Date with a Tigress (In Progress)

Dec 12th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Lonely anon goes to the bar late at night to find a Tigress who shares the same predicament.
  2. Tags: [;feline; ;Tiger;][;m:pov;][;rough sex;][;romantic;]
  4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. >Be anon
  9. >You're 28 and 5'10"
  10. >You've regularly pick up contracts from various people around your area.
  11. >They all paid well
  12. >Business was booming for you.
  13. >You were now an all around self employed handyman and expanded your carpentry knowledge with woodworking and plumbing.
  14. >Your house, left to you by your parents, is currently paid in full and you've set aside enough money in investments to pay off most of your utility bills.
  15. >You were fairly happy with the life you lived considering your careful planning on your finances.
  17. >Except . . .
  19. >You were alone . . .
  21. >Throughout all of the hardships you faced, the excessive amount of blood sweat and tears it took for you to make it this far in your life
  22. >You were still alone.
  23. >Sure you've made some acquaintances here and there but most of it was purely business related.
  24. >You would strike up conversations with various people but they never went anywhere.
  25. >Other times, you think people weren't interested in you.
  26. >What about your college friends?
  27. >Dead, in jail, moved to another state or country.
  28. >No one you knew stayed in contact with you at all.
  29. >Your phone contacts were filled only with a few numbers of loyal customers.
  30. >None of them reached out to you for anything other than fixing up their house.
  31. >You were by yourself.
  34. >You awake in your bed, rustling the sheets as you tossed and turned restlessly.
  35. >You weren't able to fall asleep.
  36. >You knew the exact reason why but you just didn't want to acknowledge it.
  37. >Peering over the left side of your bed, you stare at the dimly lit alarm clock sitting on a wooden nightstand.
  38. >12:00am
  39. >It was a little hard to decipher the faded, pale-red numbers in front of you
  40. >Possibly due to the fact that the batteries needed to be changed
  41. >You shook your head slightly in disbelief at the time, rubbing your eyes as you slowly dragged yourself through the sheets to the side of your bed and let out a deep yawn.
  43. >"Fuck this, I'm getting a drink"
  45. >Reaching into the nightstand drawer, you take out your keys and head outside.
  48. >You decided you were going to drive towards your local bar for some booze and perhaps a quick bite to eat.
  49. >The local bar was nothing impressive, visually speaking. It was just a modest 1 story building with glass windows on the front end, sporting a bright neon sign labeled "Angus Alehouse"
  50. >But damn, did they have good food.
  51. >You pull open the glass door and immediately you're hit with the aroma of grilled burgers, cigars, and alcoholic beverages.
  52. >The enticing mixtures of smells were always a pleasant welcome to you every time you visited this place. Aside from the occasional odor of bile due to some poor sap drinking too much.
  53. >There were a few patrons scattered about
  54. >A few were human but the building was mostly occupied with anthros.
  55. >The walls of the building were decorated with signs of alcohol brands, photos of old cars from the 80s and 90s, various sports flags and etc.
  56. >Flat-screen TVs were lined up above the bar stand and in random spots of the room.
  57. >This place had become your second home.
  60. >You make your way to the front of the bar and plop yourself on a bar-stool
  62. >"Hey Anon! Good to see ya here. What can I get cha'?" the barkeep smiles as he wipes down is work area.
  63. >He was a shaggy-looking Bull-mastiff. Dog anthro. Gray and black fur, somewhat overweight but he had a tough look about him as if he were a retired boxer. He sported a simple white shirt and blue jeans with a black apron and black cap.
  64. >"Hey Tyler, I'll have the usual", you mumbled a response.
  65. >Tyler's smile fades slightly, "Something buggin ya kid?" he says in a gruff voice as he continues to wipe down his table.
  66. >"Can't sleep. Been tossing and turning for nearly 2 hours straight. I figured some good ol' alcohol in my system will give me enough edge to rest"
  67. >Reaching in your wallet, you grab two 20 dollar bills and slide it to him.
  68. >"Can you toss me a burger as well too? You can keep the change"
  69. >The barkeep face forms another smile after he sees the cash, takes both bills and shoves them in the register.
  70. >"'Preciate it anon," He turns towards the chefs near the back of the building "AY WE NEED A BURGER HERE. EVERYTHING ON IT" he booms.
  71. >One of them responds with a simple wave back and quickly gets to work.
  72. >The barkeep turns back your direction with a glass in hand, wiping smudges away with a simple brown cloth.
