Clients website stuck on 2nd page Google

Jul 2nd, 2020
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  1. Clients website stuck on 2nd page Google
  2. Ive managed to rank my clients website pretty good but now it has been stuck for months on page 2 in Google. What other options do I have to get it to page 1?
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  14. I'd say do more of what you did to get it to the second page.
  15. Is this a highly competitive keyword?
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  18. Yeah it is. Its logo design in a foreign language for the whole country =/ I just have run out of options to do other things as the website dosnt have a blog...
  19. Get more links.
  20. at the moment there a massive google update so no one will tell why.
  21. we are all awiting for news.
  22. Optimal interlinking + lots of long, high quality tier 1 articles makes the difference.
  23. True...ive seen the massive changes in Google affect my clients =/ Articles are impossible as my client dosnt want a blog...
  25. authority links?
  26. I will have to check more authority links. Any other options for a website without a blog?
  28. This is an exponential (not linear) problem too, the closer you are getting to the top, the harder it will become.
  29. Depending on your budget, you could throw some more backlinks at it, but try to only choose powerful, niche relevant ones.
  30. My strategy is to run my client pages through Page Optimizer Pro first. Then, once my on-page is perfect, I am usually able to rank at the top of page 2 or bottom of page one. Once I am there, a few links usually get me towards the top of page 1.
  33. The real competition starts from 2nd page/bottom of the first page.
  34. I would recommend you be more consistent with your link building now. Landing on page 2 is different thing and moving up from there is totally different. You might for your own PBN if you know how to set it up.
  35. Awesome advice and information! Thank you. Strange thing is that I thought the conversion rate would grow immensly once my client hit second page but I was wrong. It has been quiet for his business even thiu he has a great website. Apparently people really seldom surf to second page in Google to buy services. Mostly stay in first page and hit the heading that stands the most out perhaps in the first 3 to 4 links in Google.....hmm...what do you think?
  36. 1)Change your images , once they have been indexed then add a roll image box without deleting the indexed image and keep adding images.
  37. 2)Include faces in images if possible
  38. 3) Clear bold text in images not more than 20% of the image cm2
  39. 4)Tag the image in the back end
  40. 5Upload the image to another medium and link the site back to the image
  41. 6) If possible re-word the some of the main pages ..not by a spinner but by a real person.
  42. 7) Break down the menus and use internal links to pages.
  43. I think you can add a blog and add SEO optimized content on it. And hide the blog from the home page may be while including in the sitemap?
  44. Try some new SEO strategies do some updates in your current strategy. The few steps I can suggest you are:
  45. ON-Page SEO
  46. Web 2.0 blogs
  47. Article Submission
  48. Classified (the good da pa sites of classified will indexed within 2 to 3 days)
  49. Email advertising solutions (to make the old customer delight of your business)
  50. Social Media promotion of the services or products
  51. Branding of the business
  52. You can get a higher ranking in SERP and can also get the ranking on the 1st page by following these standards. But the condition is you have to do all these above-mentioned activities on daily basis or you have to strategies for these activities.
  53. Hope you like my suggestion. Feel free to ask any query. :)
  55. No one can give you absolute suggestion to get out this until he know what you have done for that website.
  57. Use PBN, bro.
  58. Honestly at this point I'd start analysing the top 5, look at what they're doing and try to replicate it as best you can. At the very least it might give you some ideas that you haven't already thought of.
  59. Hitting page #1 and especially the top 5 can be a real grind, particularly for competetive keywords. In my experience though quality over quantity is very important in a competetive niche, so be prepared to spend a lot of time just acquiring a couple of powerful links, but those couple of powerful links can be enough to bring you up into the top 10.
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