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Session 3: Not Impossible

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Nov 20th, 2012
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  1. <CJ> You are in a simple barracks in the East Anglian covenant of Libellas. Or maybe it is an infirmary - a simple painted room, still smelling of wet plaster. Everything here is new; the servants still seem to have trouble finding things, and all are scare of you.
  2. <CJ> scared even :)
  3. <CJ> Who has the Gentle Gift?
  4. <Silas_> I do
  5. <CJ> You have all finally gathered, and the tale of the cat and the talking wolf has been told, and they mystery of the talking sheep been resolved I believe?
  6. <Baruch> (Yes, well, I guess we don't know the wolf bit so much, but the sheep yeah)
  8. [Calpurnia disconnect and reconnected back]
  10. <CJ> Calpurnia seems to stare intently forwards - for a moment you all fear she has entered Twilight again, then she shrugs, and warms her hands by the cheery fire.
  11. <Baruch> ( :D )
  12. <Calpurnia> (No I don't, I go to a cold corner of the room to cool down)
  13. <Helpax> (lol)
  15. <CJ> An immensely fat man in a fine linen shirt pops his head round the door and says "Bors and Glal, the missus Lucy would like to see ya now, if be alroiht by ay, in the Big 'all"
  16. <Silas_> "I guess we best get moving"
  17. <Calpurnia> "yep
  18. <CJ> "Scurry along now, she be roight royalled and ya don't want her getting upset"
  19. <CJ> The language they speak round here is bizarre!
  20. <Helpax> "Agreed. Angry Magi are the worset."
  21. <Makara> "Happy Magi is the best"
  22. <Makara> "No wait, it would be worst too."
  24. [Everyone follows the grog]
  26. <CJ> As you walk out in to the courtyard, you notice seven cottages each with a sanctum marker on the door. One is being tiled, and two grogs are struggling to get a ladder in position. The one on the roof looks at you, then quickly looks away in fear
  27. <Helpax> ...and wazes at the fearful grogs with a big grin
  28. <Silas_> "[whsipers] what do you suppose they are doing?"
  29. <Helpax> Helpax whispers back "Building a home, I suppose."
  30. <CJ> You enter the Great Hall - which is hardly great, compared with the villages you are used to. A circular table sits in the middle, with 12 chairs, more like wooden thrones, around. The fat man directs you to seats, spaced evenly with a throne in between each of you.
  32. [Everyone taken a seat]
  34. <CJ> The walls are hung with tapestries, showing magi or important people. INT + Artes Liberales anyone?
  36. [Most rolled nicely]
  38. <CJ> Homer, Virgil, Chretien de Troyes and Ovid. Great poets. The last one is Verderis of Criamon, a famous Hermetic poet whose enigmatic rhymes is still not really understood, even by other Criamon, but contains great insights in to the nature of magic, or is the ravings of a madman. Who knows?
  39. <Calpurnia> (Both as that is what gave him great insight}
  41. <CJ> The dark November night is warmed by a roaring fire - two guards, fully armed, sit within the inglenook fireplace. The room is lit by some magic - comfortably evenly lit in a warm orangey light. A goblet of wine, and plate of fish steamed and served with mashed turnip stands on your plates
  42. <CJ> You have a chance to talk for a few moments before Lucidia arrives.
  43. <Silas_> "[looks at Baruch] what happens now?"
  44. <Baruch> "They seem to be setting themselves up quite comfortably here, it seems."
  45. <Helpax> "Well, they are fans of poetry. Maybe we lucked out."
  46. <Baruch> "Now we wait, I presume. Wouldn't want to anger our host by beginning without her, no?"
  47. [Class I wonder if they know how we can get to the Tribunal in time]
  48. [Silas_ looks longingly at the food]
  49. <Silas_> "I suppose"
  50. <Baruch> "Oh, I'm sure they would. It is quite close, I believe."
  51. <Class> “Yes but didn't you tell me that most of this Covenant already left for the Tribunal?”
  52. <Calpurnia> "it did"
  53. <Baruch> "Yes, that worries me slightly as well. Surely it cannot be that far? "
  54. <Baruch> "We will find out soon, I hope."
  56. <CJ> A woman enters. It is Lucidia, a young maga who appears about 27 years of age. She is wearing a yellow dress, with a fine red sash, and orange cloak, with sheepskin boots died orange to match.
  57. [ Silas_ stands and gives a small bow to the lady]
  58. <CJ> In LATIN: "Please be seated! And then tell me quickly who you are, and why I should not destroy you?" - in a friendly, pleasant tone.
  59. <Helpax> "Greetings Lucindia! Thank you for the hospitality!"
  60. <Class> (Etiquette what’s that ;) )
  61. <CJ> (Lucidia looks appraisingly at Silas. Silas make a Presence +Etiquette roll)
  62. <Baruch> "Good evening, milady. Why should you destroy us? We are here for the tribunal; the apprentices here are due for their Gauntlet."
  65. <Makara> "We are clearly spies of great treachery, here to steal some delicious fishes on the table!"
  66. [Makara take a nibble on the steam fish]
  67. <Calpurnia> "…and he is a Criamon"
  68. [Helpax groans]
  69. <CJ> Lucidia eyes Makara suspiciously.
  71. [Silas make a good Etiquette roll]
  73. <CJ> "Eat!" proclaims Lucidia, and a chandelier high over head burst in to flame. Not the cnadles - there are none - the actual iron becomes wreathed in gold, scarlet and purple flames, and in the centre appears a burning red heart of fire.
  74. <Baruch> "Thank you. This is very kind of you."
  75. [Baruch takes a bite]
  76. <CJ> Food is good, if a trifle bland. Trout from local river.
  77. <Makara> "Well said! Let's feast!" Makara continues eating
  78. <Class> "Thanks for sharing this meal with us"
  80. [Most starts to eat the trout or poke at it]
  81. [Makara sneak a trout into his pocket]
  82. <CJ> Makara, the trout in your pocket is starting to squish in to a pulp.
  84. <CJ> "Apprentices from where?" Lucidia challenges, pointedly
  85. <Calpurnia> (uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  86. <Class> (how is our flying city called?)
  87. <Baruch> (What was the name of our place agai? :D)
  88. <Helpax> (Did we actaully discuss that?)
  89. <Class> (I doubt so)
  90. <Calpurnia> (no idea)
  91. <CJ> Fire plays around her finger tips as she brings them together, arched in front of her.
  92. <Silas_> (the first one to mention it got it right)
  93. <Makara> (To the jail time side quest!)
  94. <Calpurnia> (ahh well it was not nice knowing all of you)
  95. <CJ> (Flying covennat - city of Ivory and Jade)
  97. <Baruch> "We are from the city of Ivory and Jade, lady Lucidia. Surely you have heard of us - from beyond the clouds?"
  98. <CJ> The city of Jade and Ivory?!!! Where is that? Is it near York, or beyond Cardiff?
  99. <Helpax> "The City of Ivory and Jade, Magae Lucidia, is also called the flying city..."
  100. <CJ> "Tell me your names and Houses. Perhaps that will make more sense. I begin to suspect you are all faeries ripe for the burning!"
  101. <Baruch> "Ah, you are unfamiliar. No surprise there - few have heard of us, for we difficult to reach and constantly on the move."
  103. <CJ> (Anyone got a reputation on their character sheet?)
