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  1. (Buster, Fire Wave[rematch]) Chill Penguin (Dash[right in front of you])
  2. (Buster, Chameleon Sting [rematch]) Storm Eagle (Helmet[wall that looks like metal mesh, fall on the right side, dash jump to platform], Sub Tank[after initial climb, find turret, destroy and stand on platform, shoot glass]) (at top of moving platforms, dash jump to the left)
  3. (Storm Tornado) Flame Mammoth (Buster[just before first platform, dash jump to breakable blocks], Sub Tank[large area with platforms and (frozen) lava, go to top platform and dash jump to the left) (Pick Axe Throwers, get heart under them)
  4. (Buster, Homing Torpedo [rematch]) Boomer Kuwanger (Charge Shotgun Ice)
  5. (Shotgun Ice) Spark Mandrill (Sub Tank[stay on the bottom level, use boomerrang]) (After killing first Mega Tourtoise, climb wall, wall dash jump)
  6. (Electric Spark) Armored Armadillo (Second Mine Cart, jump down gap, use Fire to kill Mole Borer, then continue on)
  7. (Rolling Shield) Launch Octopus (After Second Anglerge, find two funnels, jump into second one, destroy blue orb on ship, go into passage, fight sub boss (Storm Tornado)
  8. (Boomerrang Cutter) Sting Chameleon (Body[climb wall at the pit/cave entrance, fight miniboss [Boomerrang Cutter])  (Jump into Pit before tunnel, dash jump to heart container)
  9. Revisit Chill Penguin (Heart) (use mech to jump up, use Fire to get heart)
  10. Revisit Armored Armadillo (Hadoken, Sub Tank[giant spiked bar minion, activate and then jump over])
  12. ______
  13. (Shotgun Ice, Buster) Bosspider
  14. (Chameleon Sting) Rangda Bangda
  15. (Boomerrang Cutter) D-Rex
  16. (Shotgun Ice) Velguarder
  17. (Electric Spark) Sigma
  18. (Rolling Shield) Sigma 2
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