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Nov 13th, 2016
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  1. Introduction by Bancroft (kdunning)
  3. Most guys naturally know to always act non-weird, non-creepy, and non-needy when meeting a new male friend.
  4. Here’s the standard line non-spectrum guys take when meeting a new random male acquaintance:
  5. Shake their hand
  6. Talk about normal guy things to find middle ground
  7. Keep it casual and have a good time
  8. Hang out if it makes sense, if not, then don’t try to force anything
  9. And for contrast, below is the standard list of things non-spectrum guys KNOW TO AVOID when meeting a new random male acquaintance:
  10. Share random intimate personal details (your weird habits you do when no one is looking, your insecurities)
  11. Ask him random serious personal questions (his ex’s, his own insecurities, his feelings toward you at the time)
  12. Flower him with compliments and praise like a suckup
  13. Ask to do favors and “nice” things to make him happy
  14. Try to integrate themselves in his life immediately like they’ve known each other for 10 years
  15. This makes sense because after all, you just met the fucking guy.
  16. You’re not trying to do anything other than meet and greet him. You’re surely not trying to be a best friend. That’s weird, needy, and creepy.
  17. And if you’re reading this, I surely hope you’re not trying to get in his pants. If so, you’re a Confused Cuck in the Closet [CCC] and you’re in the wrong subreddit. We talk about dick in vaginas here in the main sub, not dicks in hands (that’s askTRP).
  18. The problem, though, is when these same guys talk to women.
  19. That’s when they fuck everything up.
  20. Most guys become a Big Blue Beta Bitch when dealing with women
  22. Despite most guys already knowing to avoid acting like the cast of Big Bang Theory when they interact with men, as soon as they try to get their dick wet, they throw all Red logic out the door and crumble into a Big Blue Beta Bitch [BBBB].
  23. What does a Big Blue Beta Bitch [BBBB] do?
  24. They treat the woman like a best guy friend. They act weird, needy, and creepy.
  25. Here’s what they do:
  26. They treat her nicer than she treats them
  27. They immediately emotionally invest in the future of this girl because they care about her wellbeing and dream about how they’d feel in a relationship with her
  28. They answer all her personal questions in full honesty so she can get to know him
  29. They openly share their entire backstory and explain who they are so she can trust him
  30. They physically accommodate her by driving her, taking her out, paying for her
  31. They listen and comfort her when she shares her “life problems”
  32. They open more lines of communication than she reciprocates or desires
  33. They plan a million hangout sessions instead of giving her space (to go fuck other guys)
  34. Doing all of the above is the fastest way to turn your dick into a crusty mangina that no one—not even that SuperGayGuy from Glee—would want to fuck.
  35. So don’t be the BBBB.
  36. I’ll hate you.
  37. So will all the women you want to fuck.
  38. But Chad won’t.
  39. Bancroft knows the secret to destroying your BBBB
  41. Now to all you strong able bodied (you guys lift, right?) Terpers of the TRP who want to keep their Big Blue Beta Bitch tendencies in check, Bancroft is here to help you out—and also teach you how to keep your Deep Emotional Feelings [DEF] for your new found hottie at bay.
  42. And like all things Bancroft, I’ll make it super simple for you all.
  43. Because I’ve excelled at the masculine discipline of “guy logic”— something Betas love to forget when they meet a new eligible set of tits and ass—you’ll have the benefit of learning all my strategies quicker than you can say “OP is a misogynist and I think he fucking loves it”.
  44. So let’s begin.
  45. Premise 1: Everything an average Red guy does to fuck a woman
  47. For everyone who doesn’t take into account the work men put towards getting laid, Bancroft’s journey across the lands have provided excellent first hand knowledge on this topic:
  48. Lifted, eaten, and maintained a healthy physical and mental state to be able to fuck women
  49. Read, studied, and analyzed Red literature and game tactics to be able to fuck women
  50. Broke through his inner demons and anxieties and approached a woman
  51. Applied game
  52. Led conversation
  53. Didn’t do anything awkward
  54. Got her number
  55. Contacted her
  56. Applied text game
  57. Kept his BBBB tendencies in check and didn’t bombard her with ooey gooey texts about his feelings or about “her day”
  58. Asked her out because like all of us, he just wants to fuck her first and get to know her later
  59. Had the balls to tell her to dress sexy because like us, it’s a lot easier to fuck when she’s already wearing slutty clothes
  60. Leading up to the date, continued to lift, eat, and maintain a healthy physical and mental state so he can perform
  61. Kept his BBBB tendencies in check and didn’t bombard her with ooey gooey texts about his feelings or “how much fun she’ll have on the date”
  62. Took a shower, put on good clothes, and showed up
  63. Applied game
  64. Led conversation
  65. Listened to all her bullshit about how hard her life is, her evil co-workers, and passed all her pathetic shit tests
  66. Kept his BBBB tendencies in check and didn’t bombard her with ooey gooey conversation about his feelings or “how much he likes her”
  67. Had the balls to sexually escalate by focusing on the vagina, not the woman
  68. Had the balls to change logistics to a bed and took her to said bed
  69. Had the balls and maneuvers to break through any last minute resistance, received her full consent (of course!), and succeed in fucking her
  70. Kept his BBBB tendencies in check and didn’t bombard her with ooey gooey post-sex conversation about his feelings or how “special she is”
  71. If he let her stay overnight, he promptly fucked her in the morning even harder than the first time
  72. If not, he was man enough to kick her out so he can continue his evening without a feminine distraction and get some solid sleep without hair in his face
