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Pewds x Cry x Ken

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  1. Felix gathered up his courage in a breathe in and breathe out. He clenched to a bouquet of flowers he had in his hand and messed around with his hair. He thought about his decision twice and even three times – but there was no turning back this time. He was going to go and fall into an embrace with Ken; the man he has felt love towards since the first day they met. Felix exited the car, and went up the stairs of the house that belonged to the bearded man. He knocked on the door with all his might and suddenly felt discouraged. “No. It’ll be fine.” The Swedish talked to himself and waited for a response. When none came out, he figured he was recording a game, so he swung open the door, that was surprisingly unlocked.
  2. And to his horror, he noticed something he probably shouldn’t have. Clothes scattered around the wooden floor and creaking bed noises enacted from the room across the hallway. Ken was surely busy now. However, curiosity fled over Felix. He proceeded with few hesitation towards the noisy room and noticed two bodies melted into an embrace with each other and intimate whispers into each other’s ears. It was Cry and Ken, that only noticed the visitor next to the door when they heard the bouquet of flowers fall into the flowers as it’s petals scatter all around just like Felix’s hopes. “Ken.. Ken I thought we had something.” Felix whispered out in despair. Ken jumped out of the bed gathering up a blanket from the bed to cover his nude body and made up excuses as Cry lay in the bed with no sheets to cover him and strike a confident pose. “T-This isn’t what you think I promise!”
  3. “I’m hurt Ken!”
  4. And hurt was the last emotion Felix will ever experience.
  5. To be continued.
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