Gale Shrine new strat NG+ Any%

msguggy Mar 26th, 2019 162 Never
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  1. By abusing the system that sets your respawn point when you void out from either drowning, falling off the map, or into a death plane, we can force the game to send us to the origin of the map (0,0,0), allowing us to skip the dreading "100 kt" up to the top of Gale Shrine in NG+ Any%! This results in doing a "Mini Gale Shrine" from NG+ All Brushes though, which doesn't take too long. (Can save 2-5 minutes depending on your skill level with KTing)
  3. This is done by either spamming jump during the loading screen when entering Gale Shrine from Kusa Village or jumping exactly 2 frames before the "NOW LOADING" symbol disappears. After doing so, continue either by KT jumping and keeping yourself off the ground, as you go through the small tunnel towards the main entrance of Gale Shrine where you can KT jump out of bounds and void out either in the water or by falling through the bottom of the map, triggering the death plane. Or if you're feeling fancy and want to save time, you can do 1 frame jumps through the small tunnel and KT jump out of bounds (This is very hard and takes a lot of practice!!)
  5. --> A thing to note is if you spam jump, there's a chance you could jump a frame too late and not cause the game to ignore setting your respawn point <--
  7. Video of Cornchunks doing it via KT Jumps:
  8. Video of 1 frame jumps (Not an explanation, just a showcase):
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