Gets a good look at her enemies without making it obvious

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  1. “Now what?” DeeCee asked. “You’ve made an enemy out of half the city, you shattered the unwritten rules, you’ve got me here… What, you gonna gloat?”
  3. She made a show of looking around, head swiveling as she gave me and all of my other selves a perfect view of all of the goons Bakuda had brought along and where they were all placed. Good girl, DeeCee, I thought as we adjusted our positioning. The whole plan hinged on being able to get everyone at once.
  5. “You certainly brought a large enough audience for it.”
  7. Bakuda laughed, a wheezing, stuttering noise that sounded more like Dad’s truck on one of its less cooperative days than something that came out of a human mouth. “Oh, they’re not here to watch me gloat,” she said. If I could have seen her mouth, I imagined she’d be showing all of her teeth. “They’re here to watch me… Well. Do whatever it is I decide to do with you.”
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