Novel Coronavirus Commentary

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  1. > What was the precursors that gave it away to you that this was different to previous viruses?
  3. It started with three dreams I had.
  5. In the first (from late December) I was with a loose group of people in a post-collapse situation. We had to go to a food depot guarded by armed men to trade/barter for items and food. Pretty mundane dream, no drama, just felt like this was life now. Felt like there were far fewer people around and no military or police.
  7. In the second dream (early January) I was at a city government building in the lobby. People were sitting in the waiting chairs. Got the impression they were there for rations or for jobs. Jobs involved whatever was needed that day or week to keep the local society going. Security. Food delivery. You get paid in canned food and similar.
  9. In the third dream (mid January) was at an airport and people were infected by small worms, which turned them into zombies. Similar to the show The Strain, which started out in the first episode with an epidemic. I ran to the back exit and toward a mountain, which looked like Africa, and at the base of the mountain was an elevated boxy structure with a sliding door on the front, looked like a kitchen cabinet, with people inside. Had to climb a ladder to get up in there to escape the zombies.
  11. It was by this third dream that I first heard about the coronavirus.  The reddit forums, a couple key YouTube channels, and a few other sources provided the latest inside info on what was going on. Hardest part was getting past the censorship, since the CCP-influenced social media and news companies were clamping down info. I then remembered the dreams and realized they could be symbolic precognitive indicators of economic / biological / societal impacts.
  13. That also put some perspective on why several acquaintances since late 2019 felt driven to arm up and get some preparedness items as if subconsciously/synchronistically guided to do so. That "general movement of things" is the kind of sign I look for (versus some internet chicken little saying the world's about to end because numerology says so and yet nothing in my life or anyone's around me indicates anything is up).
  15. But regarding online sources of info, specifically, what was getting out back in January was based on China’s experience with it, which indicated a doubling time every 5-7 days. This meant that if there was just one confirmed case in the USA, you could calculate how many weeks it would be until it reached 1,000  or 2,000 and so on. So it goes 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, 32k, 64k, 128k, 256k, 512k, 1024k.  From 1 thousand to 1 million in three months if not handled. That's what exponential growth means. In the beginning, it's so slow that governments have time to lie to prevent panic, and the public isn't really seeing it happening locally. It goes from that to bedlam in a few months.
  17. Halfway into it, public thinks "Well it hasn't been bad so far, therefore nothing to worry about." Or, "This news again? I'm so sick of hearing about it" (because public is conditioned by the 3-week news cycle to forget about it, e.g. burning koalas). But that's just when the situation begins to skyrocket.
  19. That’s how we know that at least in the USA, the health care system could melt down in May if not by late April. It also had info on percentage of people that would be in severe/critical condition, and how many would die. It’s not the deaths that will disrupt things so much as the hospital burden due to the huge number of people needing intense medical care (for which there aren’t enough beds or supplies or personnel, and which displaces care for other things like cancer treatments, diabetes stuff, accidents/injuries, pregnancies, and so on).
  21. And, there was video / insider testimony of bodies being burned by the hundreds per day to cover up the true death toll. China’s numbers were fake, at least 10x under-reported. It was due to this censorship and normalcy bias that the general uninformed population that just hears things vaguely through mainstream news thought it was just a flu, just a mild cold, not a big deal, no different from the previous viruses.
  23. The previous viruses had different contagion levels, different case fatality and hospitalization rates. In looking at the numbers, it was clear that novel coronavirus had a much higher exponential growth potential. That means it starts out slow (which is why people were under-estimating it) but would eventually eclipse what Swine Flu, SARS, and MERS were capable of.  Currently it’s the regular flu that’s being said to kill more people than coronavirus, which is true because coronavirus is still on its upward ascent and hasn’t crossed the flu death toll YET but it WILL some time in May unless some miraculous intervention happens (after that crossing point, it can easily keep going, doubling every week, until it burns through the population and starts tapering off).