  73. >"So what kind of drink ya want?"
  74. >"Just gimmie a shot of vodka" you say, rubbing your sleep deprived face with your hands.
  75. >Tyler nods, takes out a bottle and pours the liquid into a small glass cup.
  76. >"Here Anon" he places it in front of you "If you need more, you just lemme know. Alright?"
  77. >You nod at him and start downing your drink away.
  80. >You were 5 shots in at this point. Going on your 6th.
  81. >You've also completely decimated your burger, not realizing how hungry you actually was too.
  82. >"Calling it a night, lad? The bar will be closing up pretty soon" Tyler says as he picks up your plate and starts taking your empty glasses
  83. >You give sluggish nod in his direction.
  84. >However, before you could turn around in your seat, a tall looming figure stands beside you.
  85. >You accidentally bump into the figure which gives you a small startle
  86. >"O-oh I'm sorry about that--" you begin to say.
  87. >You suddenly stop yourself after gazing what was in front of you.
  88. >It was a tall tigress, at least a foot taller than you, wearing a very low cut red velvet dress that hugged her shapely figure. Thin straps covered her shoulders while her bust was barely contained in her dress. They were the size of two large grapefruits just on the verge of slipping out of her clothing.
  89. >She also has wide hips, supported by two meaty thighs. The slits of her dress gave you a wonderful view of them, just enough to see the curve of her ass from the side.
  90. >Her face was slightly gray around her nose and cheeks, showing that she has some age on her. But her eyes were as wild as fire, burning a bright shade of orange.
  91. >"Oh my, are you ok?" She places a hand on your shoulder
  92. >You stare at her hand, trying to form thoughts into words without sounding like an utter fool.
  93. >"Y-yeash I'm.. f-fine!" you stammered, trying to regain your composure.
  94. >She smiles "Good, thought I was gonna lose you there." she giggles, rubbing your shoulder with the same hand.
  95. >You face is purely red at this point. "I-I'm alriigh. I wasjush gettin ready to gooo" you gave her an awkward smile back as your words slurred together.
  96. >You slump off of your bar stool and try to get your wobbly legs to stand.
  97. >'Shit, did I really drink that much?'
  98. >Well it was probably between that and the smoking tigress near you making your stomach queasy.
  99. >She frowns a bit, eyeing your demeanor "Honey in that state, you're can't even walk home, let alone drive."
  100. >She then looks up at Tyler who hands her a hefty container of food wrapped in a plastic bag
  101. >"Here ya go miss! You're right on time"he says.
  102. >"As always~" she says with a wink back at the barkeep. "I'm so glad you guys do call in orders, your burgers always hit the spot!"
  103. >The tigress turns towards you, "Hey, come with me. I'll take you home"
  104. >Seeing how you were in no position to argue, you simply followed her as she took your hand.
  105. >You tried your best to not oogle at her boobs as you walk towards the door with her.
  106. >With each step, you swore her ample bosom was going to spill out at any second.
  107. >"You two have fun now!" The barkeep said, tipping his hat in gesture.
  110. >As you walk out of the bar with the tigress, you sheepishly thank her for the ride home
  111. >"Don't worry about it sugah. Just tell me where you live and I'll drop you off."
  112. >After getting in the car and plotting your address in her GPS, the two of you talk about what you do for a living.
  113. >You find out that she's a well established musician. She dabbles in all kinds of instruments but she mostly favored the saxophone.
  114. >In fact, before visiting the bar, she told you she just came back from a show with several other musicians.
  115. >She can sing pretty well too. Which explains her lovely voice making you flustered a bit.
  116. >You then tell her about your work as a handyman.
  117. >It's not very impressive but it's honest work that pays great for you.
  118. >Either way she seems very attentive to your words and really enjoys your company.
  119. >"By the way . . we have never been properly introduced. My name is Teresa, what's yours, hon?"
  120. >You tell her your name is Anon.
  121. >As she slowly approaches your home, she gives out a whistle
  122. >"My my. Nice place you got there."
  123. >It wasn't much, but compared to when you first got it, your home had been through a lot of renovations which made it stand out a lot more compared the houses around you.
  124. >Whenever you weren't handling any contract work, you decided to soup up the place by replacing the worn out brick staircase with a sturdy cedar house deck along with some exterior furniture. The wall paint was also redone with a nice grayish brown finish with white paint for the window panels.
