14. -Go back to Iliasville and go through the door on the second floor of the temple to unlock the boss refight room
  15. -Talk the the guy in the alley, then soldier by the entrance, then little girl by the fountain, then NPC in the blacksmith, NPC in the weapon shop, gambler in the alley north of the shop, go back to Ilias temple and talk to the priest, go back to Iliasburg and talk to anyone from above
  16. -Go to the northern of the two caves to the west.
  17. -Fight the four bandits
  18. -Leave the inn and talk to Amira, take the SECOND OPTION, the first one kills her.
  19. -When talking to her take the THIRD OPTION or else you miss out on a couple girls
  20. -Go to the north-eastern house and talk to the old man
  21. -Go to the fountain and chase down the goblin girl, she will join you
  22. -Go back to Iliasville and talk to the merchant in the item shop
  23. -Go to the hill to the east and save the merchant by the mandagora
  24. -Go back to the shop and take the third option to join the merchant guild
  25. -Go to the Iliasburg item shop and talk to the vampire girl
  26. -Buy something and talk to her again
  27. -Go to the Iliasville item shop and talk to the merchant again
  28. -Go back to the hills to the east, go to the north-westernmost area and examine the big tree
  29. -You can now talk to the vampire girl again to recruit her
  30. -Go to the southern of the two caves to the west
  31. -Go through it and go to the nameless slum
  32. -Speak with the occupant inside the tent next to the inn
  33. -Head to the pub and speak to the hooded man at the far end of the bar, you can pay him for a keyword
  34. -Go back to the occupant in the tent near the inn and exhaust all dialogue with her
  35. -Head back to the storage building and try the door again, you'll see a little scene
  36. -Make your way back to the pub and speak with the man in the green cloak sitting at the bar to receive the key
  37. -Enter the storage building, examine the jar in the middle cell, and fight a boss
  38. -There are lots of locked chests in the castle to the south of the slum but it doesn't have any plot relevance yet.
  39. -You can now get the information from Amira
  40. -You can also go back to the tent and pay the woman 1500 to rape you if you hate money
  41. -Go back to Iliasville and follow the road south-east to the village of Pornof
  42. -Go to the village inn and talk to the rabbit girl
  43. -You can now go back to Iliasburg and recruit Amira
  44. -Go to the mine east of the village, it's dark and annoying
  45. -On the bottom floor you will find a pile of iron
  46. -You can now recruit the dragon pup by talking to her in the Iliasburg blacksmith
  47. -Go south from Iliasville and go to the Tartarus entrance
  48. -Chase the White Rabbit through Tartarus
  49. -Be sure bring a thief so you can open blue chests, they contain key items for a companion you get later
  50. -Go through the door at the end of Tartarus and go into the house east of the entrance
  51. -Fight ???, leave the house, re-enter and talk to her again to recruit her
  52. -Leave the ruined town through the north, continue north and leave Tartarus
  53. -FOLLOW THE ROAD until you get to Iliasville, there are very powerful enemies that will one shot you if you explore
  54. -Go to the graveyard in the north-east corner of Iliasville
  55. -Deliver an item from Tartarus to the man in red at the research camp to unlock the engineer class
  56. -Follow the road east from Iliasburg to Happiness Village
  57. -Harpy Village is the tree right next to it
  58. -To navigate Harpy Village walk into the tree next to a sign to teleport
  59. -Go to the top of the village and talk to Nero in the queens house
  60. -Go to the tower north of Harpy Village
  61. -Fight Queen Harpy at the top of it to save the harpies
  62. -You can now bring Amira to the Pornof to recruit the unfortunate harpy
  63. -You can now return to Iliasburg and recruit Tiny Lamia from the Sutherland Inn
  64. -Go north past the tower and find the medal queens castle, trade 3 medals for the aristocrats job
  65. -Go north east from there to reach Midas Village and talk to the old maid in a house at the north end of the village
