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  1. Pokemon
  3. So basically you (viewer) are researcher at company or something. Probably pokemon research. You notice odd smell coming off the vents. It's slightly distracting but decide its probably just side effect of company cleaning them or something.
  5. You realize that, over time, your libido seems to slightly go up. Despite that, it doesn't impact your productivness because you also seem to skip on lunch breaks and such.
  7. This continues over few weeks. You noticed some weird things around company building - claw traces and such - but didnt really care about them.
  9. Then one day you notice this weird, (depending on image used, white or black) lizard enter the building. You find yourself not caring enough to react, and everyone else seem to either ignore her, or give seemingly longing glares. It would be alarming, but you just don't seem to care enough.
  11. Since then, she arrives daily. The weird smell in air gets stronger. Everything seems to gain slight, pink hue. On third day, she appeared at your desk once, winked and went off, showing off her hips. You would wonder why your erection lasted few hours, but you were too busy figuring out why your heart was suddenly pounding so fast.
  13. This, once again, continues for good few weeks. Some weird rumors start to appear, but you don't care. You barely leave your office, not wanting to risk missing her arrival. Your arousal lasts longer. Your heart starts going faster just by thinking about her. Were you not busy working, you would notice all the freudian slips you and your coworkers leave in all the work messages.
  15. One day you arrived to work same time she did. You noticed her carry what seemed to be plastic pokeball copies, in pink and purple. You didn't really think too much about them, focusing more on way her hips moved.
  16. Two days later, she approached you. She held one of these toy pokeballs. She got on your desk, spreading her legs slightly for the first time, and pressed the toy against your forehead. False pokeball opened, releasing huge amount of pink mist. The smell hit you. Time seemed to slow down. "Sal", she said, gently touching you under chin with one of her fingers and suddenly you felt what had to be most sudden, powerful orgasm you had. She said something more, and while you had no idea what was that, you knew what it meant. Continue working. And so, despite mess you made on your workplace, you corrected your posture and got ready to continue the research, watching her hips sway and more  toy pokeballs bounce, starting to work the moment she left.
  18. (no idea how to write down last part, but basically either this random pokemon basically got herself company, or she was pokemon of lady that did hostile takeover after everyone was affected)
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