  125. >You smile and say thanks before getting out of the car.
  126. >But before you can hobble back to your front door, she starts getting out as well.
  127. >"Y'know... I've been meaning to get some renovations done at my house, Anon. Your place doesn't look half bad with the work you put into it."
  128. >She starts rummaging through her purse and hands you an ivory card with her name and number.
  129. >"Here, give me a call tomorrow. I don't have anything to do at the moment"
  130. >She leans forward, plants a kiss right on your cheek, leans in your ear to say:
  132. >"But I do need someone to tear up my carpet~"
  134. >You swear your head is about to explode as you take the card from her.
  135. >And with a sassy wave and a devilish smirk, she enters her car and drives away.
  138. >You've never been a hit with the ladies. Hell, you were shocked enough you managed to score once.
  139. >It was some time ago with a human girl. Things took a turn for a worst in your relationship right after your parents died.
  140. >She simply said she lost the spark she had with you and split. You were devastated.
  141. >It didn't take long to put together the signs that she had left you for someone else.
  142. >But none of that mattered at the moment.
  143. >Now, you got a date with a tigress.
  145. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  147. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  149. >Your eyes slowly open to the orange haze of the sunrise glow piercing through your window.
  150. >The rest you had last night was spectacular. Far better than any night within the last month.
  151. >You slowly sit up and gaze at your old alarm clock to check the time.
  152. >It was black.
  153. >Of course.
  154. >The batteries ran out and you kept putting it off.
  155. >You rise up from your bed and shuffle through one of your desk drawers near your computer.
  156. >The sound of dull metallic clacks lets you know that you still have a few batteries left.
  157. >You take two of them and drag your feet back to the alarm clock, taking off the battery cover to replace the batteries.
  158. >Glancing down at your small table, you see the same pale white card from last night and remember your designated driver from yesterday.
  159. >You thought about what she said. About her wanting you to "tear up her carpet"
  160. >You thought to yourself how dumb you were believing she would really want to screw you.
  161. >You picked up your phone and start dialing her number, glancing at her contact information to make sure it was accurate.
  162. >Thinking about your current schedule, you weren't lined up for any work for awhile.
  163. >The phone rings several times and you finally hear a feminine voice answer.
  164. >"Hello? Who's this?" she says in a tired tone.
  165. >"Hey, it's me. Anon. You dropped me off home last night."
  166. >"Oh you're that cute human I bumped into!" She sounded almost excited to hear your answer and perks up immediately. "How are you doing this fine morning~" she purred
  167. >You tell her you're doing ok and that you were calling about doing housework.
  168. >It also donned on you that you left your truck at the pub, which has some of your equipment too.
  169. >"Oh honey don't worry about that, I'll come right over there and pick you up. We can head to Tyler's bar afterwards. Just follow me and I'll show you my place."
  170. >You tell her you're willing to give any gas money but she refuses.
  171. >"Aw don't you worry about that cutie. It's not a far drive at all. Besides, I know a better way for you to pay me back~"
  172. >She hangs up, leaving you visibly confused and partially aroused.
  173. >You couldn't believe that a bombshell such as Teresa would take interest in you.
  174. >But the back of your mind urges you to stay calm. That maybe this was just some wicked ploy to tease you.
  175. >Right?
  177. >You let out a deep sigh and grabbed your usual attire for working. An old black shirt, some faded navy overalls and tan steel toed boots.
  180. >*BEEP BEEEEP*
  182. >You check outside to see if that's her. And sure enough, there she was.
  183. >She sported a white tube top with a short denim jacket and denim jeans, casually waiting inside of her car.
  184. >Perhaps you were too drunk to notice too but her car was quite the looker.
  185. >And expensive too, holy shit.
  186. >Parked outside of your house was a black buigaitti. Two orange stripes along the top of the car and a custom body kit for the front and back bumper.
  188. >"THIS is your car?!" you let out an audible gasp.
  189. >She tilts her head and gives a chuckle "You must've been reeeaal wasted last night shug."
  190. >"Apparently so." you say buckling your seat-belt. "I'm glad I didn't blow any chunks while you were driving."
  191. >"You hanged in there baby. Now let's go get your truck so we can head back to my place."
  193. >The roaring engine echo through the city as you two made your way to your truck.
  194. >As you passed random pedestrians, you caught glimpses of pure shock and surprise.
  195. >The area you lived in was a humble one. Mostly middle class civilians lived here so they weren't used to such a high priced car tearing up their simple roads.
