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Jan 23rd, 2020
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  1. I am saddened to see that /baph/ does not exist anymore on non onion websites
  2. with that said I will leave this here with you as I know no other place to put it
  4. you are free to believe what I will tell you now or not
  6. I currently study biology and related IT fields in an unnamed university in europe
  7. as you can tell by me posting here I have a deep underlying interest in various IT fields especially related to cyber security, and I
  8. like to keep my uni laptop as secure as possible as we often handle sensitive data relating dangerous pathogens. while my Uni already
  9. has commendable security standards I like to go over the top so I convinced our IT section to disconnect BSL1+ related research
  10. servers from the uni network and keep them in a seperated offline network which can't be accessed unless at one of the few in-lab
  11. computers. While this made commits very obnoxious to hand in and im sure some people cursed me for that but it helped me feel
  12. accomplished in what I do and my professors commended me to be forward thinking, which could have come in handy for future events if
  13. it wasn't for what I'm about to tell you now.
  15. in 2017 China Wuhan opened a highly dangerous research facility that works with the most dangerous of viruses such as strains from the
  16. ebola virus (_EBOV)/ SARS/ MERSa and in general flu viruses. I wont get into detail but the MERS-CoV is likely not related to the
  17. current events as it was not going to be researched at all in this facility unlike more specific SARS-CoV variants and strains which
  18. where a big topic for this facility.
  20. Since I had an assignment that was due, I published a small report on vulnerabilities of high profile facilities that only care about
  21. physical security and disregard that data collected and created on these topics has the potential to be just as dangerous at the
  22. viruses itself. I further elaborated that with the high surveilance in china and strong data exchanges isolating research results in
  23. these networks and keeping them truly secure would be near impossible and probably not even on their high priority list. Since my
  24. professor was mostly tech illiterate the main portion of the report focused on layouts and really low quality scenarios of possible
  25. cyberattacks on this specific lab in Wuhan and I even made up some unlikely scenario in which a coordinated online and offline attack
  26. could grant in house access to dangerous samples which could be released into the public. It was mostly random rambling since I knew
  27. my professor wouldn't understand and be too conceited to admit that. But as I wrote more my head ended up wraped around these
  28. scenarios and most of the report ended up being about such an event and dangers related to these attacks.
  30. It wasn't even a full week after I made my commit when I got a call from my university office saying the police was there to question
  31. me. And while it really was the police there at my Uni after that I never saw another police officer again relating to this event. the
  32. Police urged my Uni to delete the report and all references to it and made it seem like I was going to prison which made my work and
  33. research here awful ever since. I was going to get questioned and I was told I am under suspicion for terrorism or some bullshit.
  35. At this point something already scratched at the back of my head because there was absolutely no reason for anyone to even know about
  36. my report, it made no waves and while it was available to read I don't think even my professor had looked at it yet at that point.
  37. So from this point on I was questioned in the absolutely weirdest way. And this is where I'll tell you that I won't be replying to any
  38. of your questions or anything since im scared I can be connected to this post if I talk more from my point of view:
  39. A government licence plate car picked me up at my home at specific dates and times that were arranged beforehand, I had no say on
  40. these dates and I missed essential lectures because of this, they had absolutely no regard for my life. It was always two people
  41. picking me up and while they weren't armed they were very intimidating. They drove me to varying locations none of them seemed like a
  42. government building or official at all. I would be questioned by different people and those people often changed. At first it seemed
  43. like they were awfully misinformed on what my report even was about and it was like they were shooting blindly hoping I am related to
  44. any of their major concerns for terrorism, but as the "interviews"continued the questions got more accurate and even sometimes caught
  45. me off guard. With all their procedures they always suggested I do this/do that and that I can't talk about this to anyone. Basically
  46. they told me im doing all of this voluntarily but if I don't they'll put me to jail since, if I refused to cooperate I would be acting
  47. suspiciously. They never kept me for more than 8 hours and while it really felt like I was being interrogated they always gave it
  48. weird names like: an information campaign or clearence and educational training. Whenever I showed signs that I didn't want to be
  49. there anymore they said things like "Don't make any mistakes now, you are still under suspicion to be a criminal" or "you don't want
  50. to get yourself in trouble do you?"
