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  1. Planet Surface Description.
  2. $name : Planet Surfaces
  3. $author : Generates a paragraph about a planet.
  4. $amount : 5
  5. $picture : http://s1.postimg.org/hr8yzlt23/cookie.png
  6. $button : Land
  8. $surface
  9. The surface is desolate. [desolate]
  10. The planet is lush. [lush]
  11. The planet is inhospitablae. [hot]
  12. The planet is frozen. [frozen]
  13. There is no atmosphere. [vacuum]
  15. $desolate
  16. [vacuum] [norain] {40%}
  17. Between rocky cracks, gentle pools of clear water sit. [rain]
  18. Along a coastline, waves crash on a gravel beach, and salty water flows into shallow tidal pools. The smell of brine permeates the air. [rain]
  20. $lush
  21. Make it up.
  23. $hot
  24. Make it up.
  26. $frozen
  27. Mountain ranges saddled with show extend north and south.
  28. A frozen plain covered in snow extends as far as the eye can see.
  30. $vacuum
  31. Jagged rocks poke out from the terrain. It is clear little water has eroded and smoothed the landscape.
  32. A sinuous landscape rolls up and down, rock worn by water long evaporated.
  34. $norain
  35. A dark, clear sky arches overhead.
  36. The sky is [norain].
  37. The atmosphere is thin and [norain].
  38. A [skycolor] dome arches overhead.
  39. The sky is [skycolor].s
  41. $rain
  42. Whispy cirrus clouds streak across an open [skycolor] sky.
  43. Cumulus clouds lie flat like mashed potatoes on a glass sheet against the [skycolor] sky.
  44. An overcast sheet of clouds lies flat across the [skycolor] sky.
  45. Cumulonimbus clouds sit above the horizon, intermittently flashing. Thunder is heard faintly in the distance.
  46. Misty rain obscures the horizon.
  47. Torrential rain beats against the ground.
  48. Torrential rain falls as lightning strikes nearby.
  50. $skycolor
  51. deep blue
  52. bright blue
  53. sickly yellow
  54. amber
  55. sulfur-colored
  56. faintly green
  57. gentle red
  59. $seed
  60. [surface]<br > <br >
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