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Fortune Teller Flags

dragonbane Dec 31st, 2019 (edited) 110 Never
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  1. Fortune Teller sets 2 flags when leaving:
  3. 0x80406F98 to 4 (bit 3)
  4. Uses: Makes the Fortune Teller talk to you on scene load when returning
  5. Other uses: Is reset when skipping a cutscene (Lanayru cleared), can maybe be used to make other NPCs talk to you from far away?
  7. 0x80406FAB to 1 (bit 1)
  8. Uses: Locks savefile location, prevents Epona from spawning
  10. Both are event flags that lasts globally until manually reset or via softreset (not saved in savefile)
  11. Set via d_save::dSv_event_c::onEventBit
  13. r3 = 0x80406f98 = temp event flag region which are not saved in the savefile
  14. r4 = 0x4 for 0x80406F98 (no offset, adds 4/bit 3) | 0x1301 for 0x80406FAB (0x13 offset, adds 1/bit 1)
  16. Origins:
  17. 0x80406F98: talkProc (after remove, before getEventId)
  18. 0x80406FAB: evtProc_8daNpcT_cfv (after evtChange, before dStage_changeScene)
  20. Code search:
  22. 0x80406F98:
  23. li r4,0x4
  24. or li param_1,0x4
  26. 0x80406FAB:
  27. li r4,0x1301 (Search: http://prntscr.com/qhzbss) (Results: http://prntscr.com/qhzfoz)
  28. or li param_1,0x1301 (Results: http://prntscr.com/qhzmzv)
  30. isEventBit = flag is checked here. Done in daHorse_c::create (Epona creation), daTag_Telop::create (Location text banner override tag, e.g. Malo's shops), d_a_kytag14:daKytag14_Execute (Save Location setter) and d_com_inf_game::dComIfGp_calcNowRegion (setting current map region on the big game map after a new stage load)
  31. onEventBit = flag is enabled here. Only done in daNpc_Sha_c::cutPerformAugury (Fortune Teller)
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