  196. >Even you had a hard time believing that Teresa owned such a car.
  197. >"Hey Teresa... what did you say you did for a living again?"
  198. >She smirks "Those drinks really did a number on you did they? I'm a musician! I've been in the gig for roughly 15 years now."
  199. >"And you can afford THIS?"
  200. >She nodded "Hell yeah I can. I had to pull in a few strings but God it was worth it."
  201. >The alehouse finally comes into view as she rolled down the street.
  202. >You find your truck exactly where you left it at.
  203. >You also see Tyler jamming hands in his pockets, fishing out his keys to open up the bar for the day. He turns to the both of you pulling up into the parking lot, cocking his head to the side.
  204. >After getting out, you grab your own keys and head to your truck.
  205. >He walks up to you "Shit kid, I know I said 'have fun' but I didn't figure you for such a stud.". he gave a hearty cackle while patting your back.
  206. >You put your hands up in denial "Nah dude it didn't go THAT far. All she did was take me home. Right now I gotta head to her place since she wants some work done to her floors."
  207. >"Sure kid, I believe you. Just make sure you rub some of that good luck on me."
  208. >You shake your head dismissively as start your truck, giving a loud honk to signal that you're ready to follow Teresa.
  210. >The drive took you towards the outskirts of the city where the more well off people lived at.
  211. >Some areas had gated communities with fancy apartment complexes. Others had dozens of small mansions within each district. On the winding path that you took, you come across a fancy modern estate with at least 12 acres of beautiful grassy land.
  212. >The house had a few tall bushes near the front entrance and some rooms had a huge glass window that allowed you to see a bit of the interior design.
  213. >'Just how big of a music artist was she?', you thought to yourself.
  214. >She leads you into her driveway and gets out her car.
  215. >"Stylish isn't it?" she says, turning off her engine.
  216. >"Definitely" you took a moment to admire the space. "You know how to live it up for sure!"
  217. >"Thanks hon! A gal has got to treat herself from time to time" She beamed.
  218. >You grab your toolbox as she leads you into the house, jiggling her keys as she unlocks the door.
  219. >Room after room, you're greeted themed spaces that would make your house seem like a child's closest
  220. >One room contained an array of potted plants ranging from small flowers to trees nearly reaching the ceiling, akin to a miniature jungle
  221. >Another room held pieces of extravagant art that decorated the walls.
  222. >In one particular room you saw pictures of Teresa with fairly popular music artists you knew along with shelves of multiple awards, all different sizes. Some of her musical equipment were displayed on stands and some were in their respective cases in the same room.
  223. >The metaphorical cogs in you head took you a minute to process that Teresa was actually....famous.
  224. >You were in the house of a friggin celebrity.
  225. >"Holy shit! You've met all of these people?" you exclaimed.
  226. >She nods proudly "Suuure did Anon. These were taken back in my prime when I was younger but I still hit the stage now and then."
  227. >The tigress continues her tour of the estate up the stairs, leading towards the second half of her home.
  228. >She points over to what appears to be a large room that lacked any furnishings. Just a bare white room with shag carpet covering the floor, partially removed in one spot.
  229. >On the far side of the room you notice a stack of what resembled to be wooden floor panels, still in their packaging.
  230. >"I wanted to do the renovations myself . ." She glides her hand along her forearm, dragging it across her fur bashfully ". . But I was scared of messin' things up. That wood cost good money and I'll be damned if I trashed all of it."
  231. >You gave her a chuckle "Good move, now stand back and let the 'professional' do his job." You give her a playful grin while snapping your overalls.
  232. >"By all means Anon, the floor is yours~" she says waving her hand as she walks out. But before she disappears from your view, she pauses briefly and turns back around.
  233. >"If you haven't eaten already, I'm gonna cook some food. I cook big meals so feel free to eat as much as you can!"
  234. >You haven't thought about it but you didn't eat at all since you woke up this morning.
  235. >And right on cue, your stomach starts to grumble
  236. >"I'll take you up on that."
  237. >"Good! I'll let you know when its done. If you need anything else, I'll be downstairs, cutie. And make sure you save some room for dessert~"
  238. >And with a frisky wink, Teresa heads downstairs into her kitchen area, leaving you to start on your project.
  239. >You felt yourself blushing again at Teresa remarks.
  240. >It's hard to tell that if she was truly interested in you or if she was being nice.