  66. -Go north and go through the gold mines, get the gold and bring it to the weapon shop to access his golden item shop
  67. -Go west from Midas village and cross a bridge to reach Slug Tower
  68. -Fight the Slug Queen at the top of the tower and then talk to her again to recruit them once a recruited slug reaches 100 affection
  69. -Go back to the village and talk to the old maid to unlock the maid job
  70. -Go back to Pornof and enter the northern cave this time
  71. -Get through the cave and reach the eastern part of Ilias continent
  72. -Go to the ruined village and rest in the inn
  73. -Go south to the second Tartarus, again remember the chests
  74. -Exit Tartarus and arrive in a ruined town, recruit Promstein from the house
  75. -Exit to the north and go to the not-ruined village
  76. -Talk to the chief in the house just south of the entrance to the village
  77. -Talk the the chef in the house south-east from the inn
  78. -Go back to the real world and examine the tree by the chefs house for the chef class unlock
  79. -Go back the Iliasville, it's time for Enrika
  80. -There are two exits to the forest, the southern one goes to a beach the western one goes to Enrika
  81. -Go to the beach and collect a shell from the coast
  82. -If you have Amira in your party talk to the unfortunate mermaid to recruit her
  83. -Go to Enrika and talk to the elf in the south center house
  84. -Deliver the shell to a dark elf in the Enrika store for a bunch of medicine and potions
  85. -Go to Ilias Port and talk to the sailor
  86. -If you have the elven medicine you can also go to the second floor of the university and give it to the doctor there
  87. -On the third floor you will find another battlefucker and a man that gives you the tesla coil and flamethrower for engineers
  88. -Go south-west and cross the bridges to reach the treasure cave
  89. -Mimics now appear in chests
  90. -Go to the bottom of the cave and fight Nabani
  91. -If you fight her again you will lose, but if you win you recruit her
  92. -Loot the chests for Poseidon Bell, go back to the port and talk to the sailor
  93. -Talk to the mermaids by the table
  94. -Leave Port Natalia and go to the coast east of there
  95. -Go to the sparkle on the beach to go to the south sea temple
  96. -Fight the queen at the bottom of the temple
  97. -Go back to Port Natalia and talk to the mermaids at the table again for a reward
  98. -Go to the house just north of theirs and talk to Meia to recruit her
  99. -Go west to San Ilia
  100. -Go north to the castle and talk to the Pope
  101. -Go down the massive staircase first right from the entrance to the library
  102. -Go through the hole in the wall to the abandoned library
  103. -Fight Page Whatever for the book on the spirits
  104. -Bring it to the Pope
  105. -Talk to him again and agree to guard duty
  106. -Go to the village north-east of San Ilia
  107. -Talk to the priest in the north west house
  108. -Leave the village through a hole in the trees the the west
  109. -Talk to the priest on the path
  110. -Follow the path to a cave
  111. -Talk to the Pope at the end of the cave
  112. -Enter the lab
  113. -At the end Pope Dredd will join you for a boss fight
  114. -Go into the San Ilia castle basement(not the library one) and talk to everyone for a reward
  115. -Leave San Ilia and go to the mountains just north-east of it
  116. -Close to the top take a right and collect a crystal
  117. -Go to the top and talk the the NPC there
  118. -Deliver the crystal to the San Ilia blacksmith to open his mithril inventory
  119. -Go West along the road to a slum that my machine translator calls Monte Carlo
  120. -Buy information from the snitch in the tent
  121. -Talk to the soldier blocking the door to the building at the end of town
  122. -Go back to Iliasville and talk to Lazarus
  123. -Talk to the guard in the slum for a reward
  124. -Go to the alley behind the inn
  125. -Go to the house right of the inn and talk to the NPC
  126. -Go to the hill to the east
  127. -Go north from the start to the tent and fight a boss
  128. -Return to the house and talk to the NPC to unlock the Hero of Justice class
  129. -Go to Chrome's mansion
  130. -Talk to the Ghost girl on the left and walk through the wall where she was.