  104. <Baruch> "It is quite marvelous, really. I would invite you over, but it really is difficult to reach us."
  105. <Calpurnia>( ...demons)
  106. <Class> "Eule of the House Bjoraner"
  107. <Baruch> (Mine are Acclaim (Bonisagus) at 0, and Lackey (Hermetic) at 1)
  108. <Silas_> "Please my lady, no need for such distrust. I am Silas of Mercere"
  109. <Baruch> "Baruch ex Bonisagus. Perhaps you know my master Octavianus? Quite unpleasant, I'm afraid."
  110. <Makara> "Makara of House Criamon and this other fish on the table is Bob."
  111. <Makara> "bob, meet lady Lucidia."
  112. <CJ> Lucidia looks at Makara as if mad.
  113. <Silas_> "Please pardon Makara, he... ergh"
  114. <Helpax> (I have a couple, from my flaws...Taught by an Infernalist 3, i think and nearly killed his Parens 6....)
  115. <Helpax> "Helpax of Tytalis..."
  116. <CJ> Lucidia looks at Helpax. You are Helpax? That Helpax?
  117. <Helpax> "Yes...but rumour has a tendency to exaggerate."
  118. <Calpurnia> ".......Calpurnia Von Warpstorm of house Criamon"
  119. <CJ> Lucidia smiles and nods at Calpurnia, as if that was the most normal name ever.
  120. <Calpurnia> “…” (lol)
  122. <CJ> "Tell me what actually passed between you and your parents. What was there name again?" says Lucidia. And Helpax you can now tell some of your story, such as you are willing to share.
  123. [Helpax sighs]
  124. [Silas_ eyes Lucidia for a moment and then pours some wine for those near him]
  125. <Helpax> "I'd rather not, but I am a guest. Nyxia was my parens name and she..."
  127. <CJ> Just at that moment a blackbird flies in from the soft rain outside, and perches on a chair.
  128. [Calpurnia looks at bird with inquisitive face]
  129. [Makara looks at bird with exquisite face]
  130. [Class looks at the interruption while eating a bit more]
  131. <CJ> Meles of Bjornaer, hair a mad mess, with sharp inquisitive orange eyes appears here the blackbird was. He is quite naked. "Ah Lucidia not cooked you hey?" he caws "Not long! Not long!"
  132. <CJ> He appears to be aged no more than 25. He has a kind of awful ugliness hard not to look upon - the sharp nose is the reason - it is just too big, too sharp and too low on his face. His weird eyes are frightening too
  133. <Baruch> "The lady has been kind to us."
  134. [Makara become cautious of the drawn weapon (nose) on his face.]
  135. <Calpurnia> "Hmf and what of you sir bird"
  137. <Helpax> "She was failry good at summoning spirits. It was under her training that my talent for Mentium was fostered...I didn't know about her...less than christian ways until she attempted to pass them on to me."
  138. <Helpax> "I refused...violently."
  139. [Helpax looked down at his meal, took a swig of wine and closed his eyes.]
  140. <CJ> "MARVELLOUS!" Yells Lucidia, and she fires a gout of flame at the ceiling. What weapons did you use?"
  141. <Calpurnia> "...{shes insane}
  143. <CJ> "Whose you? Whose you?" caws Meles of Blornaer at Calpurnia
  144. <Calpurnia> "Calpurnia Von Warpstorm sir bird"
  145. <Class> (Have I heard from this appearing Bjornaer?)
  146. <CJ> Meles of Bjornaer is renowned for his rash treatment of others, his strong territorial instincts which makes him try and drive off strange magi from near his home and harm them, and his love of music. He is a poet and an intellectual as Bjornaer go.
  147. <Makara> "Want to join us for fish?"
  148. <CJ> Meles is ignoring the fish
  150. <Helpax> "I used a knife...after my magic failed me. She was killed by the others when...they figured out what had happened."
  151. <CJ> Lucidia (visibly aroused) addresses Helpax "You cut them up? Slashed them? Was there much blood?". She seems excited.
  152. <Calpurnia> "...(well this is getting interesting)"
  153. <Helpax> "Yes, there was. I was practically bathed in it."
  154. [Helpax drinks more wine. His eyes are still closed.]
  155. <Silas_> "[whispering to Baruch] I think she is quite insane…”
  156. [Baruch gestures to Silas reassuringly]
  157. [Silas_ keeps his eyes on the food]
  159. <Class> Meles I hope you don't mind that we have a stay for the night in your territory so we can pass on to the Tribunal tomorrow
  160. <CJ> "Not at all. Will she bake, broil or roast you do you think? Do you think?"
  161. <Class> "I hope not but I personal will go for a flight soon needs to stretch my wings"
  162. <CJ> Meles smiles at Class. My friend, can I offer you any hospitality beyond this mere food and drink?
  163. <Class> "Oh thanks maybe you can show me a bit of your territory before it gets to late for you to fly around.
  165. <CJ> "How exquisite!" Lucidia squeals in childish delight "to be sprayed with the blood of one parents, and hack them up, tear them apart, and see their viscera flow out! You lucky lucky man!" She raises her hands and fire explodes up towards the very sooty roof.
  166. <CJ> Someone is approaching the door. You notice the guards have had enough, have left their position by the fore and are trying to quietly slip out.
  167. <Helpax> "I didn't kill her myself though...which means I missed my shot at the Gauntlet. Now I have to make it to this Tribunal and hope the rest of the House accepts me! I can only imagine how their teeth will gnash at the thought of a weakling joining."
  168. [ Helpax drinks a lot of wine and slowly opens his eyes.]
  169. <CJ> "How did you restrain yourself from the killing?" asks Lucidia "when I get my blood up, I could never restrain myself from ANYTHING!" and she whoops with laughter at her own comment
  170. <Calpurnia> (This was the best choice of covenant we could have ever found)
  171. <Helpax> "Restrain myself?!? I did no such thing! Did you know what that bitch put me through? And after that, she expected me to just sign away my soul on her say so?"
  172. <Helpax> "The only reason I didn't kill her myself was someone heard the commotion, busted the door down and stopped me! They were going to have me killed before they worked it all out."
  173. <Silas_> "[whsipering to Baruch] Shouldn't we do something?"
  174. [ Baruch gestures to Silas reassuringly]
  175. [Silas_ returns to pushing turnips around on his plate]
  176. [Makara continue eating after disinterested by the normal situations]
  178. <Baruch> "Sir, lady, we are due at the tribunal in a few days. We are unfamiliar with the lands here, however. Could you direct us? How far is it? In which direction? Is there anything we should know?"
  179. <Class> "OH and is there a good way we can go to the tribunal on time? I think in my Heartshape I would make it on time but for the others I don't know"
  180. <CJ> Meles to all: To Stonehenge? From here? In three days? I doubt I could fly it in that? I might, if I dropped dead on arrival!
  182. <CJ> Suddenly a faerie prince/princess enters. He/She wears a stunning blue gown of some material that looks like satin; priceless. She/He has a green velvet cloak, set with rare gems, that’s how a woodland scene that seems to move as you looks at it. And her/his red-gold hair, cropped short, is topped with a golden crown; her/his elfin features are androgynous yet regal - this person is awe inspiring
  183. <Calpurnia> "..."