  241. >Again, you shake the thoughts from your mind, doubting that such a celebrity would take notice in you.
  242. >Assessing the room, you gauge it's size and try to determine how long it would take to finish.
  243. >It isn't as big as the other rooms that you walked through. But it was one of the biggest areas you've ever had to work on. Taking out the carpet and padding would take several hours along with making sure that the ground was cleaned and prepped before installing the wood panels.
  244. >Grabbing your equipment, you take out your trusty box cutter and continue removing the carpet where Teresa left off.
  245. >You decided you would work in rows since taking out the carpet in one go would prove troublesome. That way you could take each segment out at a time.
  246. >Halfway upon completion, you hear the tigress coming back up the stairs. Her claws clicking loudly on the wooden panels and she made her way up.
  247. >You guess the food was just about ready then.
  248. >About time too because you were extremely famished.
  249. >"Anon? Come on down! The food is waiting." she shouts.
  250. >"Alright I'll be there!" you reply back.
  251. >You rush downstairs to see the food that awaits your hungry stomach.
  252. >Steak and ribs were piled high on one plate while another plate contained thick cut fries. Sitting on a medium sized dinner table
  253. >Teresa giddily runs her hands together.
  254. >"Well? Dig in!" She says.
  255. >The two of you immediately start to chow down, savoring each bite that you took.
  256. >The food was plentiful and tasty, although far more than what you could possibly eat on your own. Teresa on the other hand could pack much more than you taking in account of her stature.
  257. >As you eat your food, you find yourself enjoying the moment of spending time with someone else. It was . . . warm and inviting.
  258. >Although you couldn't help but wonder why she was alone in this giant mansion
  259. >You ask her the question, hoping not to be rude.
  260. >She smiles faintly as a response.
  261. >"My sons used to live with me." She says, wiping her mouth with a white paper napkin.
  262. >"I had two of them. One of them is currently deployed a the military base outside of the country and the other decided to study abroad. "
  263. >"What about your husband?" You ask.
  264. >She looks down at her plate, fidgeting with the meat-stripped bones from her baked ribs. Her previous cheerful expression suddenly vanishes, replaced with a look of somber and remorse "We divorced. Things didn't work out between the two of us. After our sons were born he turned to drugs while my career started to take off." She said quietly.
  265. >"We tried helping him but he wasn't having any of it. He was... a leech." She tightens her fists, clamping them down on the tablecloth. Anger slowly started bubbling to the surface while she talked.
  266. >"He kept taking money from me, without a care for supporting the family we had. Almost sold off our home until I caught wind of it. He was a lazy, SELFISH, SORRY EXCUSE FOR A HUSBAND!!"
  267. >She exhales sharply, attempting to calm her own nerves recollecting the memories she had of her past partner.
  268. "I...cut all ties with him shortly after that and raised my sons the best way I knew how. My music career thrived with the motivation of supporting my two sweet little boys. I couldn't let them down..."
  269. >Without skipping a beat, you respond back "They must be extremely proud of you. Because I know I would be."
  270. >She looks up from her food, her warm character returning back to her as she listens to you.
  271. >You continue your speech, "Men like that don't deserve to be with a person as wonderful and caring as you. You've managed to raise two kids on your own and, from what you've told me, they turned out be outstanding young men. You seem smart, charming, and quite frankly...beautiful."
  272. >Teresa's eyes widened at your words "Anon..thank you." She gives you a heart felt smile.
  273. "So...what about you Anon? You don't have some young girl in your life yet? I'm shocked to see you're not beating them off with a stick" she said giggling.
  274. >You slumped in your chair a bit while rubbing the back of your neck. "Not... really. Last time I had a girlfriend, it was back in college."
  275. >"Oh?" She looks at you with curiosity.
  276. >"We talked for some time but right after I graduated and my parents passed away, she...left me. Told me that she "wasn't interested anymore" and dumped me."
  277. >Teresa's ears reeled backwards as she looks to you with a worried expression "Oh God Anon I didn't mean--"
  278. >You stop her mid sentence while raising you hand softly. "Hey it's alright. I mean, sure I was down in the dumps for awhile but I couldn't let that stop me. I picked myself up right after I found my job and continued to hone my skills."
  279. >You snap your overalls yet again, grinning. "Now I got my own business set up and my house is paid off. I'm doing just fine now!" The grin subsides a bit as you compressed your lips together ". . . But the loneliness never really fades."
  280. >"I....I see."
