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Aug 4th, 2015
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  1. [SIZE="3"]I've seen a lot of people wondering on how to do this, and I've seen people doing it. But, I've not seen a tutorial explaining how to do it. So, here it is.[/SIZE]
  4. [SIZE="5"][B][U]The Easy Method*[/U][/B][/SIZE]
  5. [LIST=1]
  6. [*] Right click on the small speaker icon on the right side of your taskbar (bottom of your screen).
  7. [*] Click on [I]Recording Devices[/I].
  8. [*] Right click Stereo Mix and click [I]Enable[/I]
  9. [*] Alternatively, because Mumble might not detect it by default, you can right click it again and set as Default Device and Default Communication Device.
  10. [/LIST]
  11. To test that everything is working correctly, let a YouTube video play and see the volume bar of Stereo Mix go up and down.
  15. [SIZE="4"][B][U]Troubleshooting[/U][/B][/SIZE]
  17. [SIZE="3"][B]Cannot see Stereo Mix?[/B][/SIZE]
  18. [LIST=1]
  19. [*] Right click on any empty space in Recording Devices menu.
  20. [*] Tick [I]Show Disabled Devices[/I].
  21. [/LIST]
  22. Stereo Mix should show up.
  24. [SIZE="3"][B]Stereo Mix volume bar not detecting sound/moving up and down?[/B][/SIZE]
  25. [LIST=1]
  26. [*] Go to Realtek HD Audio Manager (use search function to find it)
  27. [*] Click the small cog wheel in bottom right of the manager, called [I]Device advanced settings[/I] if you hover over it.
  28. [*] Under playback device, tick [I]Mute the rear output device, when a front headphone plugged in[/I]
  29. [*] Click the OK button
  30. [/LIST]
  31. Alternative method:
  32. [LIST=1]
  33. [*] Plug out your front jack audio device (speakers, headphones, etc.).
  34. [/LIST]
  35. Stereo Mix should work now, volume bar should move up and down.
  37. [SIZE="3"][B]None of these are working?[/B][/SIZE]
  38. [LIST=1]
  39. [*] Go to [URL=""]Realtek's Downloads webpage[/URL].
  40. [*] Click [I][URL=""]High Definition Audio Codecs[/URL][/I].
  41. [*] Get the appropriate download and download it (Accept the terms before you can proceed).
  42. [*] Install the software and restart your PC.
  43. [/LIST]
  44. Everything should be in order now. In case your motherboard and/or Windows are not outdated (see *), you should be able to use Stereo Mix just fine.
  46. [B]Downsides:[/B]
  47. [LIST]
  48. [*] Whatever you hear others will hear, so make sure to mute all other sounds.
  49. [*] If you want to stream music, you will have to turn down in-game/Mumble volume completely off or below mic threshold set in settings, otherwise people will hear themselves.
  50. [*] You cannot choose a specific program that audio will be streamed from; all sounds are streamed (e.g. Skype message notification sound, Google timer, YouTube video, Winamp music).
  51. [/LIST]
  53. [B]*Windows 7 and up[/B]
  55. [B][CENTER]----------------------------------------------------------------------[/CENTER][/B]
  57. [SIZE="5"][B][U]The More Comprehensive Method (Virtual Audio Cable)[/U][/B][/SIZE]
  59. [B]COMING SOON[/B]
  61. [B][CENTER]----------------------------------------------------------------------[/CENTER][/B]
  63. [B]ENJOY!!
  64. I'm planning to add images to the tutorial sometime soon.[/B]
  66. You find music being played annoying? It can be. Your preference. Mute button exists for a reason. It's far easier to spam microphone with wanking noises than do all that above and do it with music.
  68. But, who doesn't want to be 'Murican in Vietnam war, flying a helicopter and have [URL=""]CCR's Fortunate Son[/URL] being played!?
  70. Or as Taliban have [URL=""]Qom[/URL] ([URL=""]Qom Remix[/URL]) be played while you shoot up some soldiers?
  72. Whatever brings enjoyment can also be an annoyance, so please, needless is the wee tard spam of "omg omg mic spam mic spam omg omg i cri" here.
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