  25. Since China was the economic powerhouse of the world, and since the CCP leaders are deluded narcissistic sociopaths, they wouldn’t do anything to damage their own economy unless it was a life or death situation. They seemed to have known from the start that something really bad happened. Maybe an accidental or inside-job release of an artificial pathogen that they thought they had contained but didn’t. So for them to be shutting down 100+ million people in forced quarantines, and another 600+ million in heavy restriction, meant even these sociopaths were panicking.
  27. Next, if we’re talking about a single event like comet impact or 9/11 style attack or EMP from the sun, that’s a single hard event that may or may not happen. Quantum and reality creation factors can affect the outcome of a single unpredictable event like that. Alien/Angelic intervention can sometimes affect such one-off events. But a pandemic, once it’s begun, is no longer a single event. It’s a statistical thing, a swarm of events, where you’d have to protect every single person in an area. If just one gets out, they can infect another area. This law of the majority, which ties into the General Law that Mouravieff wrote about, is for the most part unstoppable by synchronistic factors. If someone develops a vaccine right now, logistical limitations prevent it being distributed in time. In the USA, the population will be burned through by July (burned through = it has run its course). So this would have to be vaccined in April, which is too soon.
  29. Therefore this seemed like an uncontainable wild-fire, with the statistics of a swarm. Very hard for anything to stop as a whole. It’s only individuals who may get intervention/protection, per their destiny and vibes and mindset and preparations.
  31. Now, Singapore supposedly has done a good job keeping a lid on it. The question is why, and why Iran and Italy are in full meltdown right now. That’s something I need to investigate. Thailand claims it has very few cases but their cases of viral pneumonia have been skyrocketing, so they’re just covering up coronavirus and diagnosing it as “viral pneumonia” to not enter into the WHO statistics of coronavirus cases. Need to see if Singapore is pulling the same trick or what.
  33. So it was inevitable that US, UK, Germany, etc. would get at least a couple cases. And once there is one, there would have been others not being reported. So with the doubling time of a week or less, it was only a matter of time (which could be calculated) when the government couldn’t contain/lie about it, which would cause enough psychological panic (based somewhat on hype, since people weren’t dropping dead just yet) for stores to be cleaned out of essentials in certain countries/cities.
  35. I calculated it would be 2-3 weeks from my warning. And that was roughly accurate. Good thing if you did a little prepping ahead of that curve. Right now it’s still mostly just psychological panic. And can tell that's the case when people are buying up the cheaper cans of beans but leaving the more expensive ones, or cleaning out the bargain stores like Costco but leaving the regular priced stores alone. Psychological panic has its own issues, like hoarding and the fights that break out because of it. Plenty of vids on Twitter and Youtube of it. If some people do that when the lights are still on, if they trample and fight over Black Friday sales, what does that indicate about how amicable they'll be in times of actual distress?
  37. It’ll become true logistical terror when quarantines are implemented, streets are empty except a few people, stores are shut down, food delivery infrastructure slows, etc. Which will vary by regions. Some will get hit hard, others will do okay. Look at Italy right now for an idea. Depending on your country, the military will be active trying to keep order if this keeps going. Similar to war time / economic collapse conditions. The denser a population, the greater the disruption.
  39. There are many domino effects to keep in mind, like what happens in a small town if everyone at the local police or fire station gets quarantined? Or what if half fall ill? What if they have to triage what emergencies they respond to? Same with health care services, where "triage" will be the big word in a couple months. I'm talking about society at large here, not what will necessarily happen to you personally, as the latter is up to you and your soul resonance.
  41. Yes this is a global catalyst. I noticed that it’s exposing the thin veneer of bullshit that glues society together. Politicians lying. Companies lying. Economy stretching everything thin to maximize profits. Authorities saying they’re more prepared than they actually are. People in denial and playing it down not taking adequate protection measures. Herd mentality causing societies to not take those measures for fear of being ridiculed (ego issues).
  43. When societies have the luxury of being divorced from reality without consequences, complacency sets in and sooner or later reality hits. So all this is being stress tested on a global scale, thereby exposed/revealed. That’s a sign of the times, and more of such catalysts will be coming in the years ahead. Just one of those things one has to adapt toward. So let’s keep our chins up and carry on with what matters in our lives, and stay clear of the surrounding panic/danger.
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