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Mar 28th, 2013
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  1. {{develop}}
  2. {{date|{{subst:#time:F j, Y}}}}
  4. The former president of {{w|South Africa}} and anti-{{w|apartheid}} campaigner, {{w|Nelson Mandela}}, was admitted to hospital yesterday for treatment for a lung infection. In December, the 94-year-old spent 18 days in hospital for treatment for both a lung infection and to have gallstones removed.
  6. South African President {{w|Jacob Zuma}} said in a statement: "We appeal to the people of South Africa and the world to pray for our beloved Madiba and his family and to keep them in their thoughts. We have full confidence in the medical team and know that they will do everything possible to ensure recovery."
  8. Mandela spent twenty seven years in prison enduring hard labour before becoming the first black president of the country in 1994 following the end of apartheid and desegregation. His political campaigning led to him winning the {{w|Nobel Peace Prize}}.
  10. {{haveyoursay}}
  11. == Sources ==
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  28. }}
  30. [[Category:Politics and conflicts]]
  31. [[Category:South Africa]]
  32. [[Category:Tom Morris (Wikinewsie)]]
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