  131. -Eat the cake
  132. -Go to Chrome's room on the third floor, and chase her through the fake wall she runs through
  133. -Corner her in the hallway to activate a trapdoor
  134. -Go back to the entrance, the basement will no longer be blocked by a bookshelf
  135. -Confront Chrome in the basement
  136. -Talk to the mimic in the bottom room in the right hallway after completing all other events in the mansion for the Spiritualist Class
  137. -Go to the forest north-east of San Ilia
  138. -Fight and recruit Slyph at the end of the forest
  139. -Watch a cutscene
  140. -Facepalm
  141. -Reminisce about the quality of part 3's writing
  142. -Go back to the Monte Carlo slum
  143. -Continue along the road to an abandoned village
  144. -If you want you can go east along the coast to reach a cave and a tower where the people were taken
  145. -You can also go to the cave and open the green chest at the bottom to receive the item needed to recruit Chrome
  146. -To unlock the chest you may need to go to the tower and watch a cutscene
  147. -Go north-west along the mountain range until you arrive at Sabasa Castle
  148. -Go through through the town to the castle and talk to Sara
  149. -She will BF you, make sure to lose because if you win it's a game over
  150. -Go to the house on the left after the first staircase of the town
  151. -Go to the pub and talk to everyone
  152. -Talk to the old woman in front of the locked house
  153. -Enter the locked house
  154. -Examine the documents on the floor
  155. -Leave the town and go north-east to the Oasis
  156. -Talk to the assassin by the Oasis
  157. -Go to the pyramid west of Sabasa
  158. -Talk to the Sphinx at the top for a vial of her blood
  159. -DO NOT pick a fight with her after you get the blood or you will be killed
  160. -Bring the blood to Sara and she'll join your party
  161. -Go back to the village east of San Ilia and fight a boss
  162. -Go back to Sabasa and cross the bridges to the north until you get to the town on the island
  163. -Go to the large theater in the north west corner of town
  164. -Fight the succubus on the stage
  165. -You can also go to the mansion and talk to the old guy on the second story for a small cutscene
  166. -Go west to Witch Hunt Village
  167. -You can side with either Lucia or Lily
  168. -If you side with Lucia go through Lily's mansion and kill her
  169. -If you side with Lily go south to the tower and kill Lucia
  170. -Go to the Safaru ruins north of Sabasa to recruit Gnome
  171. -Go to the coastal town to the north of Sabasa
  172. -If you want you can go through the mines for another tier of equipment
  173. -To recruit the boss of the mine you need to have recruited both other lizard thieves
  174. -Like usual once you have the ore bring it to the blacksmith to open up another inventory
  175. -Go east to the Tartarus pit
  176. -Once you reach the other side go east to a ruined tower
  177. -On top of the tower you fight the part 1 final boss
  178. -You have now beaten the game, recruit all other monsters or grind to be able to fight Nabani, the Sphinx, and the monsters in the Other Ilias Continent
  181. -Battlefuckers
  182. -Marie: Fee 10g, Damage 54, Location: tent outside Iliasville, Prize: Life drain orb
  183. -Collar: Fee 20g, Damage 77, Location: Iliasburg, Prize: Bracelet of Wind
  184. -Stella: Fee 25g, Damage 120, Location: Nameless Slum, south-west tent, Prize: Double Exp bracelet and an STD
  185. -Don Dahlia Fee 1500g, Damage 409, Location: Nameless Slum, tent by Inn, Prize: Thief Class Scroll
  186. -Bunny: Fee 50g, Damage 138, Location: Casino in Pornof, Prize: Gamblers Necklace
  187. -Louis: Fee 70g, Damage 169, Location: Shed next to chiefs house in Happiness Village, Prize: Gambler Class scroll
  188. -Meirin: Fee 100g, Damage 195, Location: House in the woods by the entrance to Medal Queens Castle, Prize: Martial Arts Scroll
  189. -Kate: Fee 120g, Damage 248, Location: Outside the old maids house in Midas Village, Prize: Hat that increase job XP
  190. -Elissa Fee 150, Damage 284, Location: South-center house in Enrika, Prize, Hunter Class scroll
  191. -Nightingale, Fee 180g, Damage 297, Location: Second floor of Ilias Port University, Prize: Nurse Class unlock
  192. -Fizu, Fee 180g, Damage 299, Location: Third floor of Ilias Port University, Prize: Scholar Class Unlock
  193. -Teresa, Fee 200g, Damage 385, Location: Western house in Port Natalia, Prize, Priest Scroll
  194. -Maria, Fee 230g, Damage 546, Location: North-Western most house in San Ilia, Prize, A book key item. Used to recruit Book 65537.
  195. -Ceaser, Fee 250g, Damage 696, Location: Monte Carlo house by the Inn, Prize: Accessory that increases stats the lower HP you are
  196. -Naiads, Fee 270g, Damage 750, Location: Entrance of Sabasa between the inn and weapon shop, Prize: Wizard Class Scroll
  197. -Melody, Fee 300, Damage 790, Location: Tent on Sabasa island town, Prize: Dancer Class Scroll
  198. -Uchi, Fee 330, Damage 851, Location: Witch hunt village, house on the southern hill, Prize: Mana cost reduction Brooch
  199. -Ran, Fee 350g, Damage 929, Location: Final towns blacksmith, Prize: SP cost reduction Brooch, Battlefucker class unlock
  200. -Saran, Fee 500g, Damage 1202, Location: Sabasa, Assassins house, Prize: Double Turn Earring
  201. -Despite being able to BF Sara you cannot unlock her and if you win you game over
  203. -Companion Sidequests
  204. -Imp
  205. -After the harpies have been saved bring Imp and talk to all the harpies, or maybe just the ones in the inn.
