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  1.  - After entering my pilot name, the background updated when I clicked somewhere in the creation dialog (not closing it). Unexpected
  2.  - No thruster / grinding sounds make me sad
  3.  - Going supersanic took me unprepared
  4.  - Missed the ramp, fell into the pit while keeping thrusters at full power the whole time. Upon impact the model sank below the ground, about knee-high. Could move normally though and the height was adjusted back to normal after a few seconds
  5.  - Having the same animation forwards and backwards is confusing
  6.  - Able to clip model into level geometry by standing near walls
  7.  - Jumping feels weird due to lack of momentum. Releasing all directional keys mid-air causes mech to fall at the location it's currently at
  8.  - Boosting off the ramp is not quite enough to reach the end, but overshoots the platform in the middle a lot
  9.  - Super slow health regeneration promotes boring sitting behind cover. It'd be much better to promote combat actions for health regeneration
  10.  - I wanna keep boosting on the ground but the level design and boostmeter won't let me
  11.  - Pressing ESC in the combat mission brings up a window that does not react to my actions. I can not adjust sensitivity, abort the mission, or exit the game this way
  12.  - Garage has mech view stretched in height (playing in windowed mode, highest res available (16(...))) as well as stretched text inside the selectors
  13.  - Strafing is sluggish as fuck but I can do 360s all day long through aiming
  14.  - Dodging is possible while boosting through the air. Not sure if intentional
  15.  - Health regen suuuper slow
  16.  - Camera clips into walls when standing next to one and looking away from it. Not sure if physics-bound camera would be better though
  17.  - I can cheese enemies by shooting them from far away. They don't shoot back and just die. This is boring and should be discouraged
  18.  - In the combat mission the wall opposite of the player exhibits flickering during mech movement
  19.  - Inconsistent reaction: While moving diagonally forward, the game will occasionally let me jump, dodge, or just strafe. Pressing W + A/D and hammering Space
  20.  - Could really use some aim-assist so I can more effectively boost-strafe around enemies. I feel the game longing to be fast. Unleash it
  21.  - Only allowing side-way dodging might not be a good idea sometimes
  22.  - Enemies are dumb and can be circled by regular strafing. Regular strafing is slow. Regular strafing is not fun
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