  184. <Calpurnia> "Sir crow who is that"
  185. <Helpax> "...Why is there a faerie here?"
  186. [Helpax points at the prince/princess]
  187. [Makara sigh at normality of the situation.]
  188. <CJ> "Jonaquil of Merinita, at your service. Lucidia behave. Meles, go and dress. And please, everyone sit down" - unless you want to resist you all stood as he/she entered. She/he appears to be about 18.
  189. [Silas_ looks up confused by the change of events]
  190. [Calpurnia and Makara resist]
  191. <CJ> Calpurnia and Makara remain seated then :)
  192. <CJ> She claps her hands, and Meles bows low and scurries off. Lucidia sits back in her chair rocking, clearly sulking like a child who has been told off.
  193. <Helpax> "Lucinda was behaving rather well, I think. Just asked me a bit about my past. Fair price for a meal, don't you agree?"
  194. <Silas_> "Greetings Jonaquil of Merinita, thank you for the hospitality"
  195. [ Silas_ bows slightly and sits]
  196. <Makara> "This is the best fish since the previous bite!"
  197. <CJ> She/he sweeps round to his chair. You notice her or his eyes one bright green, one bright violet. She/he is not especially attractive - but she has great Presence, and it is currently supernaturally boosted.
  198. <Baruch> "Baruch of Bonisagus; thank you for _everything_."
  199. <Class> "So did I just understand Mele right there is no way we can make it in 3 days to the Tribunal?
  200. <Baruch> "Perhaps you have been informed of our purpose? I am attempting to lead these apprentices to the Tribunal on time, although it seems, by what your associate told us, that this will not be easy."
  202. <CJ> "If I may, three questions. 'Where are you from?, Why are you here? and How can we assist?"
  203. 08:06:46] * Class look at Baruch
  204. 08:06:57] <CJ> "There are many ways to make it to Stonehenge in 3 days. Few are easy however."
  205. <Helpax> "To answer your questions; The City of Ivory and Jade, got attacked by a Drake upriver a while back and giving us a short cut. Please."
  207. <CJ> "If I may, how were you travelling? And where is the city of which you speak?"
  208. <Calpurnia> "sigh.... in the sky"
  209. <Class> "With a boat that is at the river close to the waterfall"
  210. [Makara finish his meal wondering why everyone talks so much when they eat.]
  211. <Baruch> "My associate seems to have met Final Twilight while flying us to the tribunal. We were forced to continue by land, as I was not prepared to propel us like he was.""
  212. <CJ> "I see." Jonaquil looks puzzled. "And you are trying to get to Tribunal for what reason? Are you full magi of the Order?"
  213. <Baruch> "These apprentices are to be Gauntleted at the tribunal."
  214. <Baruch> "It is imperative that we make it."
  216. <CJ> Lucidia has an idea "Actually, why don’t you just stay here? We could use you as lab assistants...." She chuckles but there is a note of menace in her voice
  217. <Baruch> "That is of course an alternative, but I think we would prefer the Tribunal, if at all possible, lady Lucidia."
  218. <Helpax> "No thank you. We couldn't possibly impose on you any more and our parents believe we’re ready to stop being lab assistants."
  220. <CJ> a wolf enters the room
  221. <Calpurnia> "..."
  222. [Silas_ is no longer surprised but takes another sip of wine]
  223. <Silas_> "[whsipers to Baruch] where did the guards go?"
  224. [Baruch gestures to silas reassuringly]
  225. <CJ> the wolf is not the same wolf you saw before.
  226. <Helpax> Barely more than a whisper, Helpax responds to the wolf with a single phrase "...that explains a lot..."
  228. <CJ> Jonaquil clicks her fingers and says to the wolf "Meles, human form!" Meles sights and turns back to a man in neat black blue robes, like a young Tremere
  229. <CJ> (He was a blackbird last time you saw him!)
  230. [ Silas_ eyes Meles and takes another swig of the wine]
  231. <Class> (Do he have some kind of Wolfpelt ?)
  232. <Helpax> (So Class, what is Bjornaer's stance on shapeshifters who cantake multiple forms? I seem to recall...)
  233. <Class> (If not I will have a talk with my Mentor when I'm back)
  234. <CJ> (Class - they hate them, they are enemies. This was clearly magic though, a spell)
  235. <CJ> Yes, he has a wolfpelt over his back
  236. Class> (Yes I know why do you think I asked if he have a wolfpelt?)
  237. <Class> (But if heartbeast and shapshifter form is the same then its acceptable by some)
  238. [Makara grab another fish and practice massaging it.]
  240. <CJ> Jonaquil calls "Enough! Let us find a way to get you to Tribunal. Lucidia, be quiet"
  241. <Silas_> [muttering quietly] "oh güts we needed a hands -hic-"
  242. <CJ> Jonaquil asks "Which route do you propose to take?"
  243. [ Silas_ blinks in Bauch's direction]
  244. <Baruch> "We are completely unfamiliar with the lay of the land here, and were hoping you might be able to assist us there. I seem, however, we won't be able to make it on time by land, so we will have to begin considering magical alternatives.""
  246. <CJ> Jonaquil creates a map, which shines upon the table surface
  247. <CJ>
  248. <CJ> We are just eleven miles south of Bury St Edmunds she observes. Two days walk, one days ride west of here will take you to the covenant of Schola Pythagoranis, who may be able to help you more. One days ride or two days walk east of here is the coast and the Orwell estuary, and there you will find the covenant of Nigrasax. I can't imagine they would be any use though!
  249. <CJ> (Can you all find Bury St Edmunds on the map? In Suffolk, on right hand side of map in bump that sticks out)
  250. <CJ> "Those two covenants may have magical forms of transport. We don't. However two days travel to Cambridge or close to Ipswich will mean you arrive at the time you should be at Tribunal.
  251. <Helpax> (Found it...we're trying for stonehenge right?)
  252. <CJ> Stonehenge is in Wiltshire, between Clane and Marlborough
  253. <Silas_> (More or less directly east in the middle of the map)
  254. <CJ> Calne and Marlborough. Yep. You are a very long way away. Easy to travel there by flying boat in time allowed, not so easy on foot. Oh and you now know there are covenants at Cambridge (Schola Pythagoranis) and Ipswich (Nigrasaxa)
  255. <CJ> One obvious route would be down to London, then upriver along the Thames for about 130 miles. Boats do navigate it, but that far up would be 7 to 9 days and against the current the whole way.
  256. <CJ> Another option, would be ship from coast round to Bristol, and then a few days travel inland. That would take 7-10 days for the journey
  257. <CJ> You clearly need a magical solution :)
  258. <Helpax> "I don't suppose they were forthcoming on what kind of magical transport? It makes a difference, after all..."
  259. <Class> (How long would take me on the route as Eagle Owl? And can I pinpoint the location where we started with Wilderness sense - directions?)
  260. [Silas_ strains, studying the map]
  261. [ Baruch looks at the map with a worried expression]
  262. <CJ> Jonaquil smiles "If only I had knowledge of the Faeries Trobs, or Arcadian Travel, I might be able to get you there in time"
  263. <Class> (@CJ can I estimate from the map where our city must be when we started and how difficult it would be to make it the more direct route as eagle owl? Have Wilderness Sense - direction)
  264. <CJ> An eagle owl can cover 30 to 50 miles a night. So three - four days, allowing time to hunt, avoid predators, look for landmarks, and flying as long as stamina permits.