  206. -Go to the mountain in the slime village and have her jump off, Reward: 10% bonus defence
  207. -Go to Mt. Amos north of San Ilia and have her jump off, Reward: 20% bonus defence
  208. -Coninued in part 2
  210. -Pochi
  211. -Bring Pochi to talk to the Dog girls in every town.
  212. -Rewards: Beast Skill Scroll
  215. -Rabbit Girl
  216. -Talk to the sheep in the pub of every town
  217. -Rewards: None
  219. -Dragon Pup
  220. -Bring her to the Midas Village weapon shop after expanding his inventory
  221. -She will make a deal to trade a Tartarus stone for training
  222. -This stone is a rare drop/steal from any Tartarus enemy
  223. -Deliver it to him for training
  224. -Bring her to the San Ilia blacksmith after expanding his inventory
  225. -He will teach her mythril smithing once you obtain a proof of belief
  226. -Proof of belief is given by the succubus sister from Mt. Amos at 10 affection
  227. -Bring her to the Salon blacksmith after expanding her inventory
  228. -She will agree to trade Star Sand for training
  229. -I believe this sand is found on the hill west of town
  230. -This is the last inventory expansion you can get in part 1
  232. -Vampire Girl
  233. -Buy an item from her shop in the castle
  234. -Bring her to the merchant in Iliasville
  235. -Buy another item
  236. -Bring her to the merchant again
  237. -Bring her to the Mandragora on Talos Hill (east of Iliasville)
  238. -Buy another item
  239. -Bring her to talk with the Phoenix after you recruit her
  240. -Buy another item
  241. -Bring her to the harpy running the item store in harpy village
  242. -Buy another item
  243. -Bring her to the warehouse manager in the alternate world town through the second Tartarus
  244. -I'll give you three guesses
  245. -Bring her to Enrika and talk to the Dark Elf fencer in the item store
  246. -You should know this by now
  247. -Bring her to the Iliasport item shop and talk to the owner
  248. -Bring her to the Ilias Temple and talk to the Samurai
  249. -Buy some more Harpy wings from her to restock after all the teleporting around you've been doing
  250. -Bring her to the San Ilia item store
  251. -Bring her to Monte Carlo and talk to the guy in the building you needed Lazarus's signature to get into
  252. -Buy another item
  253. -Bring her back to the Samurai in Ilias Temple
  254. -Buy another item
  255. -Bring her to Witch Hunt Village and talk to the item store there
  256. -The store owner will agree to help you in exchange for stopping the thieves that have been raiding caravans
  257. -The thieves are in the cave south of Salon, stopping them involves either beating their leader, recruiting all of them, getting each them to 100 affection, or getting the item from the green chest at the bottom of the cave.
  258. -Because of sequence breaking I'm not sure which one it was
  259. -This is the last store expansion in part 1
  261. -Amira
  262. -Find her hidden in each town
  263. -Reward: Various stat boost items
  266. -Lily
  267. -Bring her to the village east of San Ilia and examine every house
  268. -Reward: Doubles her magic
  269. -Continued in part 2
  271. -Lucia
  272. -Take her to where you recruited Slyph
  273. -Take her to where you recruited Gnome
  274. -Coninued in part 2
  275. -Reward: Various Moves
  277. -Promstein
  278. -Bring her to the lab in the village east of San Ilia and examine the terminal on F1
  279. -Examine the terminal on BF1
  280. -Bring her to the terminal on F2
  281. -Bring her to Brunhilde's stasis tank on F3
  282. -Reward: Plot Information
  285. -Cactus girl
  286. -Talk to the cactus on Iliasville
  287. -Bring it to the Oasis north of Sabasa
  288. -Reward: 3 cactus needles, Skill that halves flame damage
  291. -Kitsune in Red
  292. -Bring her to talk to the Scatman in the first house in the Pornof
  293. -Reward: An achievement
  296. -Paintgiest
  297. -Talk to her in the castle with no party members
  298. -Bring her and Pochi to the painting in the San Ilia library
  299. -Bring her and Pochi to the painting in Chrome's mansion
  300. -Reward: Her and Pochi become immune to Ascension and are reduced to 0 health
  302. -Theater
  303. -After recruiting Saki talk to the man by the bar in the theater
  304. -You can have monsters you've recruited go on stage for rewards
  305. -Reward: Too many, generally skill books and food
  307. -Puppeteers Tower
  308. -Available after completing all the sidequests in Monte Carlo
  309. -Talk to everyone in the building that used to be guarded
  310. -Go south-west to the abandoned town, talk to everyone and sleep in the inn
  311. -Go east to the cave, go through it and go to the tower
  312. -Reward: Foreshadowing
  317. -Class Unlocks for those who don't want to read the entire thing
  319. - Soldier: Save him from the poison thing in Ilias Village and grab the permit from the cave of trials.