  281. >An awkward silence fell through the room as the two of you finished your plates silently. Bones were all that were left of the lunch you had with the tigress as both of you began to clean up the table.
  282. >She tossed the remains of the discarded food in the trashcan and walks toward the sink, cleaning the dishes that you supplied to her.
  283. >You thought maybe you've said too much about yourself.
  284. >That maybe you were too forward on complimenting her.
  285. >That maybe Teresa didn't actually carry the same sentiments that started to grow and fester in your mind. How you told her that she was smart and beautiful.
  286. >Until your eyes is met with Teresa's warm gaze again.
  287. >And she leans into you
  288. >For a hungry and needy kiss.
  290. --------------------------------------------------------------
  292. --------------------------------------------------------------
  295. >You stumble back slightly as the eager tigress presses her body against yours as she lock lips with you.
  296. >Her tongue grazes over yours, poking and prodding the inside of your mouth excitingly.
  297. >She wraps her powerful arms around you, clasping her padded hands on your back as she continues to use her rough tongue to explore your mouth.
  298. >You can only give in to the temptation you fought against after so long as she embraces you fully.
  299. >You retaliate against her greedy kiss, running your hands down her lower back, underneath the tight denim jeans she wore, to grab her firm and supple ass.
  300. >Moans of pleasure escaped her lips as you tried to return the same fury of passion, gasping at the sensation of your hands rubbing through her soft fur.
  301. >"God anon.." she pants. "You don't know how much I NEED this!"
  302. >Suddenly, she pulls herself away from you and gives you a seductive grin.
  303. >"Mmm but let's not do this here..."
  304. >She quickly grabs one of the straps of your overalls and leads you upstairs at a brisk pace.
  305. >You couldn't help but stare at her firm as you walk upstairs with her.
  306. >She finally stops as you enter a considerably large bedroom, adorned with fancy rugs, a lavish wooden dresser & cabinet, and a large bed covered with silk sheets.
  307. >Teresa turns back to you as her eyes burns with an intense passion.
  308. >She licks her lips and forces you against the bedroom dresser, pawing impatiently at the button clasps on your suspenders.
  309. >While doing so, she presses her face against yours, meeting you again with yet another fierce kiss as she purrs happily.
  310. >You quickly undo the straps from your clothing, tossing your suspenders aside to reveal your erect member tented through your boxers.
  311. >Soft groans leave your mouth as Teresa rubs up against you, grinding your twitching organ in-between her shapely clothed thighs.
  312. >Even with wearing her jeans, you could tell how much Teresa wanted you. Her pants were soaked with her hot juices.
  313. >Your hands make their way towards the tigress's denim jeans while she hungrily explores your body underneath the black shirt you wore.
  314. >She helps you with her jeans, parting with you yet again from the lustful tongue lashing.
  315. >"You've been wanting this for awhile too, haven't you Anon? I can definitely tell." she cooes.
  316. >She slips her hand underneath your underwear, gripping your manhood tightly as she strokes you.
  317. >You nod in response, breathing heavily. "Damn right" you give her a smirk.
  318. >She continues pumping your shaft, her half lidded eyes staring intensely at your bulge as she caresses it.
  319. >"God, this is bigger than I thought it would be..." she bites her lip as she presses one of her fingers at the top of your head, massaging the tip in a slow circular motion.
  320. >You shudder at her teases, yearning for her to take full control.
  321. >She acknowledges your response, returning to her normal rhythm.
  322. >"Mmm I see you're getting into this.."
  323. >Her pumps were getting faster as she twisted and rotated her palm against your head.
  324. >You nod again, this time you were breathless as she become more relentless with her movements.
  325. >You could feel yourself reaching close to your limit, gripping the furniture as your unconsciously thrust against her pawed hand.
  326. >The texture was unlike anything you've felt. A complex texture, a soft yet firm comfort that glides against your member effortlessly.
  327. >Teresa was proud at the sight of you, giving encouraging nips and kisses along your face and neck while she melted you into a complete puddle.
  328. >"Not yet Anon, I need to get my fill~" she whispers closely in your ear.
  329. >She then lowers herself, planting more loving pecks from your chest to your lower abdomen.
  330. >You clench your teeth, trying to hold back the wave of pleasure that built within you as it slowly began to overflow your body.
  331. >The tigress takes the brim of your boxers, finally pulling them down.
  332. >She opens her jaw, taking your entire throbbing mass in her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth.