  265. <Class> (OK thanks so I better keep at the group as there is always a next year)
  267. <CJ> Calpurnia, Lucidia is studying you with great interest, watching you intently.
  268. <Calpurnia> "..."
  269. <CJ> "calpurnia darling" says Lucidia "let us walk in the night!"
  270. <Calpurnia> ".... and do what, walking is a means to an end"
  271. [Helpax. blinks at Calpurnia's comment.]
  272. <Makara> "Walking is overrated, swimming is better."
  273. <CJ> "I wondered if you would like to see inside my lab?"
  274. [Helpax blinks at Calpurnia's comment]
  275. <CJ> Lucidia throws a dangerous look at Makara. She is not amused...
  276. <Calpurnia> "Hmmm I think Makara would like to as well and maybe Baruch"
  277. <Makara> "Oh oh, does your lab have an oven?"
  278. <Calpurnia> "Of course it does Makara what kind of question is that"
  279. <Helpax> "...Criamons..."
  280. <CJ> "I would be a poor Flambeau without one" - replies Lucidia with some heat. Actually she does most things with some heat ;)
  281. <Silas_> [ignoring the conversation] "We could make for Schola Pythagoranis... if we are to have a chance"
  282. <Baruch> "Silas, yes, I believe that is the best of our bad alternatives."
  283. <Makara> "What if the whole lab is the oven? Then an oven inside an oven would be fantastic!"
  284. <Calpurnia> "I wouldn't be surprised Makara"
  285. [Silas_ looks up from the map to Makara, shakes his head and return to the map]
  286. <Helpax> "I concur, for what it is worth."
  287. <Calpurnia> "Helpax would you want to come along and continue telling your stories to Lucidia"
  289. <CJ> Meles addresses the conference "You’re magi. The road is dangerous, and mundanes hate and fear us in the main. You may not make it, even as far as Cambridge)
  290. <Silas_> "my-... ergh, Jonaquil, would the fay aid our travel, do you think?"
  291. <CJ> Jonaquil looks thoughtful. "Perhaps -- but for a price. A cruel price."
  292. <Helpax> "I've told more than I'm comfortable with. After all, it is my biggest failure..."
  293. [Silas_ looks at Baruch]
  294. <CJ> Jonaquail observes "Baruch, this is YOUR responsibility". She/He says the words gravely...
  295. [Baruch looks concerned]
  296. <Baruch> "Yes. It would be. How unpleasant. I believe we should travel to Schola Pythagoranis. I don't suppose we might be able to acquire mundane means to travel from here to there?"
  297. <Helpax> "What like a...wagon?"
  298. <CJ> The road west from Bury will take you there. You could hire horses, but your Gift...
  299. <Class> Now Animals usual don't have problems with me
  300. <Baruch> "Perhaps? Traveling is not my strong suite, I fear."
  302. <CJ> Can I have a Perception + nigmatic Wisdom roll from the two Criamon please
  303. <CJ> Any specialization like Insights, Premonitions, Omens, that sort of thing will help.
  304. <Calpurnia> (Interpreting signs?)
  305. <CJ> Yep.
  307. [Both Criamon rolled weakly but Calpurnia spend a confident point to boost it to success]
  309. <CJ> Makara - as Meles said "You are magi. The road is dangerous, and mundane hate and fear us in the main. You may not make it, even as far as Cambridge" you relaise that SOMEONE or SOMETHING has deliberately separated you from your homes, and is trying to stop you becoming magi by getting to Tribunal. Calpurnia, you don't understand the mystery, but know that dragons are deeply involved in...
  310. <CJ> ...this attempts to thwart your destinies.
  311. <Calpurnia> AHH fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  312. <CJ> You can't rationally explain how you know this either of you: but you do, with glaring certainty. "The Dragon fears the children: they shall not come to adulthood." Calpurnai recognizes the additional dragon part.
  313. <CJ> Something is out to kill you all. And at that moment you all hear the slow measured beats of giant scaly wings approaching the covenant...
  314. <Makara> "So, can't we just have our Gauntlet somewhere else?"
  315. <Helpax> "Why do you ask, Makara?"
  316. <Makara> "So no one would try to stop us on our road again."
  317. <Calpurnia> {raises hand} "I heard there are dragons around these parts"
  318. [Silas_ looks to Calpurnia]
  320. <CJ> Jonaquil has walked to the door. "It is one of the dragons of the River Stour" he/she observes. "It is circling the covenant, hunting something?"
  321. [ Class looks worried at Calpurnia]
  322. [Helpax twigs to what Calpurnia said and stares at her]
  323. [ Silas_ raises and goes to the window]
  324. [Calpurnia stares coldly back, and backs away from openings to building]
  325. [Baruch frowns even deeper, and goes to take a look]
  326. <Silas_> "Are there often drakes around here, Jonaquil?"
  327. <CJ> Jonaquil turns to Baruch "You had best take the apprentices back to the infirmary. I shall try and distract the dragon"
  328. <Baruch> "Very well. Follow me, everyone, and please try to be safe."
  329. [ Baruch heads to the infirmary]
  331. [The group follows Baruch]
  333. <Helpax> "With our luck, that won't help. We need to kill that beast...Lucinda, feel up to some dragon slaying?"
  334. <Makara> "I was wondering when that dragon would catch up to us."
  335. <CJ> Baruch, a huge black draconic creature with a very long sinuous snake like body and ripped black leather wings flies overhead. Despite its size it is a drake, not a full dragon, but an immense one
  336. <Calpurnia> (CJ is dragon fire considered magical and as such able to be blocked by Parma magic)
  337. <CJ> Calpurnia yes it is, and yes. Shame you don't have Parma!
  339. *Break time chat/planning*
  340. <Class> (Is it normal that starting groups in Ars Magic encounter Dragons in theyr first adventure? Usualy I know Dragons only more for endgame in usual Pen & Paper Games)
  341. <Calpurnia> (He is trying to kill us thats why)
  342. <Helpax> (And I don't think so, not for fresh magi, anyway)
  343. <Class> (Yes but as mentioned something is usual kept by GM of normal P&P RPGs for the endgame)
  344. <Calpurnia> (If you stare long enough in to Twilight, Twilight stares back.)
  345. <Helpax> And the more you use the magic, the more the magic uses you
  346. <Class> (err something like dragons is usual hold back till the endgame and now I wonder if Ars Magica is different in this)
  347. <Silas_> I don't want to be used by magic... [pouts]
  348. <Makara> (I seen lots of game where you get into a losing battle as plot anyway)
  349. <Makara> (often against endgame enemy)
  351. <Helpax> (The higher the magic resistance the less likely you'll see it early on)
  352. <Calpurnia>( Didn't the first thing we face have a magic resistance of 20)
  353. <Class> (yes)
  354. <Calpurnia> (sooooooooooooooo)
  355. <Helpax> (yeah, we're doomed)
  356. <Makara> (well it's 7 student + 1 teacher against 1 drake)
  357. <Silas_> (Clearly this was meant as a short adventure :p)
  358. <Class> (OOC I agree I doubt we will make it (my char is still optimistic))
  359. <Makara> (and this time we have a flameblue mage + fairy king + animal guy +convent soldiers)
  360. <Silas_> (oh, I thought you were listing people we were likely to fight: p)
  361. <Makara>( listed our ally in this battle)
  362. <Silas_> (or did you? :p)
  363. <Helpax> (Flameblues tend to be very..aggressive. She'll make a nice distraction)
  364. <Makara> (OR DID I?)