  320. - Merchant: Talk to him in the Ilias Village item shop then save his brother in the hill to the east
  321. - Fortune Teller: in Porn Village, give the old woman you'll find there a Hard Grow Wrist accessory (ハードグロウリスト). You can find this accessory in the casino if you don't have one or through battlefucking.
  322. - Scholar: Deliver the Elven Medicine to the doctor on the second floor of Iliasport to unlock the third floor, then beat the Battlefucker there
  323. - Engineer: Show a Tartarus key item to the guy with the red bandana outside the entrance of the first Tartarus.
  324. - Spiritualist: talk to the Mimic you'll find in Chrome's house. Complete all events that you'll see in this house (4 of them in total, Chrome is not included here).
  325. - Snitch: Complete the Phoenix sidequest (lines 29-35) and talk to Amira
  326. - Cook: Dig up the permit under the tree in the ruined village north of the second Tartarus after talking to the guy in the unruined alternate village
  327. - Nurse: Beat the Battlefucker in the second floor of the Iliasport University
  328. - Maid: Complete Midas village sidequest and you'll naturally get it.
  329. - Noble: Trade 3 medals, you can get it from the Medal Queen.
  330. - Summoner: Beat Page 65537.
  331. - Gunner: After recruiting Brunhilde, go to the San Ilia basement (not the library) and talk to everyone there.
  332. - Hero of Justice: Talk to Ceaser after defeating Eva (lines 122-127)
  333. - Battle Fucker: win BF 15 times AGAINST DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Yeah, repeating the same person 15 times doesn't work.
  334. - Pope and King: These two jobs are gotten from the Medal Queen for 30 medals
  335. - Hero: Obtained through the storyline
  337. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  338. Part 2 starts here
  340. - Part 2 starts with a plot recap, first option to take it, second option to skip it
  341. - The cave north of Luddite village is unblocked, go through it to Port Marl
  342. - In Port Marl the Battlefucker is Gina, she deals ~1000 damage and rewards you a Scroll that allows you to use sword skills
  343. - Amira is in the alley next to the Inn
  344. - Talk to the man by the boat, he will direct you to talk to the Governor
  345. - The Governor is the closest mermaid, the one stealing fish
  346. - They don't want to deal with bureaucratic red tape so they kick you upstairs and give you a permit to travel to the navy headquarters
  347. - Go back to the sailor and travel to the navy HQ
  348. - The Marine HQ Battlefucker is Mille, she's in the eastmost bedroom deals ~1100 damage and rewards you a glove that I think halves physical damage at HP critical
  349. - Go upstairs and talk to the Leviathan, she'll ask you to eliminate some pirates and join the navy
  350. - Leave the building, a dog girl will ask you to follow her, do so and you'll be strong armed into listening to the pirates
  351. - Go to the bottom floor and talk to the Nekomata at the captains chair
  352. - Go to the food store on the second floor and talk with Bonnie, she'll ask for help running a navy blockade to steal a treasure
  353. - Go to the purple mermaid on the third northwest dock to side with the navy and talk with the pirate at the northeast dock to side with the pirates
  354. ________________
  355. Pirate Route
  356. ________________
  357. - Ashell will join you
  358. - Go down to the captains room and talk to the Nekomata on the captains chair
  359. - Go back to the food storage to actually find Bonnie
  360. - Bonnie will join your party and everyone gets upset you sided with these jokers over the navy
  361. - Go back to the captains room and talk to the Nekomata to start the quest
  362. - On this route the navy characters will never join you, so don't even try.
