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  1. Here is a way to remove COW's comments and all direct responses to his comments from a cheeseheadtv page. Create a bookmarklet by making a bookmark of any page and edit the 'name' to whatever you want and the 'url' part to include the text below. Click it each time you load a page here and POOF his TRIPE is GONE. If you refresh the page he will be back. If you wanted to be really fancy you can inject the code automatically with a greasemonkey script.
  3. javascript:(function()%7Bvar%20comments%20%3D%20document.getElementsByClassName('comment-container')%3Bfor%20(var%20i%3D0%3B%20i%3C%20comments.length%3B%20i%2B%2B)%7Bvar%20comment%20%3D%20comments%5Bi%5D%3Bif%20(comment.getElementsByClassName('username')%5B0%5D.innerHTML%20%3D%3D%20'COW')%20%7Bcomment.parentNode.removeChild(comment)%3B%7D%7D%7D)()
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