  333. >Loud audible moans leave your breath, your eyes rolling in the back of your head as the cat continues to service you.
  334. >You could barely hold on at this point.
  335. >"O-Oh God Teresa, I'm getting c-close!" you stammered, flinching slightly as you could feel her sharp teeth grazing her skin.
  336. >And with one final push, she meets her powerful muzzle at your pelvis as you pour into her.
  337. >Pump after pump, you unload all of your thick semen, coating the inside of her mouth.
  338. >Teresa took every last drop triumphantly, gulping it all down while you gripped the back of her head, convulsing slightly.
  339. >She pulls away from you, licking your shaft clean as she gives you a sly grin "Well now, someone was backed up.."
  340. >"Fuck Teresa...that was....G-Goddamn" you panted.
  341. >She stands back up, planting smooch on your lips. "You're welcome~"
  342. >"Now then, let's get rid of the rest of these pesky clothes first, then we can really ruin the bed-sheets~" she purrs.
  343. >And with that, Teresa removes her panties along with her tight fitted jacket and tube top, her large breasts completely free from their confined space.
  344. >Her body, now in full display, showed a complex exhibit of stripes that covered her body. Her golden orange fur shined beautifully in the dim light.
  345. >The fur trailing from her neck, down to her breasts and abs were a dull shade of white which lacked any stripes on her.
  346. >With her clothes fully out the way, you could really appreciate her well kept body.
  347. >Curves all in the right places along with toned muscle that complemented everything about her figure.
  348. >You remove your old T-shirt hastily, tossing it with the pile of clothes that built up.
  349. >But before you could turn your attention back to the eager tigress, she grabs you by the shoulders and pushes you on her soft bed.
  350. >You were restrained by her grasp, unable to move while her towering body loomed over you, her breasts dangled just above your face.
  351. >You reach out to grab them, your hands groping her chest in earnest, playing with her nipples as she grinds her warm slick entrance against your throbbing rod.
  352. >Teresa gives out a shudder as you caress her boobs, moaning in delight as you took one of them into your awaiting mouth.
  353. >She aligns herself with your shaft, rubbing her wet lips with the tip of it.
  354. >And with one swift motion, she encases your dick within her walls, shuddering in pure bliss as her hips slam onto of your pelvis.
  355. >Your eyes shut as Teresa continued her sexual assault, bouncing herself on-top of your length as you moan in elation.
  356. >She wraps her hands behind your head, pressing her mouth against yours again as the two of you mated like pure animals.
  357. >She doesn't let up, and with every slam of her hips, she grinds her butt against your body slowly, only for her to rise up and down again, repeating her onslaught.
  358. >Low growls resonate through her body as the tiger shifts her hands on your back, her claws digging into your skin.
  359. >You could barely keep up with her pace, she clearly outmatched you in size which made it hard to return the same response in kind.
  360. >Even so, you tried the best you could.
  361. >You plant your hands on her buttocks, thrusting yourself to meet her slams halfway. Her furry mounds rippled with each loud smack of your bodies.
  362. >The two of you were completely engrossed in each other heated behavior, both instincts urged you to please each other as much as possible.
  363. >You meet her again with your mouth, plunging your tongue in her jagged maw as the combined fluids from your mouths dripped onto your chest.
  364. >She tasted sweet, yet unfamiliar. A hint of primal musk permeated your taste buds as you wrestled your organ against hers.
  365. >Faster and faster, her hips gyrated on your smaller body. You felt as if you could break at any moment, as your climax slowly bubbled towards the surface again.
  366. >She was on the cusp as well, her movements becoming much harsher and harder. The mattress strained under the seismic stress of your lovemaking.
  367. >"A-anon, give it to me. Give it ALL to me! I don't want ANY drop spilled out!" she moans ferociously.
  368. >You clench her ass tightly, pushing her down for one final thrust, drenching her walls with your hot seed.
  369. >She lets out a loud guttural growl that vibrates the mattress, her walls clamping tight as they milk you.
  370. >She then lays back, admiring her own work as you writhe and twitched, pouring your entire essence inside of her.
  371. >"Damn Anon, you... really k-know how to p-please a old gal.." she pants.
  372. >Both of you could only bask in the few fleeting moments of pleasure as your orgasm came to an end.
  373. >You sit up, clinging to her warm and inviting body, hugging her hips as she subtly rocked against your sensitive groin. You wanted the moment to last forever despite your throbbing cock aching against her movements.
