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  1. Signature Of Slavery
  2. 1. Legislation
  3. This legislation hereby allows the signed to sign over their rights and entitlement of freedom to the bearer of this document whom is addressed at the bottom of the page, the signer of this document agrees to follow each and every command issued by the bearer of this document as long as they follow the terms and conditions outlined further down. The signer also relinquishes their status as free and are known as property of said bearer of this document. The following terms of this legislation must be met at all times after the signing is complete, failure to do so may result in legal action taken against the offender, be it the bearer of the document, or the signer.
  4. 1.1 Legal Terms
  5. 1.1.1 Ownership
  6. The bearer of this document of whom is named at the bottom of this legislation may call to claim ownership over the signer of the document after the consent has been given from said subject, the bearer of the document may then treat the subject as a mere possession.
  7. 1.1.2 Intercourse
  8. The bearer of this document also has the right to demand intercourse at any time, as long as a sum exceeding the term "Mahoosive" is paid unless the subject insists to consent. The signing of this document also entitles the slave couple to proceed with intercourse within the House of Commons, Lords, and any place considered a Public Park or National Park which is still run by the state.
  9. 1.1.3 Incomes
  10. The bearer of this document also instantly claims a 30% revenue of the subjects income be it from any means at all and shall not need to declare or have said funds be subject to taxation in any way. The subject of this document may also be legally able to commit crimes of stealing, fraud, and even marriages of convenience to achieve said incomes which is also free of taxation.
  11. 1.2 Third Party Trauma And Damages
  12. 1.2.1 Third Party Trauma
  13. Any third party trauma encountered due to witnessing events such as intercourse or general law breaking is considered an inconvenience and an insult to both the bearer and subject of this document and thus, any third party person(s) will be forced to apologise to both the individuals during a public conference at a time which suits the individuals, even if it comes at a time of inconvenience to the third party person(s).
  15. 1.2.2 Damages To Government Property
  16. Any damage to government property is seen as collateral damage and will be fault of the government for not supplying a high enough standard of safety or resistance to new legislation.
  17. 1.2 Non Profit
  18. This section reminds all whom may be concerned that the permanent status of the individuals upon signing is non-profit, the individuals will be subject to funding by the government to aid them in benefiting the community as a whole.
  19. 2. Legal Complaints
  20. 2.1 Government Complaints
  21. Any government complaints made about individuals of which are affected  by the legislation will be forwarded to the personal complaints office which will, at a low priority, forward the complaints to the individuals solicitors.
  22. 3. Solicitation
  23. 3.1 Complaints
  24. Complaints handled by the individuals solicitors can be subject to abusive responses in both verbal and physical conduct. Results of complaints may vary and a reply is not necessary.
  25. 3.2 Third Party Companies
  26. Any third party companies who wish to pursue further legal action have are reminded that the legislation covers any legal action against the individuals and grants immunity to the legal complaints office.
  27. 4. Consent
  29. I __________________________________________________, Consent to the Legislation of slavery in which I am to surrender all stated above and comply with the above terms and respond to the wishes and demands of __________________________________________________.
  30. Signed:
  32. I __________________________________________________, Consent to the Legislation of slavery in which I am to accept all stated above and comply with the above terms, accepting full responsibility of  __________________________________________________.
  33. Signed:
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