PPMD zasa thoughts

Apr 1st, 2017
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  1. general thoughts:
  2. yo im diggin this puff gameplay right now
  3. not gonna lie
  4. like he doesnt just go in
  5. he moves toward and then can instantly change threat or disengage
  6. in addition to obvious play
  7. puff should be terrifying
  8. you could see it with those jump airdodges oos
  9. zasa was messing with him well
  10. aggro puff > defensive puff all day imo
  11. spectrum/matchups apply etc but i feel my statement stands
  13. vs kpan:
  14. falco is a test for puffs like zasa
  15. since falco can wall out well
  16. he will have to be diligent as well
  17. yeah his punishes on fod were abysmal
  18. if they were ok he woulda won or it woulda been pretty close
  19. he also got laser locked a lot
  20. and he got gimmicked by dthrow too much
  21. on bf he also got hit a lot when falco was high in the air
  22. if he fixes those things he'll do better
  23. in addition to not noobing it up
  24. yeah if he got stage control he sat there
  25. made that man fh
  26. if he took advantage of that better like he did beginning of game 1
  27. hed have bodied
  29. vs colbol:
  30. (g1) with some inefficiencies cleaned up and better punishes he couldve made it close or won
  31. zasa occasionally gets bodied when hes hit high and just falls down after a jump
  32. he should really use at least two sometimes
  33. happened vs kpan as well
  34. if zasa was as fast as possible that would help\
  35. puff desperately needs it
  36. hbox only puff that is about as quick as possible with her
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