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  1. So'Sha was consumed with a desperate urge. Seperated from her unit, with a damaged communications antenna, she had spent the last six hours wandering, semi-randomly, through the overgrown jungle. In that time she had neither heard or seen a single trace of the rest of her squad. Why weren't they looking for her?
  3. Her worries were supplanted by a more immediate need. She walked over cautiously to a patch of ground that was devoid of the more prickly bushes, and looked around conspiratorially. She took off her boots, allowing her to remove her trousers entirely. She didn't want to take any risks. Her panties followed, and she made sure to lay them on top of the trousers. There was no telling what weird spores or pollens were present on the plants' surfaces.
  5. Cringing at the thought of what she was about to do, So'Sha squatted down in the clearing, spacing her feet as far as she could without toppling over. She closed her eyes, and tried to relax.
  7. Mid-stream, she opened her eyes as she heard the faintest rustling sound in front of her. She yelped in surprise at the sight of an Eldar man, standing waist-deep in the undergrowth, the colours of his cameleoline cloak constantly shifting through shades of green and brown.
  9. "Don't mind me," he said, smirking. "Go ahead and finish." His mimicry of the Tau language was flawless.
  11. So'Sha could not bring herself to look at the man. Unable to cease what she had started, she gazed down at the ground, consumed with shame. The only sound filling the clearing was a soft splashing noise. Then, with a few more brief squirts, the ordeal was over. She glowered up at the Eldar man as he began to clap slowly.
  13. "Bravo," he said. "Very nice."
  15. "Satisfied?" she snapped, standing up and taking two steps away from the wet patch, reaching down to her discarded clothes. Her pulse rifle lay alongside them, just out of reach.
  17. "Stop," he said. "You're not putting those back on."
  19. She jerked her arm forward, fingers spreading out in anticipation of grasping the pulse rifle's grip. A projectile zipped through the air, missing her face by millimetres and neatly shearing a branch from the tree behind her. The man tracked his shuriken pistol sideways, leveling it at her chest.
  21. "I don't think so, Tau girl."
  23. He emerged fully from the bushes, shucking off his cloak which flowed to the floor, shimmering as the chameleonic weave tried to keep up with the fast movement. Beneath it, he wore a suit of light mesh armour, criss-crossed with straps. So'Sha caught a glimpse of the longrifle slung across his back.
  25. "You're a ranger," she observed.
  27. "Yes," he said. "The craftworld sends us out to travel the galaxy during our maturation. To work out all our urges. In my case, I found myself becoming too distracted by the comely Eldar girls cavorting in the parks I walked through every day."
  29. He took a step forward.
  31. "So, I decided to deal with my developing proclivities by working them out with alien females, rather than my own kind."
  33. He kicked the pulse rifle away into the undergrowth.
  35. "Take off the rest of your armour," he said.
  37. He regarded her with a grave expression as she reached behind her back, uncoupling the fastenings that held her carapcace in place. She dropped the armour shell to the ground, and his mouth twitched upwards into a grin at the sight of her naked, blue flesh. So'Sha stared at the ground for the most part, wincing a little as she removed the rest of her underwear, exposing herself completely to him. She glanced up at his face.
  39. So'Sha had never seen an Eldar this close-up before. The man's features were androgynous - his chin was narrow, with a decidedly feminine jawline. His skin was pale but not pallid, with a flawlessly smooth complexion. Close-cropped, blonde hair bristled from his scalp above the crisp outlines of his eyebrows, one of which was raised in appreciation of the sight before him. So'Sha hated herself for thinking that he was rather handsome.
  41. She crossed her arms over her chest, trying to regain some of her modesty. The man held one finger in the air in a circling motion, indicating that she should turn around.
  43. She turned slowly, until she had her back to him. There was a soft murmur of laughter.
  45. "Very nice," he said. "Now put your hands against that tree."
  47. She did so. The rustle of footsteps sounded behind her as the man approached, and then she felt his breath tickle against her ear as he rested his chin on her shoulder.
  49. "You could always try and enjoy it, you know," he said.
  51. So'Sha tried to reply with an acid remark, but instead let out a sudden gasp as she felt two of the man's gloved fingers resting between her legs. He stroked them back and forth slowly, his touch unexpectedly soft.
  53. "You scum," she said. "You-" she finished her sentence with an involuntary cry, as one of his fingers made its way inside her.
  55. The slow, back-and-forth motion continued. So'Sha shivered at the man's touch, trying to cast her mind elsewhere but always coming back to the same thought: this actually felt good. His delicate touch bore just the right combination of pressure and tempo, and she could feel the sensitivity of her intimate regions increasing as they awakened into arousal. The man had removed his head from her shoulder now, and she looked around in puzzlement as she heard the ruffling of paper.
  57. He was stood behind her, one hand stroking beneath her crotch, the other holding a small book, the pages of which he was having some difficulty turning. She caught a glimpse of letters written in the strange Eldar alphabet, all lines and complicated pictograms. Alongside one block of text, there was a colour diagram of a blue-skinned humanoid. It was a tau.
  59. He caught her looking at the book.
  61. "Turn back around!" he barked, pressing two fingers deeply into the her rapidly-moistening labia. So'Sha moaned at the sensation, her head drooping down between her arms. Her breathing started to become more rapid.
  63. "To fornicate with an alien girl is one thing," he said. Beneath her armpit, So'Sha saw him return the booklet to his pocket, before he brought his other hand up to cup her breast.
  65. "To have her enjoy it, that is the true art," he finished. His fingertips started to knead at her breast, pausing now and then to tease her nipples with light tweaks. He rolled them between his fingertips as his other hand delved into her sex, making a squishing noise as his second knuckles were enveloped. So'Sha could not help but let out a long moan.
  67. He worked her with his skilful fingers for minutes longer. So'Sha was becoming increasingly incredulous at his expertise, which had elicited such a response from her that a few drops of her juices were actually trickling down the inside of her thigh. She gasped for breath, trying so hard to hate the man for doing this to her, but feeling only the intense pleasure of his stimulations.
  69. He ceased for a few moments, leaving So'Sha panting as he fussed with his belt, stepping out of his trousers and discarding his elegant, silky Eldar underwear to one side. He grasped her firmly by the thighs, and then thrust his cock inwards with a wet sound. He grunted as he withdrew his hips, crossing one arm over So'Sha's chest to fondle her as he took up a steady rhythm. So'Sha spread her palms against the tree in front, steadying herself against the rocking motion.
  71. She gasped uneasily as the depth of his penetrations increased. He returned his hands to her thighs, grappling as he impaled her with greater vigour. After a few more long minutes of thrusting, both of them were straining and heaving, bodies pressed against each other, slick with sweat. With a grunt, the Eldar finished inside her, and So'Sha felt his seed surge into her as she began to come. She let out a long-drawn out cry as the orgasm bloomed in her loins.
  73. Gasping for air, she flattened herself against the tree trunk for support, sliding down it and coming to rest in a heap at its bough. She was too drained to protest as the Eldar man sat alongside her, placing one arm across her shoulders while the other hand rested upon her thigh.
  75. Both of them looked up suddenly as a bright, burning shape streaked across the sky.
  77. "Is that... a drop pod?" she asked.
  79. He nodded solemnly.
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