The Summer Story

Aug 19th, 2019
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  1. As usual for summer, there comes a week or two when a heatwave brings in inhumanly scorching temperatures to the city. This week its peaked at over 100 degrees farenheit. Wren and Kira busted out every fan they could find and cranked the AC as high as it could go in a vain attempt to cool their sweltering apartment. Kira, however, had other ideas of beating the heat.
  3. Wren had spent a couple of hours inside her workshop, but already her thermos full of icy lemonade had run out. If she could keep working she would, but continuing any further would probably kill her. Frustrated, Wren drearlity sat herself up and made her way to the fridge.
  5. When she exited the workshop, she heard the TV blaring loudly in the living room. Kira must've woken up and started watching movies instead of working in her lab. Fair enough, Wren supposed, who could work in this heat? Well, besides her, of course, she was freaky like that.
  7. "Hey, Kira!" Wren greeted as she walked into the living room, "Holding up alr-"
  9. Wren stopped mid-sentence and gazed at Kira. Kira was entirely nude, her body glistening with sweat. She was draped over the couch, her head hanging over the arm of it and a leg and an arm drooped lazily over the side. A fan was placed right next to her and was at speed, whirring loudly as it tried its hardest to cool off the exhausted geneticist.
  11. "Kira! God dammit!" Wren scolded, glancing away.
  13. "Hmm? What?" Kira responded, not even bothering to lift her head.
  15. "You know what! How many times have I told you to wear clothes when you're outside your room!?" Wren chastised, still trying not to stare at Kira's nude body.
  17. "Oh, come on Wren! It's over a hundred fucking degrees! I'll /literally/ die." Kira whined, finally lifting her head up.
  19. Before Wren was able to respond, she saw Kira make a weird face, a smile with a lip bite. She even thought she heard her say "Holy shit" under her breath.
  21. "W... What's with the face?" Wren asked.
  23. "You're one to talk, Wren!" Kira responded, "Take a look at your shirt~."
  25. Wren glanced down at her white tank top and realized what Kira was talking about. After spending hours in her hot workshop, her tank top has become absolutely soaked with sweat, causing the top to become see through. It clung to her body and highlighted all her curves, revealing all her skin, especially her breasts, through the translucent tank top. Wren shrieked in embarrassment.
  27. "Ah! K-Kira! I'm so sorry I didn't even realize-" Wren scrambled to cover up her breasts and apologize, all the while Kira just giggled to herself.
  29. "Hehehe, Wren! It's alright! We're the only people in the room!" Kira said, trying to calm Wren down, "Honestly, you'd be suffering a lot less if you just took your shirt off."
  31. Wren just stood, staring at Kira with a "what the fuck are you talking about" face.
  33. "Trust me on this. You and I both know I /never/ judge." Kira said, as she went back to watch the TV.
  35. Wren stared at her for a while, she sorta blanked out right when Kira said "trust," as she drew her gaze all over Kira's glistening body. For some reason, Kira just looked so much sexier when her body shined like that, with beads of sweat constantly dripping down her body. So, whether it be out of lust or just the heat getting to her brain, Wren started agreeing with Kira and began to take her tank top off.
  37. Kira glanced back at Wren just as she was beginning to disrobe.
  38. When Wren's tank top reached her breasts, they squeezed up against her chest until the tank top finally went up above her shoulders, at which point they flopped out, letting out a meaty thwack as they hit her lower body, and bouncing slightly for a few seconds.
  40. Kira's face contorted to a mix of awe and lust as she gazed at Wren's body. Her body, like hers, glistened with sweat. Her belly and hips spilled out slightly over her tight worksuit. Wren's breasts, while certainly not as big as Kira's, where still ample in size. They ended in semi-large inverted nipples, that were starting to poke out a bit.
  42. Wren, meanwhile, was mentally beating herself up for what she just did. Why the fuck didn't she just take off her shirt when she was inside her workshop? Now she looks like an idiot in front of her roommate and there's no chance that she'll live this down. God, what an idiot! Wren continued her self abusing until she finally worked up the courage to glance back up at Kira, who was making a reaction she didn't expect.
  44. "Uhh... w-why are you making that face?" Wren asked, covering up her breasts.
  46. "Hmm? What? Was I making a face?" Kira responded, trying to covertly wipe a bit of drool leaking from her mouth.
  48. "You were looking at me... weird..."
  50. "What do you mean?"
  52. "You were looking at me like I was... I dunno, hot or something."
  54. "Well, of course you are, silly! In both senses, heh heh."
  56. Wren started to look a little sad, her eyebrows drooped a bit as she tried to force a smile.
  58. "No, I'm not, really..." Wren replied.
  60. "What the hell are you talking about?" Kira shouted as she started to sit up, "Wren, I love your body!"
  62. "What're y-" Wren started, but was quickly cut off when she was embraced in a hug by a nude Kira. Wren started to blush heavily and found herself not even resisting as Kira's breasts enveloped her entire torso. She felt her wet skin against hers and felt something poking against her breasts, which were in fact Kira's hardening nipples.
  64. "Come on, Wren," Kira consoled, "you're one of the most beautiful people I know! I don't know why you would even beat yourself up like that!"
  66. "W-Well..." Wren tried to argue with her but Kira's word were far too comforting, she wasn't able to even make a self depircating joke. She hugged Kira back as Wren felt her heart race.
  68. Kira leaned in and kissed Wren's forehead gently, causing Wren's heart to beat even faster. When Wren looked up back at Kira, she found herself not able to look away as Kira smiled affectionately, cheery as ever. Wren slowly leaned in toward's Kira's mouth, and it looked as if Kira was doing the same until she suddenly shouted.
  70. "Woah there! You're getting a little adventurous! Not that I mind~"
  72. Wren suddenly snapped out of it and realized that both of her hands had started to grip Kira's butt tightly. Wren tore herself away out of embarassment.
  74. "Ohmigod, I-I'm so sorry! I-I-I didn't know what c-came over me!" Wren stammered, her face flushed and red.
  76. Kira giggled to herself, "It's okay, Wren!"
  78. Wren, however, was too flustered to noticed Kira's condolences.
  80. "Oh, uh... I-I... uh... have to go b-back, I have a-an order to finish very urgently!"
  82. "Oh." Kira said, a little disappointed but understanding, "You want me to bring you some lemonade, at least?"
  84. Wren was already opening the door to her workshop when Kira offered a drink, "N-No, that's fine! Maybe later, I-I-I need to work!" And like that, she had already locked herself inside her workshop, which was usually a sign that she was either extremely busy or trying to hide the fact that she was masturbating.
  86. Kira sighed to herself. Wren sure is weird sometimes, but that's what makes her so cute. Kira blushed to herself as she thought back to Wren's body and her adorable face.
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