  52. To give an example on how the interrogation got scarily better: During one of the first conversations some guy acted very tough and
  53. told me they had tracked my facebook conversations and that they would know I am collaborating with the Chinese already and they are
  54. just looking for more evidence now. After I told this guy that I don't even use facebook and that I have no idea what he is talking
  55. about I never saw him again. In one of the the last talks I had some guy who clearly hated me for whatever reason asked me if I
  56. potentially was a malicious actor like the ones I talked about in my report how long it would take me to infiltrate and attack the
  57. Wuhang facility. After I said that I would probably need a year or two to learn the work patterns and routines at this facility he
  58. went into this tirade about how I don't know what im talking about and that I don't even know when they'll even start bringing in
  59. serious threats to the population of the area and that with no viruses in the building no one could even exploit any security flaws
  60. that I dreamed up on a whim.
  61. Within a couple of weeks they went from me being an AlQaeda operative to them knowing the locale and research plans for this BSL4
  62. laboratory which didn't even start operating yet when I wrote my report which got me in trouble in the first place.
  64. Another interesting thing they kept on saying in these conversations was that whatever they research in the Wuhan lab would easily be
  65. weaponized as if they are already developing bio weapons in the first place, and for some time I was wondering if I somehow ended up
  66. in a military R&D interrogation. But it didn't take long until I realised that the main interest of these people people was actually
  67. the cyber threat coming from this building which was also more closely related to my report and more reason to have me under this non
  68. official arrest.
  69. I don't think I learned a single real name of any person involved with them during the entire ordeal, all of them seemed to have real
  70. licenced European identities that were fabricated for their job: they all had incredibly boring and generic names and in the few times
  71. I got to watch them interact with eachother instead of me they always addressed each other by their full names with a sarcastic
  72. undertone.
  73. Once I was in the clear and they said Im free of any suspicion I went and checked the locations I was driven to and the names of the
  74. people I worked with. I couldn't find anything with the exception of some names popping up in signatures of letters I got as former EU
  75. officials or people working in EuropeanUnion government bodies.
  77. While some of you can probably already guess where I am hinting with all of this I'll make it clear now
  78. I believe I was interrogated by an extremely powerful cyber intelligence unit of the European Union.
  79. And furthermore I have reason to believe that the current Novel Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, Huanggang and Ezhou is either a
  80. coordinated attack by this unit or a botched test by the laboratory itself and it turns out they were actually developing dangerous
  81. weapons in there. I say botched because I can't believe that china would voluntarily put Huanggang and Ezhou in such a struggle as
  82. they are econimical powerhouses in the medicinal manufactoring and chemical industry. This entire quarantine is putting a massive
  83. economical strain on chinas trade routes and logistics centers, which is the main reason why I believe this event is a coordinated
  84. cyber intelligence attack against china by European actors.
  86. I was forced to stop talking about this threat to research facilities and whatever I publish is now being screened first to check if
  87. it contains malicious material. My assignment was confiscated, not even I own a version of it anymore. The reports and my material at Uni suggests that the Virus originated from the nature animal reservoir that is close to Wuhan and it is heavily suggested that illegal animal hunting caused this virus to get in contact with humans.
  88. But I do not believe the citizen populace is responsible or at fault for this event. The virus that is currently spreading only has
  89. similarities with the Betacoronaviruses that affect bats and other mammals only help in identifying the virus. It is a seperate strain
  90. not found before, a likely contender to originate from laboratories. This virus spreads over five cities within one month with so many
  91. infections in so little time, with an all traffic lockdown already in place and people being screened in airplanes before departure.
  92. Yet my hands are bound and I am scared that if I voice myself in real life about this topic I will get in trouble again, the people who
  93. interrogated me threatened me about this.
  94. Why I tell you this is because I want to urge you to do your own research and get as informed about this topic as possible I am scared
  96. that I may be right
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