  365. <Calpurnia> (You didn't.)
  366. <Makara> (and our goal is to escape probably)
  367. <Makara> (better pick where we are going next)
  368. <Makara> (Who want to go to LONDON?)
  369. <Class> (Yes but what next we still don't have a chance to make it on time)
  370. <Calpurnia> (we are going to the tribunal :P)
  371. <Helpax> (We'll be less late if we go to one of the other covenants and convince them to help.)
  372. <Class> (To tell the truth my personal intuition say to me to split up the group so at last some manage to get in time to the Tribunal as group we won't make it)
  373. <Makara> (OR)
  374. <Makara> (we capture this dragon and ride it over there.)
  375. <Makara> (via pokeball)
  376. <Helpax> (And I'm not letting some dragon sabbotage my character getting the equivalent of his high school degree)
  377. <Calpurnia> (I think we should go, HOLY HELL YEAH MAKARA)
  378. <Calpurnia> (I agree with makara at the thought of capturing a dragon)
  379. <Makara> (We all can down it with everyone else on the convenent!)
  380. <Calpurnia> (But they would want a part of the dragon too)
  381. <Makara> (Well yeah, if I have a convenent and a dragon is attacking, I would be like FREE VIS, KILL IT, KILL IT)
  382. <Calpurnia> (So who else agrees with capturing the dragon)
  383. <Class> "Baruch I think right now into splitting from our group and go all the way in my Heartbeast form as I'm optimistic to manage it in time to get to the Tribunal even without clotes"
  384. <Makara> (taming it would take months though)
  385. <Helpax> (We claim we need it, as transport. After that, we can point out we claimed it as our magical resource and while we're willing to compensate them, it is our dragon...
  386. <Helpax> (Just saying)
  387. <Calpurnia> (well we could ride it wild)
  388. <Makara> (yes we could)
  389. <Calpurnia> (who has animal taming or whatever it's called)
  390. <Makara> (I have a little at animal ken and animal handling)
  391. <Class> "You realy think that is a option?!"
  392. <Calpurnia> Yes we are going to die one way or the other
  393. <CJ> OK well all back?
  394. <Silas_> (While it would be epic to ride a dragon to the Gauntlet, I don't see it happening :p )
  395. <Makara> Maybe end game
  398. *Back on game*
  399. <Class> "I could enlarge normal big animals but so fare I didn't encounter Birds that I can make big enough to carry a human"
  400. <Baruch> "Class, it is your call. I would suggest that currently our highest priority is surviving this dragon attack, however."
  401. [Silas_ squints]
  402. <Class> (Beast of Outlandish Size was +1 Size?"
  403. <Helpax> "I'd rather you not die Class."
  404. <Silas_> (Is that the same drake as before?)
  405. <CJ> Silas no it's not. :)
  406. <Calpurnia> (CJ can the ignem defense parma magic bonus we have work currently?)
  407. <CJ> nope, just your form bonus!
  408. <CJ> Good question. This is a different drake!
  409. <Helpax> (It's bigger isn't it?)
  410. <CJ> It is much bigger!
  411. <Baruch> As we move across the yard, I constantly keep an eye on the beast, ready to blast it if it come within my wind's range.
  412. <Calpurnia> WE MUST CAPTURE IT
  413. <Silas_> "Maybe we should consider turning to the fay... with dragons in the area"
  414. [Makara want to see the epic battle.]
  415. <CJ> OK, everyone roll initiative, add your quickness only!
  417. [Everyone rolls]
  419. <Makara> (I am fastest because I finish my meal unlike you all)
  420. <CJ> OK Iniative order: Grogs (run and hide), Makara (10), Calpurnia (9), The Drake (8), Sials (7), Jonaquil (7), Baruch (6) Helpax (6) Lucidia (6) Class (4) Meles (4)
  422. <CJ> Makara you are up!
  423. <Makara> (we sees the dragon here?)
  424. <CJ> The drake is circling the covenant at three hundred paces, in light rain, high up. Sight range. You are in the courtyard outside the Great Hall looking up
  425. <CJ> It is a black fearsome looking creature, bigger even than the one that attacked you before.
  426. <Helpax> (I don't suppose the drake is big enough to count as a room as far as spell targeting goes? I remember taking a penalty because the last one was 'bigger than individual')
  427. <Helpax> "...We didn't get spell-passes!"
  428. <CJ> You had no idea there drakes were so common! This was not your experience in childhood (when you never saw one!) or in the City of Ivory & Jade (again, only heard stories of them)
  429. <CJ> This one is a definitely too big ot count as an Individual, yes. Target: Group spells, or Structure will work on it
  430. <CJ> Mentem spells however can target it's tiny mind normally :)
  431. <Helpax> (I have Covenant Upbringing...did I grow up in the City of I&J?)
  432. <CJ> Makara, what would you like to do?
  433. <Makara> (ehh)
  434. <Makara> (Is there birds flying around the dragon?)
  435. <CJ> (Nope. No birds in air!)
  436. <Makara> I will take delayed action while following the group
  438. <CJ> OK. Calpurnia, you are up now.. :)
  439. <Calpurnia> (I'm inside right?)
  440. <CJ> You are in doorway looking out
  441. <Calpurnia> I go deeper into the great hall
  442. <CJ> OK you move back in to the hall. You see those two guards run back in from outside through a rear door, and climb under the table
  443. <Calpurnia> (smart)
  444. <CJ> The Drakes turn - it flies round, and turns it head towards you all before breathing a great gout of fire that will reduce you all to ash
  445. <Makara> Can I do interrupt action?
  446. <CJ> I won't bother rolling though, as the magical flames suddenly hit the Aegis of the Hearth spell at the edge of the covenant, and flash harmlessly
  447. <CJ> Makara, yes of course
  448. <Makara> oh it stopped it, nevemind. I will keep delaying.
  449. <CJ> OK cool, Makar continues to hold. The covenant's Aegis ritual is holding its fire off
  451. <CJ> Silas your action!
  452. <Silas_> I'll try a intellego animal to find if it has any weaknesses but I couldn't find the spell :/
  453. <CJ> Silas roll Intellego + Animal + Stamina +3
  454. <Helpax> (INAn 4 to learn a fact, plus increases for range and target...25 sounds right)
  455. <Helpax> (But between the Aegis and the drake's might...)
  457. [Helpax rolled high but still can’t made it]
  459. <CJ> + 2 for shouting and waving! You are - 10 for the Aegis, so you cast a spell fo about Level 5. Sorry no luck!
  460. [Silas_ fizzles]
  462. <CJ> OK, Jonaquil shouts orders to grogs, three of whom rush up to the gatehouse and suicidally takes out their bows...
  464. <CJ> Baruch, time to save the day!
  465. <CJ> Your action...
  466. <CJ> Helpax you are on 6 as well. Baruch and Helpax, please state your actions :)
  467. <Baruch> I'll shout "Jonaquil! Invite us to you aegis!", then start casting clouds of rain and thunder.
  468. <CJ> Lucidia is also on 6. She casts a spell on Calpurnia.