  73. Yes my brothers, this is a long list.
  74. That’s my point.
  75. You’ll understand why I listed everything out in a minute.
  76. And some of you may say I’m being pedantic here but really I’m not.
  77. These are things WE ALL subconsciously do to successfully fuck women. True, the more experienced you are, the less you think about these items, but you’re still performing them.
  78. To be a man is to perform. That’s a primary facet that separates us from the tight, wet holes we wanna fuck: masculine performance.
  79. Now that you’ve seen how much work the average Red guy puts in to get his dick wet, I’ll lay out what the average woman does to get fucked.
  80. And boys, it’s one hell of a list, so I hope you’re ready.
  81. Premise 2: Everything an average woman does to fuck a guy
  83. Bancroft’s journey across the lands also gave him the special privilege of discovering what the average woman must suffer and endure to land a potential suitor (read: good enough cock to fuck while not blacked out).
  84. And guys, I’ll be honest here, it’s pretty fucking stressful:
  85. Own a cell phone that operates
  86. Take a shower, put on cute clothes, and show up
  87. Open her legs (and keep her mouth shut unless you need to use it for your dick)
  88. There you have it.
  89. I’m not saying it’s easier to be a woman than a man, that’s not my point (hell, that’s not even a fair debate). I’m just saying women HAVE TO DO LESS to get laid than men (again, old news).
  90. And it’s exactly because they put in SO LITTLE EFFORT compared to you that they don’t deserve any preferential treatment like your good friends.
  91. They deserve nothing more than a healthy dose of your dick (with consent of course!)—or if you don’t like her, the door.
  92. Bancroft’s Logical Inference: She’s done absolutely nothing for you so far
  94. Guys, it’s natural for you to start getting all Blue and shit when you encounter a hottie. Men are the true romantics. I get it.
  95. But logically look at all the work and effort you put in to get laid versus what the woman does.
  96. You’ll see it’s quite lopsided for the average guy.
  97. You did 25 things to get her to fuck you. She did 3 things, 4 tops if you count her not talking.
  98. Really, she didn’t do anything other than charge her cell phone, not get lost showing up, and open her legs at the precisely correct moment.
  100. She has done nothing to earn a spot in your friends list. Your guy friends put in a lot more effort. While you don’t get to fuck them (I hope not), the reason why you treat them as such is because they put in actual effort and work to be your friend.
  101. And women you just met NEVER put that effort in.
  102. So don’t treat them like they did.
  103. Destroy your BBBB by reminding yourself everything she hasn’t done for you
  105. And that’s exactly what you need to remind yourself when you start having BBBB tendencies.
  106. Just logically walk yourself through whether this woman deserves the care, emotional investment, and noble deference your romantic BBBB wants to provide for her.
  107. That’s right—she doesn’t.
  108. The only thing she’s done so far is looked sexy and showed up.
  109. So the only thing you should feel inclined to pay her back is what she showed up for: A civil, proper, and good old classy fucking—with her full verbal and written consent (of course!)
  110. Bancroft’s Disclaimer for Those with Low Reading Comprehension
  112. All throughout this piece I’m advocating men to critically think about what they should logically offer to a woman they just met.
  113. And I’ll clarify, this is for women they just met.
  114. Most of the time, it’s absolutely fucking nothing.
  115. This doesn’t, however, mean I’m advocating literally just fucking the woman, leaving her gimp from your dick, and showing her the door. That’s pretty funny (she’ll always text first, trust me) but also not the best way to continue fucking the girl. And I’m sure it also hurts their “feelings” (Bancroft understands that just like Betas, women have feelings too).
  116. I actually believe in sharing ALL your amazing personality traits to continue fucking women. Sometimes that means being nice, sometimes mean, sometimes mysterious, sometimes very deep and open about your life. And sometimes it means just literally being your awesome self.
  117. Again, I’m NOT saying to NEVER be an actual human being with a personality. These are tools you need to eventually develop. We’re not complete psychopaths at TRP, right? At least not all the time.
  118. I’m just saying that until the woman has proven herself otherwise, you should never over extend your hand and play face up.
  119. Again, you just met her. Just like how you don’t creep out a new male friend, you don’t need to treat her like something she most certainly is not: royalty.