  363. - It's a very straightforward cave, just fight your way up the stairs
  364. - Open the chest at the top to finish the quest
  365. - Bonnie will ask you to help her raid the Navy HQ to steal her flag back
  366. - On the Ship the Q key is your best friend
  367. - The Navy HQ is way over on the other side of the map
  368. - At the HQ you get a pointless choice and get another gauntlet of fights
  369. - They warn you to NOT fight Leviathan, so I'm not going to yet, fight your way to the first room on the second floor and steal the flag from the crate and get out
  370. ___________________
  371. End Pirate Route
  372. ___________________
  374. - Land on the beach north of the Navy HQ and head towards Finoa
  375. - The Finoa Battlefucker is Lara, she deals ~1200 damage and rewards an accessory that boosts drop rate
  376. - Amira is behind Lara's house
  377. - Follow the road north to Grand Noah and enter the castle, you need Sara recruited but she doesn't need to be on your team.
  378. - The Grand Noah Battlefucker is Julia, she deals ~1300 damage and rewards an accessory that boosts normal attacks
  379. - Amira is up the alley on the right of the bridge next to Julia's house
  380. - Go up to the second floor and talk to the queen
  381. - Her advisor, Mephisto, will come and say that you need to win the Queens Cup for access to the Tartarus
  382. - First choice is agree, so I just went with that one
  383. - Before you participate in the cup you should upgrade your items to Dragon Scale
  384. - Go to the cave just south of Grand Noah
  385. - Loot the dragon skeleton at the second floor
  386. - Return to Grand Noah and head west at the town center to reach the Colosseum and talk to the old man to enter the Queens Cup
  387. - You curbstomp your way to the quarter finals over a timeskip
  388. - First fight is against Dark Elves who forgot the levelgrind since Enrika, and a Dullahan
  389. - Second fight are some beast girls that also get one shot and a Cerberus
  390. - Final fight is Alma Elma, but it gets interrupted by Mephisto and Granberia
  391. - Ally with Alma and defeat Granberia, Alma will be the real help here, just try to support her
  392. - Alma then gets bored and leaves so you win on a technicality
  393. - You return to the Grand Noah Queen and receive some sidequests to do before the Tartarus
  394. - The Queen wants you to investigate Mephisto's magic academy for proof that Alice XV is masterminding the war
  395. - Cerberus wants you to go to the Minotaur cave because they've been disappearing
  396. - Dullahan wants you to investigate disappearances in Yamatai
  397. - Magic Academy will be first, it's through the forest north of Grand Noah
  398. - Once you enter you'll be attacked by ZUN bugs
  399. - The Battlefucker at the Magic Academy is Rufa, she deal ~1700 damage and gives you an accessory that makes MP regen
  400. - Talk with Alma Elma and go up the stairs to spy on Mephisto
  401. - Mephisto is meeting with Lilith, who gets into a fight with Alma, leaving you to fight Mephisto
  402. - After the fight you return to the castle where Mephisto is acquitted and asks you to investigate Plantsect Village
  403. - But that will wait because Yamatai is next
  404. - Travel east to the cave, and travel through it for a long time to arrive in Yamatai
  405. - In Yamatai there are two battlefuckers, Satsuki and Yayoi, Yayoi deals ~1500 and gives an accessory that allows you to do sword moves Satsuki does ~1400 damage and I don't know what her accessory does
  406. - Amira is in the north of the village just east of the church shrine thing
  407. - Go to the meeting area and talk with the village elder, he gives you four quests
  408. - First Shirohebi is raising an army and wants to conquer the village
  409. - Second Tamamo has fallen into depression
  410. - The Racoon shrine leader is missing
  411. - And they're not sure which cat is the leader in the cat shrine
  412. - Leave the village to the north to reach the shrines
  413. - The first shrine is the Cat Shrine, first bring Amira to the first building and talk to Garfunkel to recruit her and unlock the Nekomata race
  414. - Second go to the actual shrine and talk with the priestess
  415. - Talk to every cat at the shrine and talk with the priestess again
  416. - Problem solved, onto actual ones
  417. - Next shrine is the Fox Shrine
  418. - Talk to Nero and enter the building
  419. - Talk to Tamamo and move onto the next shrine
  420. - The Tanuki is missing because Kitsune called them a coward and they went into Orochi's cave on a dare
  421. - Leave the village and go to Orochi's cave and explore , you are told ahead of time to avoid getting into a fight with her
  422. - You don't actually need to explore the cave, go right, the Tanuki is just behind the waterfall just after the entrance