  469. <Calpurnia> ...
  471. [Lucidia rolled high with doubling]
  473. <Calpurnia> (…not good)
  474. [ Helpax howls]
  475. <CJ> 5, 10, 20=29 = 49
  476. <CJ> Calpurnai what is your ignem resistance?
  477. <Calpurnia> 4 and with normal magic resistance of 15
  478. <CJ> OK. The spell affects you. You are now Warded Against Heat and Flames by Lucidia's spell, and ignore damage from fire for up to +25
  479. <Calpurnia> 44 MAGIC RESISTANCE &^#(*^*&ES
  480. <Makara> (Now go hug the dragon)
  481. <Silas_> (hehe)
  483. [Baruch also rolled high with a doubling]
  485. <Helpax> "We need Aegis tokens if we're to be of any use!"
  486. <CJ> Baruch Jonaquail throws you a small bronze key.
  487. <CJ> It is a token, allows you to cast at full effectiveness
  488. <Baruch> (So 10+39 penetration +2 for my storm)
  489. <Baruch> I'll grab the key as soon as possible
  490. <CJ> The storm clouds begin to gather as the rain becomes torrential, and the first flashes of lightning rends the sky. Baruch you have the key already
  492. <Helpax> I'll try Scent of Peaceful Slumber, the bigger, rote version of what I did last time...
  493. <CJ> Helpax, ok! Roll to cast. You are at -10 though because you are in someone else's Aegis!
  494. <CJ> (Unless you can get that key off Baruch. It's a token lets you cast at full effectiveness)
  496. [Helpax rolled a weak roll[
  498. <CJ> OK. Good try, but doomed in circumstances!
  499. <Helpax> (I know, but without a token...magic isn't gonna help...)
  500. <CJ> Meles uses his action to pass Class a casting token, a key. Class you will not be penalized by the Aegis. The aura gives you +3. What you want to do!
  502. [Class concentrate on casting Gift of Bears Fortitude on him and try to find cover (even if this is split action 31 should be enough for a known spell at level 25 ... Ranged and then combat that’s absolute not his thing)]
  504. <CJ> (Lucidia is inside by the way now, with Calpurnia)
  505. <Calpurnia> disturbing but okay
  506. <CJ> Class you run in to the room. You see Lucidia and Calpurnai there. Lucidia shouts "Calpurnai, quick run in to my sanctum! You will be safe there!"
  507. <Baruch> I'll keep walking towards the dormitory building while concentrating on the spell
  509. <CJ> Makara, it's the end of the round. You must take your action now :)
  510. <CJ> Makara has held entire round :)
  511. <Makara> ehh I will join in with Calpurnia then
  512. <CJ> OK MAkar runs in to the Great Hall.
  514. <CJ> New round. Makara your action again!
  515. <Makara> (hurr)
  516. <Helpax> (So, holding again?)
  517. <Makara> yep, delay
  518. <Baruch> (hehe)
  519. <Helpax> (lol)
  520. <Makara> while still running to great hall
  521. <Helpax> (Makara is waiting...and waiting...and then the dragon died of natural causes)
  522. <Makara> (outlive a dragon like a mage!)
  524. <CJ> Calpurnia your action!
  525. <Calpurnia> I have no idea where the sanctum is so wait for her to show me
  526. <CJ> You see Calpurna, Class and Lucidia. Lucidia has her arm protectively round Calpurnia, and an odd look on her face
  528. <CJ> The Drake realizes fire is not working. It flies slowly to the covenant, and dives suddenly dropping like a stone claws outstretched on the three grogs on the gatehouse. They don’t stand a chance, and their arrows bounce off its hide. There is an explosion of blood. It flew clean through the Aegis, so it's Might is higher than 20. Now at 30 paces from those outside, and Voice Range
  530. <CJ> Silas you are up!
  531. <CJ> What you doing?
  532. <Class> (Drake = Animal?)
  533. <CJ> Yep
  534. <Silas_> Can I constrict it's movements with Rego/animal?
  535. <CJ> Yep!
  536. <Silas_> like, make it NOT fly around
  537. <Silas_> I'll give that a go then
  538. <Helpax> (the Criamons are the sanest so far, running away from the monster. Why are the crazies the one's doing the smart thing?)
  539. <Makara> (Maybe we operate in opposite)
  540. <CJ> You could do a Circle in courtyard and Ward to stop it coming in, but you want to stop it flying?
  541. <Class> (I'm also hiding ^^)
  543. [Silas make a nice roll!]
  545. <CJ> 17. does that include the Aura of +3
  546. <Silas_> ah no
  547. <CJ> (Baruch yeah, so long as not strong enough to resist)
  548. <CJ> 20. You have a casting key?
  549. <Silas_> (but still affected by the Aegis I believe, so, I'm screwed :p)
  550. <CJ> Yep. Sorry Class has it.
  551. <Baruch> (tucked safely under the table :D)
  552. <CJ> OK, Silas's spell almost worked. The Aegis stopped it. : )
  554. <Makara> "I could use that token thing too!"
  555. <Silas_> "Damned!"
  557. 10:04:56] <CJ> Jonaquil is running for His/her sanctum
  559. [Helpax roll for his Magic Addiction and failed hard with doubling!]
  561. <Helpax> (I forgot...and failed...yay?)
  562. <CJ> lol!
  563. <Helpax> (Right...dang it has been way too long)
  564. <Helpax> (11...vs 20, still failed. MORE MAGIC! MORE!)
  565. <Helpax> (Must cast more spells!)
  567. <CJ> Helpax and Baruch, what you doing?
  568. <Baruch> (How far am I from the building? I kept walking while casting last turn)
  569. <CJ> Baruch 30 paces
  570. <Class> (any guard dogs or so near?)
  571. <CJ> Lucidia says "follow me if you want to live", and opening the side door the guards used, runs across the courtyard and in to her sanctum.
  572. <Helpax> "I need a token...otherwise my magic isn't strong enough" moaned Helpax
  573. <CJ> Baruch has one, Class has one, but they are inside.
  574. <Baruch> (How far is that again? Will I make it if I just keep walking while casting?)
  575. <CJ> Well Class is
  576. <Baruch> (this turn, I mean, will I make it this turn)
  577. <CJ> Actually you were walking to dormitory, so yes you can reach the Gatehouse and drakes if you wish.
  578. <Baruch> (Nonono I want to go for the dormitory :D )
  579. <CJ> Its tail is swishing about as it devours the grogs
  580. <Class> (Brauch I did make it last turn casting and taking cover)
  581. <CJ> You make it to the dormitory. What now Baruch?
  582. <CJ> Helpax, what you up to?
  584. [ Helpax is 'running' and attempting the same spell as last time is difficult but he tries, honest]
  585. <Baruch> I'm switching to charge of the angry winds, because it's now in voice range
  586. <CJ> OK the storm overhead starts it dissipate
  587. <CJ> ok, remember +3 for aura, -10 if no key
  589. [Baruch makes a powerful roll!]
  591. <Calpurnia> (.... I think Baruch hits it)
  592. <CJ> Baruch - 42?!!