  120. If you do, then I hope it’s because it’ll help you fuck, not because you genuinely want to please her.
  121. The last thing women need (and the human race) is a man that genuinely wants to please women more than himself.
  122. She needs a cool aloof dick to ride—not a Humble Blue Soul [HBS] to carry the excruciating painful weight of all two or three of her “life problems”.
  123. Corollary 1: You don’t owe her any emotional investment yet (or ever)
  125. You just met this bitch, do you even know who she is?
  126. You just met this bitch, do you even know if she likes you or is just using your dick for a cheap ride?
  127. Take all that dreamy Blue and Beta imaginative bullshit you fantasize about as you text her at night and shove it right back into your hidden little box of romantic memories (yes, I know every guy, even you, still has one).
  128. You know so little of who she is (it’s probably not much more when you actually find out) that it doesn’t make sense for you to invest in her her feelings, want to take care for her, and dream about a Happily Ever After.
  129. If you do, you’re just a BBBB and you should go read purplepilldebate so you can play with other like minded sexually frustrated maginas.
  130. Corollary 2: You don’t owe her any explanation of your personal details and backstory yet (or ever)
  132. You just met this bitch, you don’t have to tell her anything about your personal life.
  133. How much information has she given you? How much of it is even interesting?** Thought so.**
  134. Women love mystery and never want full disclosure. So by keeping your mouth shut and your feelings to yourself, you’re actually making her wetter.
  135. When women know everything about you, she can categorize your personality with all the other fuck buddies she has in her phone. As soon as she has you figured out, her pussy dries up because hypergamy now realizes she’s rode that dick before.
  136. Women are always looking for ways to feed their insatious Penis Novelty [PN].
  137. “I want to wake up every morning WITHOUT a cool, mysterious, alpha guy to think and dream about”
  138. Said no woman ever.
  139. Corollary 3: You don’t owe her physical accommodation or intimate comfort yet (or ever)
  141. Remember, she just showed up, gave you full consent (of course!), and opened her legs. If anything, she should be THANKING you for making her night.
  142. Think about it: You approached her, you led conversation, you made first text contact, you planned the date, you gave her a bed, you asked for consent (of course!), and most importantly you gave her the D.
  143. In hindsight, you were the perfect gentleman.
  144. And this means since you’ve already done your job and put MORE than enough effort in already, that you don’t owe her anything extra.
  145. You don’t owe her a ride home, breakfast in the morning, extra non-fucking spoon time so she can rest her head on your chest and touch your face, or if you’re as cruel as Bancroft: a towel for the shower.
  146. Now again, I’m NOT saying you should never accommodate your women. These NiceGuy tools are necessary to continue fucking women. You’ll need to use them eventually.
  147. But for women you just first met and fucked, you definitely don’t OWE them these.
  148. So reward if you want to.
  149. But Bancroft probably wouldn’t.
  150. And neither should you.
  151. Corollary 4: You don’t owe her additional text conversation, a real date, or anything beyond setting up the second fuck
  153. You just met this bitch, you don’t need to text her to see how she’s doing.
  154. Believe me, Beta Billy the Blue and her two ex’s are already texting her asking how her “girls night out” went. There’s plenty of other Blue Pilled Horny Mother Fuckers [BPHMF] on speed dial to pay attention to every bit of her amazing and unique lackluster personality.
  155. You just met this bitch, why would you want to take her on a fancy date?
  156. Remember, she just showed up and opened her legs. Do you repay a generic personality-free dirty slut by taking her out on a Beta Wonderfilled Dinner [BWD]? Fuck no.
  157. “When sluts be hungry, they need the D, not a god damn filet mignon” - Bancroft
  158. Unless she already paid it forward by taking you out on that first date, YOU DON’T OWE HER JACK SHIT. Even then, I’d never reciprocate her efforts equally, otherwise known as the Fifth Commandment of Poon from Original Roissy.
  159. And you already guessed it: The only thing you truly owe her is letting her know when and where Magical Fuck Numero Dos is going down.
  160. So what does Bancroft recommend you think about after you fuck her?
  162. Now I’ve spent a lot of time telling you angry Terpers what NOT to do and say to a girl you just met.
  163. I know how hard it is to practice a new mindset of negation because we’re so used to just blindly following advice on WHAT TO DO.
  164. I understand your guys’ need for direct actionable advice.
  165. Something a retard can follow and not mess up.
  166. Something a guy who lifts, reads, and approaches can follow and not mess up.
  167. So lucky for you, I’ll let you in on my secret. I’ll tell you exactly what I think about after I just met a girl and we fuck.
  168. This is the best way to keep that BBBB buried deep and at bay. It works every time.
  169. I always ask myself these two simple questions:
  170. Did I enjoy the sex enough to want to fuck her again?
  171. If so, do I think she’ll come over to my place to fuck me again (with her consent!) instead of me having to take a shower, put on clothes, and go out on a date?
  172. That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  173. And you, dearest Red of Readers, I recommend start doing the same.
  174. Follow me on TRP.Red @ Bancroft
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