Battle Tower FAQ

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  1. The Battle Tower is the basic battle facility, similar to the ones found in Crystal and Ruby/Sapphire. Each round consists of seven battles, and you're fully healed after each one.
  3. Difficulty: 5th easiest of 7
  4. - The sheer length of 70 battles makes it likely to lose at least once here. And 21 of them can have 31 IV Pokemon.
  6. The Frontier Brain is Anabel. You fight her at the end of the fifth round (Silver) and 10th round (Gold). Her Silver team is Alakazam, Snorlax and Entei (all 24 IVs). Her Gold team is Raikou, Latios and Snorlax (all 31 IVs). Both fights are nearly impossible to lose.
  8. IV notes: See the chart at the bottom of the general FAQ.
  10. RNG manipulation: None. It's possible to manip every single battle, which is worth it in later rounds, but the mechanics are not fully understood and the manips would take hundreds of hours to make.
  12. Order of Pokemon: Latios, Metagross, Swampert
  14. General strategy: Try to set up with Calm Mind, but don't overuse it. You don't want to Calm Mind against a bulky Water type that has Quick Claw and Ice Beam, because you can easily die before dealing damage, and then Metagross will take at least one hit before revenge killing it.
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