  593. <Baruch> (Yeah, 50 altogether plus 2 penetrations against a level 15 spell)
  594. <Baruch> (I have 37 from major magical focus and all that, plus 2 for gestures and so on, plus 3 for aura)
  595. <Class> (Oh it only get to 31 from minor focus ^^)
  596. <CJ> Suddenly there is a tremendous flash of lightning, and the roof of the Great Hall is truck, and collapses inwards, the beams on fire.
  597. [Makara stops right where he's going when the lightning strike]
  598. <Calpurnia> MOTHER#$#%
  599. <Baruch> (Haha, sorry guys :D )
  601. [Helpax make a good roll]
  603. <Helpax> (that damn minus ten...I think a 29 might have worked too)
  604. <CJ> Helpax's spell fails in Aegis.
  606. [Helpax rolled for Magic Addiction and failed again!]
  608. <CJ> Barush, Charge of the Angry Winds hits the Drake. It crashes backwards, demolishing half the gatehouse and flipping over as it rolls fifty paces away and falls stunned for a few seconds
  609. <CJ> Meles shouts "Wolf form quickly" to Class, and turns into a wolf. The roof is collapsing all round you, fire, and flame, falling timbers and crashing tiles. The lightning from Baruch's storm has smashed the Great Hall.
  610. <CJ> Class your action.
  611. <CJ> Lucidia was running to a cottage with her sanctum marker on having shouted "follow me if you want to live, Calpurnai!”.
  612. <Calpurnia> I follow her with my reaction
  614. <Class> OK then "Gift of the Woodland Prowler"
  615. <CJ> Class, Meles the wolf grabs you by the scruff of the neck and pulls you out through the door
  617. <CJ> OK, Calpurnia, your action please?
  618. <Helpax> (damn tokens, never seem to have one when you need 'em)
  619. <CJ> Who is still in the Great Hall, now a flaming wreck?
  620. <Calpurnia> I follow Lucidia with my reaction and if it's my turn again I again follow her
  621. <Helpax> ...ah...
  622. <CJ> Class you can see it lying among the collapsing room if you want to try and save it next round
  623. <CJ> OK< new round
  624. <CJ> Makara?
  625. [Makara follows lucidia and still asking for a token]
  627. <CJ> Calpurnia, INT + Orde rof Hermes Lore roll
  629. [Calpurnia made the weakest roll]
  631. <Calpurnia> pFFFFFFFFFFF
  632. <Calpurnia> nope
  634. <Class> (Do Giant Wolf bites stand a change against a dragon hide?)
  635. <CJ> Clss, yep, probably!
  637. <CJ> Makara Int + Order of Hermes Lore roll
  639. [Makara doubling into a decent roll]
  641. <CJ> #Makara, something drummed in to you since you became an apprentice of the last 15 years - if you enter a magi's sanctum, they have a perfect right to kill you, and if you kill them in self defense you are still guilty of a High Crime. In their sanctum you have no rights or legal protection from the Code
  642. <Calpurnia> (......... oh shit)
  643. <Makara> "Hey Calpurnia, calpurnia! I remember people can kill you if you go into their sanctum."
  644. <Makara> "Legally"
  645. <Helpax> (yeah, and she's a flaming blue psyco...)
  646. <CJ> Lucidia throws open door of her Sanctum and shouts "quickly! In here". Do you enter the cottage? Do you warn Calpurnia?"
  647. <Makara> "It's really an oven in there."
  648. <Calpurnia> (oh god what to do)
  649. <CJ> Lucidia shouts "get in here!"
  650. <Makara> "What will you dooooo~~~?"
  651. <Calpurnia> What’s around the area?
  652. <CJ> Makara and Calpurnia, do you enter the cottage?
  653. <Makara> "Dragon or oven?"
  654. <Calpurnia> That’s the question of a lifetime
  655. <Makara> "I am going to fight the dragon, you take care."
  656. [Makara then ran out]
  658. <Class> In wolfsahpe "Meles want to become bigger ?"
  659. <CJ> Meles howls a yes! :)
  660. <Helpax> (Get the damn token!)
  661. <CJ> The courtyard, a grogs leg still twitching neatly bitten off, the burning great hall, the chapel, the ruined gatehouse, the library, the other sanctums
  662. <Calpurnia> Ah what the hell might as well die
  663. <Calpurnia> I go in the sanctum.
  664. <CJ> OKey doke. The door slams shiut
  665. <Helpax> (Crap...)
  666. <Calpurnia> (Yep)
  667. <Baruch> (haha)
  668. <Makara> (all lock up)
  669. <Calpurnia> (This should be fun)
  671. <CJ> The Drake is stunned and misses this round. It lies confused on the field just outsuide the ruined gatehouse
  672. <CJ> Silas?
  673. <Class> (I can talk with other wolf after this spell if I'm right?)
  674. <CJ> (Yes Class, you and Meles both speak wolf now)
  676. <Silas_> I try to kill the fire in the Hall perdo/ignem
  678. [Sila make weak roll]
  680. <CJ> OK 13. Does that include the -10 for the Aegis
  681. <Silas_> nope
  682. [ Silas_ spell fizzles]
  683. <Class> (right, the -10 is now also my problem again)
  684. <Helpax> (Damn Aegis...)
  686. <CJ> Ah OK. A little smoke vanishes, and you can see the devastation more closely, and two guards utterly terrified hiding under the table still!
  687. <CJ> JOnaquil runs out. She has another brass key. Who wants it?
  688. <Helpax> "Give me a token! I'll deal with this one, just like the last!"
  689. <CJ> She/he throws you a token, majestically, with great charm and grace.
  690. [Makara running to join up with helpax and class where the dragon is]
  692. <CJ> Baruch and Helpax
  693. [ Helpax garbs it out of the air as a grin like only a maniacs spreads over his face]
  694. <Helpax> "MUhahahahahahaa!"
  695. <CJ> OK Helpax, your plan please?
  696. [ Silas_ looks worried at Helpax]
  697. <Helpax> (How far away from the dragon am I?)
  699. <Baruch> (CJ: Do I think the Pull of the Skybound Winds might work on the drake? I.e. is it smaller than 20 feet to a side out of stout wood)
  700. <CJ> You are in voice range, but could run not touch I guess
  701. <CJ> I think it could, but not very well as a bit too big really. SO probably not
  702. <CJ> It might lift it a little
  703. <Helpax> (So you’re saying I can get close enough to touch it then?)
  704. <CJ> YES.
  705. <CJ> It might eat you though :)
  706. <Silas_> (oh please, run to the huge dragon that is bound regain consciousness any second)
  707. <CJ> (laughs at Silas' comment)
  708. <Helpax> (That was a joke! Kinda...touching the tail was the plan if I could run...that brings the spell down to 5)
  711. <CJ> Baruch what spell you going for?
  712. <Baruch> I'm maintaining the concentration on the wind, but I'll stop if I see helpax running to the drake
  713. <CJ> OK you drop as Helpax runs in. The drake can move again now, but it’s still lying pretty stunned still. Helpax, what you doing?
  714. <Helpax> (the 10 version spell. I need to lifelink it to get past it's Might. Lets see, Rego 5, Mentum 9, Stamina 2, Aura 3, gestures and words 2...21?)
  715. <Helpax> (Wait, I can do it at touch?!? that makes it a level 5 spell, heheheh)
  716. <CJ> OK but again, what is the spell called? :)
  717. <Helpax> (No official name)
  718. <Helpax> (I'll Life link, if it's a fizzle)
  719. <CJ> OK, so level 5. 26-5 = 21. What is your penetration?
