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Anonymous response to false #OpV attack.

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Oct 22nd, 2012
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  1. Ohai /b/ros,
  2. Welcome sit sit sit... Grab some popcorn and watch this fail.
  3. Fawkes Security whether fed or disinfo fucktard, has been 100% fail since day one.
  4. Here is a little list of fails:
  5. False Facebook attack fails.
  6. Taking credit for others ddos attacks fail.
  7. Attempting to link Project Mayhem 2012 / TYLER with physical disruption fail... (Just like NSA & DHS have attempted.)
  8. AND NOW Linking #OpV with a bomb plot fail!
  9. w0000000hoooo!
  10. Anyhow, this Anon has simply gain fame by reuploading Anonymous videos onto Youtube for almost a year while creating hardly any videos which have NEVER amounted to anything.
  12. Channels:
  16. This Anon is a cancer to the internet.
  17. As for this Anon linking Project Mayhem 2012 to harmful and illegal activities ('Fawkes Virus', releasing viruses on 12.21.2012 and physical disruption.) we say, bring on the disinfo, we encourage it. Any disinfo you throw at us will only be fuel to the fire that will burn this world, because EVERYONE knows PM2012 will NEVER do ANYTHING ILLEGAL.
  19. Love and Lulz,
  20. Anonymous
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