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Bloodborne Any % (Old Patch Dupe) Cannon Route

Dplanet36 Dec 11th, 2017 513 Never
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  1. Bloodborne Any % (Old Patch Dupe) Cannon Route.
  3. Central Yarnham
  5. - Start as a military veteran.
  6. - Grab 2 vials, pull the lever and climb up the ladder. Then go to the hunter's dream and get the saw cleaver, after that mark out.
  7. - Grab the bloodstone shard, go to the executioner and kill him.
  8. - Perform the skip to the forbidden woods (coffin jump) to get on the other side of the shortcut.
  10. Forbidden Woods
  12. - Drop down the hole and climb down the ladder to the poison lake.
  13. - Grab the coldblood (7) and continue through the poison lake (There are antidotes in the cave incase you need them)
  14. - Run past the dogs and grab the beast blood pellet through the wall, then pick up 5 bloodvials.
  15. - Run through the oil lake, go past the cannon guy and enter the building.
  16. - Once inside, go through the opening on the left, drop down and climb the ladder.
  17. - Jump down to the cannon and pick it up, drop down and leave the building.
  18. - Go past the human snake enemy on the bridge and follow the path.
  19. - Once the path divides, follow the right path and drop down to the cave and pick up the bloodstone chunk.
  20. - Leave the cave, jump down on the left and pick up the twinstone shards bundle on the left.
  21. - Drop down to where the giant pig is and perform the shadows ai glitch.
  22. - Kill shadows.
  23. - Make a second character, get killed by the wolf, sell your shirt and buy 21 pebbles.
  24. - Warp back to the dream with the byrgenwert lamp and dupe the coldblood and the upgrade material until you have enough.
  25. - Get a +9 saw cleaver and cannon, sell the remaining chunks, buy bloodvials, bullets and the armor set.
  26. - Level up 20 vit, 15 end, 30 strenght, 25 skill and 14 bloodtinge
  27. - Warp to byrgenwert.
  29. Byrgenwert
  31. - Perform the skip to rom, get blood bullets ( you want to get blood bullets for every cannon shot during the run) and kill rom.
  32. - Go through yahar'gul and perform the yahar'gul skip. Grab the bolt papers at the coffin enemy.
  33. - Go to reborn and kill him.
  34. - Warp to the lecture hall and open the door to nightmare of mensis.
  36. Nightmare of Mensis
  38. - Go past the silver beasts and giants to the giant door from the building.
  39. - Go past the spiders, past the hunter, pick up the blue elixer and go up the elevator
  40. - Kill Micolash
  41. - Go past the shadows and the pigs and go up the elevator
  42. - Kill Wet Nurse.
  44. Hunter's Dream
  46. -Talk to Gehrman and submit your life, either close the game as the cutscene starts to play or quitout in iosefka's clinic.
  47. - GG
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