CradilyMeister and Pradham's FT and LF (good)

Apr 29th, 2014
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  1. Hello guys and gals its the CradilyMeister and Pradham Shop!!!
  2. These are our Kalos shinies we have to offer. :)
  3. PM me if you like something.
  4. FT:
  5. 1.Shiny 5-6ivs tyrantrum with Strong Jaw
  6. 2.Shiny 5-6ivs noivern with Timid
  7. 3.Shiny 5-6ivs gourgeist w/Seed Bomb,Will-O-Wisp,Leech Seed,Shadow Sneak
  8. 4.Shiny Greninja with HA Timid
  9. 5.Shiny 5-6ivs Klefki w/Foul Play,Light Screen,Spikes,Thunder Wave
  10. 6.Shiny Aegislash 5-6ivs Adamant
  11. 7.Sylveon w/Shadow Ball,Calm Mind,Moonblast,Wish (4ivs)
  12. 8.Tyranitar Adamant w/Crunch,Rock Slide,Outrage,Steath Rocks (4ivs)
  13. 9.Kalos Bred Pawniard Defiant Adamant w/Sucker Punch (Level 1) 5ivs (non shiny)
  14. 10.Shiny Adamant Unburden Hawlucha 5ivs
  15. 11.Shiny 5-6ivs HA Goodra
  16. 12.Chesnaught HA Impish w/Bulk up,Wood Hammer,Spiky Shield,Hammer Arm 5-6ivs
  17. 13. Shiny 5-6ivs Talonflame HA
  18. 14.KB Togekiss Modest (Battle-Ready) (non-shiny)
  19. 15.Shiny 5ivs Vivillon (Ocean) Timid
  20. 16. Shiny 6ivs genesect
  22. LF:
  23. Battle ready Shiny aurorus w/mirror coat
  24. Battle ready aromatisse HA (prefer) shiny
  25. Battle ready shiny gogoat
  26. Approved or trustworthy cloner
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