Trapped Application

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  1. username: @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  3. slot: Fire
  5. backup slot: Juice
  7. birthname: Reisha Min
  9. korean name: Min Ryuji
  11. face claim: @gracememt
  13. backup face claim: Eunbin (CLC)
  15. date of birth: 24/08/99
  17. birthplace: Seoul | South Korea
  19. hometown: Cebu | Philippines
  21. nationality: Filipino/Korean
  23. ethnicity: Filipino/Korean
  25. height: 166cm
  27. weight: 48kg
  29. personality:
  30. » Savage - She's got some good comebacks up her sleeve. People tend to avoid insulting her because they know it'll just bounce back. It's light towards the people she cares about but to others, it's full on.
  31. » Badass - She's badass bitch. She's a hard one to take down and she's the last one standing almost all the time. It's normal to see her leaning on a locker, sucking a lollipop and looking at who wants to be next. She's also quite impulsive sometimes.
  32. » Fun - She can be a crackhead, pulling cringey jokes and doing weird things. She isn't always a bad person, despite her constant RBF and savage comments. She loves basic pranks, bad puns and a lot of fun. She even finds surviving a zombie apocalypse fun.
  33. Short-Tempered - She's a short tempered person who is still learning to control her anger. When she's angry, she'll be quiet as a first warning to those who angered her. If they don't getting the clue, she'll erupt but it's verbally and not physically.
  34. » Emotional - The only area that she isn't strong in is emotional. She can easily feel emotional or soft, whether she shows it or not. She hates this side of her because it makes her feel weak, which is why she never shows it to anyone but bottling it up makes it worse.
  36. background: She had a really rough past that made her the tough girl that she is. She was born in Seoul, but when she moved to seoul at the age of 5, he Father died. Her Father was the bread-winner of the family, so his death landed her family in financial problems. She had to help her Mother with all the house chores after school while her older Brother helps her Mother at the small bookstore she works at. Because she was poor, she had to deal with some bitchy students who bullied her. When her family pulled out of their financial crisis, she was 14. She and her Brother moved to Seoul while their Mother stayed in Cebu, retired. She now studies in Seoul High and when she isn't studying, she's working part-time at Starbucks to pay back to her Mother.
  38. trivia:
  39. » She can dance hip-hop, break dance and rap.
  40. » She is actually really cheesy and caring on the inside as her bad behaviour was only influenced by the bullying incident in her elementary school.
  41. » She ended up in detention a few times for pranks that went too far and skipping class twice.
  42. » She has Vasovagal Syncope where her blood pressure drops due to stress, anxiety or fatigue and she faints.
  43. » She hates the number 5 while her lucky number is 14.
  45. habits:
  46. » Biting her lip.
  47. » Pulling bad puns when least expected.
  48. » Twirling her hair when she's got an idea.
  51. » Starbucks
  52. » Lollipops
  53. » Skateboarding
  54. » Dancing
  55. » Aesthetics
  57. dislikes:
  58. » Hatred
  59. » Bitter Food
  60. » Skirts
  61. » Illness
  62. » Pink
  64. skills:
  65. » She's smart with her words.
  66. » She took up archery when she was 13.
  67. » She's a really fast, flexible and agile person.
  69. zombies killed all the other people in school, what you gonna say/do?: “ well shit, if you aren't no going to do something, I will. I'm not being killed by some rotten meat. ”
  71. do you think you'll survive?: Yeah, I got high hopes for survival.
  73. bias wrecker in nct?: You mean wreckers because all of them are.
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