  720. <Baruch> (Yeah, you'll probably have to because it came clean through the Aegis)
  722. <CJ> In case anyone wondering, Mentem works as it has an Intelligence score rather than Cunning. On creatures with Cunning you need Rego Animal to do this effect)
  723. <CJ> OK we also have to divide by 2 for a spont
  724. <CJ> So Casting Total 26/2 = 13 - 5 = 8. Four life levels will be enough. -1, -3, -5, Unconcious. Helpax gives it her all, and falls unconscious. And the drake falls asleep next to Helpax. Like two little kittens snuggles up in a basket :)
  726. [Helpax have Enduring Constitution virtue so he just dazed instead]
  728. <Helpax> (Wahoo! Not sleeping this session a first for Helpax!)
  730. <CJ> OK end "combat"
  732. [Class rolled the good on the Beast of Outlandish Size spell]
  734. <CJ> Yep, Meles is now a Huge Wolf. Have you cast it on yourself?
  735. <Class> (Not so fare I can only do one spell at a time or not?)
  736. <Class> (And I prefer to heal the wounded grog now)
  737. [Makara join in and sees the team has already taken down the dragon, he’s disappointed.]
  738. <Baruch> I emerge from the dormitory, looking worried
  740. [Silas rolled nicely to suppresses the local fire]
  742. <CJ> OK, Lucidia and Calpurnia are busy. Jonaquil is trying to magically get buckets of water to fill themselves in the well and put the Great Hall fire out. She magically animates brooms to carry the buckets of water (This may not end well)
  743. <Calpurnia> (IM BUSY WITH UNKNOWN THINGS WOO!!!)
  744. <Makara> "I can cast Mighty Torrent of Water if someone would give me a token."
  745. <CJ> The fires around the grogs die down, and they run towards you and hug you!
  746. <Silas_> (aww)
  747. <Makara> "Oh why am I always too late for everything."
  748. <Makara> "Even though I feel like the fastest of you all."
  749. [ Helpax still clutched the bronze token in his head...just not very tightly]
  750. <Calpurnia> (Now you have to tame it Helpax)
  752. [Class get the token and then use Voice of the Bjornaer Magus on him self before using the Power "Restoration of the Defiled Body" on the wounded grogs]
  754. <CJ> Calpurnia, Lucidia finished casting her ward, then Muto Herbams the door locked. Lucidia regards Calpurnia oddly. "There is something disturbing about you" she says "but I think we can work together. They have defeated the drake. Now tell me your story..."
  755. <Calpurnia> "Where do you want me to begin?"
  756. <CJ> Lucidia laughs, looks in to Calpurnia's eyes and casts a spell
  757. [CJ rolled badly]
  758. <CJ> It fails!
  759. <Calpurnia> "raises eye brow"
  761. <CJ> The drake is gently snoring, a bit of dead grog, perhaps a head and half a helmet, stuck in it's teeth.
  762. <Calpurnia> (SOOO CUTE!!)
  763. <Silas_> (lol)
  765. <CJ> OK you have yourselves a sleeping drake. Plan? :)
  766. <Makara> tame it
  767. <Calpurnia> tame it
  768. <Silas_> Waste it!
  769. <Helpax> "Does anyone have a really big saddle? Or a spear?"
  770. <Silas_> ... what? :p
  771. <CJ> Meles says "well we can easily take an Arcane Connection to it: It should be possible then to Rego Animal it?)
  772. <CJ> Meles explaisn the scale will give 3 times multiplier to a spell
  773. <Calpurnia> We need binding spells put on it
  774. <CJ> Meles does and carefully removes an old scale that was flaking off.
  775. <Helpax> Tame it or waste it.
  776. <Makara> "Aww, look at this cute little evil looking dragon that just asking to come with us."
  777. <Calpurnia> Actually could a spell using animal mind work to tame it?
  778. <CJ> Rego Animal or Rego Mentem
  779. <CJ> It has Int, but is an Animal
  780. <CJ> However it will need to Arcane Connection range.
  781. <CJ> Does anyone want to try and tame it then?
  782. <Makara> Makara would certainly like to, but not with magic.
  783. <CJ> What is your Rego , Animal and Mentem
  784. <CJ> ah I see!
  785. <CJ> Class, you any good at this sort of thing?
  787. [Helapx failed magic addiction again]
  789. <CJ> OK, get casting something Helpax
  790. <Helpax> !roll 1d10+21 (Posing the Silent Question...on the dragon!)
  792. [Helapx rolled high!]
  794. <CJ> OK spell fails :)
  796. [Helapx failed magic addiction again]
  798. <Helpax> ...
  799. <Silas_> "[halfway to Baruch's direction] Do you seriously mean for us to tame this thing?"
  800. <Calpurnia> (we live in a flying city, this would be perfect)
  801. <Makara> "I am taming this thing even if I have to visit twilight three times!"
  803. <Helpax> !roll 1d10+21 (Posing the Silent Question)
  805. [Helapx rolled high, but failed again!]
  807. <Makara> ((it would be an amazing resource for our convenent))
  808. <Baruch> (Well yes, I have good rego and a decentish mentem, but I really can't see how the hell I could pull that off )
  809. <Makara> (it's brain is tiny)
  810. <Makara> (If we can fell it, we can tame it :D ))
  811. <Baruch> (CJ: Wouldn't any taming spell's level be crazy high? It would have to control it, which is high on its own, plus arcane connection is difficult to do, plus it would have to be spont)
  812. <CJ> A sun duration level 30 spell will tame it till sunrise or sunset.
  813. <Calpurnia> (DO A RITUAL!!!!!!)
  814. <Helpax> (Who has vis? And I don't think you can improvise rituals...)
  815. <CJ> Jonaquil has vis. Lots of it in fact. Libellas has covenant stores after all, and they are under the library so did not burn
  817. <CJ> Meles is watching the drake carefully, in Giant Wolf form
  818. <Silas_> "-and where were you when we needed you Makara?!"
  819. <Makara> "I was running here but then you guys already handle it."
  820. [Silas_ sighs]
  822. <CJ> Lucidia is being very very friendly Calpurnia. She suggests you stay here, and work with he rin her lab. :)
  823. <CJ> Or she can kill you :)
  824. <Calpurnia> Okay but I still am a "decent woman" so no unclothing against Christianity and stuff, lust and homosexualism that stuff.
  825. <CJ> Calpurnia, she laughs, looks shocked at the suggestion, and asks you to swear to serve her for a year and a day
  826. <Calpurnia> "I still have my gauntlet though without my parent I don't know if I can. And I would be more useful if I am a full magus"
  827. <CJ> Lucidia offers to sponsor you as you have lost your parents. She is very insistent and friendly. :)
  829. <Silas_> "I am not sure if I can or not, but I could try the taming spell..."
  830. <Silas_> (...That would mean roll of 20, if the scale triples and the spontanious devides by 2)
  831. <CJ> Triples the Penetration. Not the casting roll sadly!
  832. <Silas_> (... well darn: p)
  833. <Baruch> (So it triples what remains OVER from the roll? Makes it pretty impossible to do anything)
  835. [Session End with figuring alternative to tame the dragon while wondering who will save Ice Princess Calpurnia from the fiery Lucida]
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