  423. - If you go left you can complete a jumping puzzle and climb down a rope to get the actual treasure
  424. - The last shrine is the Snake Shrine, repeat of the VN, Black Alice got the older sister to evict the younger sister and raise an army
  425. - But Neris beats you to it and defeats the entire army, then runs off when you meet leaving you to fight Shirohebi
  426. - Talk to the village mayor again to unlock a bunch of classes
  427. - The icy mountain can't be visited yet, you get teleported outside after a few steps
  428. - Return to Grand Noah and enter the pub to start the Cerberus quest
  429. - Talk to the informant at the bar and then talk with the minotaur at the blacksmith shop
  430. - She gives you an invitation to a meeting in a cave west of Grand Noah
  431. - Talk to the Minotaur at the end of the cave and then go to the castle north east of the cave
  432. - Show the high minotaur your invitation and go to the staircase blocked by Goku for a fight
  433. - Goku was here to stop the Queen Minotaur from starting some war or something but now she's tired and it's your job to stop her
  434. - Continue through the castle until the top floor
  435. - Fight the Queen Minotaur and get the job unlock item for Berserker
  436. - Time to continue, return to Grand Noah and head west to Elba
  437. - At the crossroads go into the forest and enter Plantsect
  438. - You are immediately attacked because they think you're a spy, beat them and talk to the Alra Priestess
  439. - You can either pick a side now or hold off
  440. - Plantsect village has no battlefucker but Amira is in the south-east
  441. - Go south-east into the mountain range to reach the insect base, listen to Queen Bee's story and pick a side, or try to broker peace
  442. ________________
  443. Insect Route
  444. ________________
  445. - Return to Plantsect and talk with the priestess, first option is fight her, second option is peace talk, I went with peace
  446. _______________
  447. Peace Route
  448. _______________
  449. - (Fucking Aztec names) Cat god is upset at peace and starts fighting you, she really loves her debuffs
  450. - After the fight the Priestess joins you and you rush off to save the insects from Quetzalcoatl
  451. - Queen Bee joins you and you get another fight
  452. - Quetzalcoatl also brings a bunch of debuffs as well as evasion because harpy
  453. - After the fight the Cat and Bird run off and everyone is peaceful
  455. - Back to main quest, continue onto Elba
  456. - A guard checks your paperwork then you step into the town
  457. - On entering the town you accidentally all of reality again
  458. - Walk around Iliastopia for a bit until a bell rings, then enter the cathedral and break reality further
  459. - Saja and Rafaela have an argument and you can side with either or neither
  460. - The world then goes back to normal and you arrive in Elba
  461. - Go to the pier and take the boat over to the Tartarus
  462. - You decide not to sail off the edge of the world and return to the pier
  463. - Gnosis comes out and attacks you
  464. - After the fight you tell her you met Rafaela and she leaves
  465. - With no way to enter that Tartarus you go to Undine instead, she's on the other side of the lake to the north
  466. - Go through the cave and fight Undine at the end
  467. - After the fight Erubetie attacks you
  468. - After the fight return to Grand Noah Castle and talk to the queen
  469. - Get briefed on the invasion plan and go to Lima village, on the spit of land west of Undine Spring
  470. - Go into the village and meet with Alma Elma at the north end
  471. - She joins your team and you go to Fort Gold just west of the town
  472. - Alma knocks out all humans in the fort, go up the stairs and read the generals diary
  473. - Leave the fort and have Alma leave the party
  474. - Go to Godard just north of the fort, go the the pub, talk to the barman and pick the second choice
  475. - Go up the stairs to meet Nero
  476. - Travel east to that poison marsh to meet your next contact
  477. - Your contact is Mephisto, who joins you and tells you to go north to the mountain pass
  478. - At the mountain pass prepare for a long haul because the dungeon has 12 floors
  479. - Once you finish fight the golem boss at the end
  480. - Travel southwest to Grangold
  481. - The assassins Mephisto is working with are waiting for you in the pub
  482. - Go the the pub and meet with Lazarus
  483. - Lazarus has bombs set up around the town, he'll set them off and then you will infiltrate the city through the waterway
  484. - Talk to Lazarus and pick the second option, then he and Merlin join you and the mission starts
  485. - At the end of the waterway the Grangold King attacks so Merlin and Lazarus stay behind to buy time
  486. - Essentially the castle is a massive jail, go past Queen Ant, Alice/Ilias, and Alma to reach Lilith