  374. >Yet you matched her grinding, pushing yourself deep within her slowly again.
  375. >And again.
  376. >Until you found yourself at a steady pace, the pain fading away and forming back to pleasure as she bucked herself against you, her arms wrapped you in an enticing embrace.
  379. >You awake the next morning, the light from the windows beamed on your face as you rose from your slumber.
  380. >You take a deep breath, wafting in the remnants of the lustful carnage that happened with you and Teresa.
  381. >The memory of it filled your mind night until you noticed something.
  382. >Teresa was not here.
  383. >You sit up from the bed and stretch out your arms, your back still stinging from clawed marks that flayed your flesh.
  384. >They weren't deep cuts but they sure feel like it.
  385. >As you stirred yourself awake, you started to hear faint footsteps getting closer to the room you were in.
  386. >Teresa peers in the doorway, completely naked and half asleep as she walks towards you.
  387. >"Good morning Anon~" she plops her arms around you and gives you a big squeeze, rubbing her furred face against your cheek.
  388. >You respond simply with a grunt of affection and hug her back.
  389. >"Last night was just....simply wonderful." she smiles and plants a kiss on your cheek
  390. >You smile back at her. "Mmhmm, at first I thought you were going to tear me to shreds" you say, motioning towards your back.
  391. >She winces at the sight of her handy work "Shit anon, let me help you with that"
  392. >She quickly gets up from the bed and heads towards her dresser, opening the drawers one by one until she finds what appears to be a bottle of some sort of disinfectant.
  393. >With a piece of cloth in another hand, she hurriedly walks back to you, dabbing the piece of cloth with the liquid.
  394. >"I'm...sorry about last night." She says as she begins to clean your back.
  395. >"It's fine Teresa, understand." You chuckled a bit before gritting your teeth at the medical assistance being applied on you. "You were caught up in the moment so I just let it happen. I really didn't want to ruin the mood."
  396. >She gives you a soft smile and continues treating you. "You are certainly a willing one, I'll give you that much for sure." She giggles.
  397. >"I almost thought you were trying to pull an all nighter." She says, finishing wiping the rest of your scarred back "Of course I wouldn't object to that if you wanted to~"
  398. >"That...will have to be for another time, Teresa. I'm pretty drained for right now."
  399. >Of course you don't know if you had it in you to pull something like that again. Even now, your loins were still tender from the thrashing of last night and it shocks you how much sexual stamina Teresa had.
  400. >Deep down, you still wanted to try. Last night went on for hours after dinner until the two of you passed out on her bed.
  401. >"Although... I wanted to ask you something." you turn to her, grabbing her hands you looked at them.
  402. >"..What made you pounce on me like that? After we cleaned up the table, you were like a completely different person."
  403. >She blushes and interlocks her fingers with yours "You...made me feel young and beautiful. I haven't had many compliments in ages, similar to the things you've said to me during dinner." She smiles a bit as she looks at you "Yeah I may have some experience built up but none of the guys in the music business EVER treated me like you've shown me. I also had my eyes on you since my visit at the bar. And when I see something I want..."
  404. >She trails off a bit before leaning close in front of you, her eyes trained onto yours as she gazes into them with a predatory hunger.
  405. >"... I've got to have it." She growls and licks her lips before kissing you again.
  406. >You kiss her back "You sure do keep up with your word." you said chuckling.
  407. >Teresa grins and promptly gets up from her bed. "Alright Anon, let's go get some food before we fuck the day away. Besides I still need you to work on that carpet!"
  408. >Chuckling, you tip your nonexistent hat in a jokingly fashion "Yes Teresa madam, I'll work on it right after breakfast"
  409. >Both you and Teresa find your clothes in the heap you left them at and place them on.
  410. >Feeling confident you playfully grab at her ass making your way downstairs behind her, watching as her tail flickers at the touch of your hands.
  411. >Teresa looks back bashfully and swats at your hand "Nuh uh boy, you can't eat your dessert before breakfast!"
  412. >"Mmm, if you let me get away with it, I can."
  413. >She simply wags her finger mockingly and walks into the kitchen to prepare the food.
  414. >All while giving you a good view of her rear as she walks away from you.
  416. >You were thinking to yourself that today was the best day of your life.
  417. >And who to say it wasn't?
  418. >You've met the girl of your dreams, a dashing Tigress that loved you as much as you loved her.
  419. >All because you decided to visit your local bar on a lonely night.
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