  487. - Shiki Tamamo interrupts your fight and you get wrecked
  488. - Regular Tamamo saves you, and also Lazarus/Merlin. Fight Lilith
  489. - After the fight Lilith runs off and regular Tamamo begins to run out of time, Nero and Neris pop in and win the fight for you though
  490. - Everyone becomes suddenly genre blind talking about how Shikimamo went missing during the castle collapse so she must be dead
  491. - Cut to peace talks
  492. - Leave the peace talks and cut to war talks as Alice XV shows up and declares a war of extermination on humanity and all monsters in favor of co-existence
  493. - Since the Tartarus in Grand Noah is still out of the question travel to Grangold again
  494. - The Battlefucker in Grandgold is Augusta, she deals ~2000 damage and gives an accessory that lets you equip shields
  495. - Amira is in the alley by the west exit of town
  496. - Try to enter the castle to be redirected to the Royal Warehouse, go there and talk to the king for sidequest time
  497. - A strange monster has appeared in Succubus Village
  498. - Cassandra at Lady Village has become a recluse and refuses to discuss which side she's on
  499. - You need to get Orichalcum from the lava mine
  500. - And it's probably time to get Kraken back to normal
  501. - I'll start with the Kraken because she's been a dried fish long enough
  502. - Go back to that poison swamp and travel east to the beach
  503. - Go to the coast and use the bell of guidance to reach the northern sea temple
  504. - Continue through it and talk with Poseidoness
  505. - First option fights her, second option asks for the orb and she attacks, third option asks her to help Kraken, but she tells you to fuck off, so time to fight
  506. - Turns out Poseidoness doesn't know healing magic so she tells you to find Queen Mermaid, but she doesn't know where she is
  507. - With the Kraken quest on standby time to get some new gear
  508. - Go to the gate west of Grangold and the guard will let you through
  509. - Travel northwest to the lava mines
  510. - Lava is basically just more damaging poison swamp so don't worry too much
  511. - After getting the Orichalcum return to Grangold and talk to the vampire blacksmith at the weapon shop
  512. - Before moving onto the other villages head over to Goldport and help Selene
  513. - Goldports Battlefucker is Magda, she deals ~2300 damage and gives you an accessory that reduces physical damage
  514. - Amira is behind the pub
  515. - Talk to Selene at the pier to start the quest, it's basically copied from the VN
  516. - You need to go through the second floor and up a ladder to get the key for the captains office
  517. - In the captains room you need to fight the Beelzebubs
  518. - Go through the false wall on the left after the fight to get the treasury key
  519. - The purple orb you need is in a purple chest in the treasury
  520. - Return to Selene's house and she tells you the Beelzebubs escape and you need to take them out before they overrun the world
  521. - The Beelzebubs are in Yamatai by the entrance to the shrine hill, talk to them to complete the quest and recruit them
  522. - Travel west from Gold Port to reach Succubus Village, which is under attack
  523. - Run around the village fighting all succubi attacking people
  524. - Once the village is clear head into the house that Minicubus ran into to fight her and Lencubus
  525. - Go into the pub to fight the Maccubus to clear out the village
  526. - Head across the bridge to the north to reach the mayors house
  527. - The boss is downstairs but if you go upstairs you find a battlefucker that raped the succubus that attacked them, can't face them yet
  528. - In the basement you get a grand reveal, the succubi attacking the village are the women from Luddite Village who got monsterfied by Lilith and they're after a Luddite who escaped and is being protected by the mayor
  529. - You pick between siding with the mayor in defending the village or the attackers in killing him
  530. - Pretty easy choice
  531. ________________________
  532. Defend Route
  533. ________________________
  534. - You fight Natasha and she ends out joining the village
  535. - Talk to the mayor to recruit her
  537. ________________________
  538. Murder People Route
  539. ________________________
  540. - You fight the Mayor
  541. - The man is killed and Natasha leaves to look for more people to murder
  542. - The mayor will never join you
  544. - Back in the village it's time for the two standard things
  545. - The Battlefucker is Alleria, she deals ~2600 damage and gives an accessory that boosts pleasure resist
  546. - Amira is hidden behind the pub
  547. - The last sidequest is Lady Village, northwest of Succubus Village
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